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A poncho


Poncho Zombie wearing a poncho

Ponchos are worn by Poncho Zombies that offer them a slight increase of protection from any threats, as well as surprising the player by revealing a metal grate or nothing to protect it by any means.


The poncho takes 3 normal damage shots. When destroyed, it may reveal a protective metal grate or nothing.


  • It is the second weakest armor, the first being the Cowboy Zombie and Flag Cowboy Zombie's hat which only absorbs two normal damage shots.
  • It can protect the metal grate from being stolen by Magnet-shroom (even in its Plant Food upgrade) until it is broken.
  • Before the 2.4 update, Poncho Zombie could be instantly killed by Magnifying Grass as long as he had this on, regardless of whether or not he had the grate under this.

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