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A Pole Vaulting Zombie with a pole (animated)

The pole is a vaulting item used by Pole Vaulting Zombies. It is used to jump towards a plant and get past the player's defenses. A Tall-nut and a Cactus if timed correctly will block Pole Vaulting Zombies from jumping over a plant.


The pole appears to be a long white stick with a red center. Because it is not an armor, it does not change form at anytime, with the exception of when it is used to vault.


Because it is not metallic, the pole cannot be taken away by a Magnet-shroom. However, because the Pole Vaulting Zombie cannot vault over Tall-nuts, it is advised to place a row of Tall-nuts in front of your defenses so that your plants in the row behind are not eaten. If you have enough sun, you can use Pumpkins to protect your second row of plants from the left instead.


  • It seems to disappear after a Pole Vaulting Zombie vaults over a plant.
†: Metallic

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