Pogo Zombie1

The Pogo Zombie using the pogo stick

The pogo stick is a tool and armor used by Pogo Zombies. It can be attracted by a Magnet-shroom. If a Pogo Zombie is using it, it can jump all over of the player's plants, with an exception of Tall-nuts.


The pogo stick absorbs 7 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorbing 4 and 7 normal damage shots, but it cannot be destroyed, as it just degrades. The pogo stick can be attracted by Magnet-shroom.


Because Pogo Zombie moves fast, this item may be somewhat hard to degrade. Only certain strong plants have the ability to hit the pogo stick many times. However, Magnet-shroom can attract it, while a Tall-nut will destroy the pogo stick on contact. Split Peas also work, as they can deal more damage to him from behind.



  • It is the only object used by zombies that can degrade, but cannot be destroyed.

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