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Pogo normal
Pogo Zombie2

The Pogo Zombie using the pogo stick.

Pogo Stick is a tool that is used by the Pogo Zombies. It can be attracted by a Magnet-shroom because it is metalic. If a Pogo Zombie is using it, it can jump over all of the player's plants, except for Tall-nuts.


The Pogo Stick absorbs 7 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorption of 4 and 7 normal damage shots, but it cannot be destroyed, it just degrades. The zombie is the one that will absorb the succeeding hits. The Magnet-shroom can take it.


Because the Pogo Zombie moves fast, this item may be somewhat hard to make it degrade. Only certain strong plants have the ability to hit the pogo stick many times. However, the Magnet-shroom can attract it, while a Tall-nut will destroy the pogo on contact. Split Peas also work, as it just jumps past it.



  • It is the only object used by zombies that can degrade, but cannot be destroyed.

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