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The Player's House as seen in the town map


The upgrading menu

Player's House is where the player upgrades their plants to use in Adventure Mode in Plants vs. Zombies Online.

Changing Room


The Changing Room

This is where you can change costumes for the plants. The first costume can be equipped by upgrading the plant to the Green tier. Other costumes can then be bought by gems or by Costume Crystals for rare ones.

See also: Costumes (PvZO)

The Blender


The Blender menu

This is where you upgrade your equipments. The Blender is filled with Energy, that can be used to upgrade the equipments, and once the equipment is upgraded into 100% it will reach a new level. The energy in the Blender can be refilled by the Energy Creator next to it, which fills in the Blender some energy after an amount of time, and will become more effective once upgraded with Blender Parts. The player also gains energy from certain tasks, and it can be used to fill the Blender by clicking the "+" button. In the second section, the player can upgrade the equipments' tiers with Upgrade Materials, along with some energy from the Blender.

The Oven


The Oven menu

This is used to increase the plant's oven level, which boosts the plant's stats up to 5 times using chlorophyll. There is different chlorophyll for different starred plants and 1 chlorophyll is equal to 5 chlorophyll of the 1-star lower rarity. Each plant can only be upgraded into Level V. If the plant is given with the chlorophyll of its exact star rarity, the upgrade will have a 100% chance of success, although the chance will be lowered if the chlorophyll given is lower than the rarity of the plant. Note that more chlorophyll used will cost more coins for the upgrade.

The Scale


The Scale menu

This is used to increase the plant's rarity once it has been boosted in the oven 5 times. To do this, you'll also need Plant Puzzle Pieces.

Puzzle Pieces

There are two types of puzzle pieces, plant puzzle pieces and regular puzzle pieces. The table below will show the similarity and differences between the two.

Normal Plant
Usage Used to increase max level until a certain update and to give stat boost. Used to increase the rarity of the plant if 5 certain potions of a certain grade (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) was used beforehand. Used to give plants a stat boost.
  • Adventure Mode (Normal and Elite)
  • Time Travel Mode
  • (Unknown mode but it shows a portal with a zombie acting as a gate structure. It is located at the northeast part of the player's town)
  • Paying a certain amount of universal puzzle pieces (It is a golden puzzle piece with a dollar sign on it)
  • Adventure Mode (certain elite levels)
  • Time Travel Mode
  • (Unknown mode but it shows a portal with a zombie acting as a gate structure. It is located at the northeast part of the player's town)
  • The Daily draw in the bar of the player's town
  • Selling plants for puzzle pieces
  • Buying from certain modes such as the player vs player arena shop and the Time Travel shop.

Washing Machine

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