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The is the voting rule page on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. Users can leave their vote which will be counted to the total, as long as the votes follow the rules.

All voting threads

  • If you wish to discuss something, please state your reason why you want to do so. For example, do not only say "What do you think?".
  • In order to be able to vote or create mainspace related voting threads, you need at least 25 mainspace edits must have been on the wiki for two weeks. For any other topic, you must have been on the wiki for four weeks;
    • In certain circumstances, when a user is forced to get a new account, he or she is able to vote if that user already had satisfied the requirements on the former account. That account must not be used for sockpuppetry;
  • Every non-neutral vote needs to have a valid reason or else it will be disqualified. Examples of invalid reasons are:
    • Spam;
    • Irrelevant to the thread in question;
    • Against somebody;
    • Why not?;
    • It looks cool;
    • Not knowing the user;
    • Simply copying another users opinions (by using per user only or related words). You may include another reason on top of that if you want to use this.
  • Your vote is not a right; it is a privilege. If you try to ignore voting rules, or are blocked for a contribution-based offense, you will lose the ability to vote for one week;
  • Any user, regardless if they are a staff member or not can disqualify votes by using the {{Disqualified}} template. Disqualified votes can also be removed when not used correctly;
  • Neutral votes are not counted;
  • Every vote, regardless of the position of the user, will be counted as much as the other votes;
  • Each highlighted voting thread lasts for three days, being closed after;
    • Every discussion must be highlighted for at least 24 hours before being closed. It is possible to close early if one option receives 25 more votes than the second option or if the thread discusses anything that was already supposed to be implemented;
    • After 24 hours have passed and a discussion has not received another vote, it will be closed immediately, and whichever option was winning will pass.
  • Discussion moderators, administrators, and bureaucrats can highlight threads, which makes it appear on the rectangle speech bubble near the profile icon;
    • Those power groups judge if the thread should be highlighted or not;
  • Do not do any actions related to the discussion content before discussion ends;
  • After a thread is closed, it can only be brought back after 30 days are passed.
  • Please do not derail any threads by going off topic or bringing the thread of its purpose of voting. If you do this, you will first be warned and if you continue, you will get blocked.

Non-promotion threads

  • There are stance templates made to state the user opinion. Those are {{Nike}}, {{AbsoluteSupport}}, {{Support}}, {{Support - Neutral}}, {{Neutral}}, {{Neutral - Oppose}}, {{Oppose}}, {{AbsoluteOppose}}, and {{VoteNumber}}. However, it is not necessary to use them as long as you express your stance clearly;
  • {{Nike}}, {{AbsoluteSupport}}, {{Support}}, {{Oppose}}, and {{AbsoluteOppose}} are counted as 1 vote;
  • {{Support - Neutral}} and {{Neutral - Oppose}} are counted as 0.5 votes;
  • {{Neutral}} are counted as 0 votes;
  • At least 65% of non-neutral votes respect to the side proposing the new change are required. Otherwise, everything will remain unchanged (you are highly recommended to make the supportive side to implement a new proposal).
    • However, in choice votes, the choice with the most votes is the chosen result.

Promotion threads

  • There are alternative templates made to state the user opinion. Those are {{PromotionSupport}}, {{Neutral}}, {{PromotionOppose}}.
    • The PromotionSupport template is mandatory, and it is prohibited to use the regular support:
    • However, both Oppose and PromotionOppose can be used;
  • Every supportive vote needs to have the two following questions answered: "How would this user benefit the wiki?" and "How was this user beneficial to the wiki before requesting these rights?" or the vote will be automatically disqualified;
  • Poor reasons are prohibited, and will be automatically disqualified; some of these reasons are:
    • "I don't know who you are;"
    • "I don't like that user;"
    • "imperfect grammar;" (in chat moderator and discussion moderator votes)
    • "power hungry;"
    • "running too early;"
    • "just met the mainspace requirements/too little edits";
    • Any conflicts related to other threads or Discord;
    • Claims that there's "too many staff";
    • Claiming it's "better this way" or that they're "better (not) being promoted";
    • Basing the vote on "petty" reasons that are not inherently against the rules;
      • Playing it up by claiming it to be bigger than it is, i.e. claiming it "stirred up conflict", is also not allowed;
    • Based on the user's actions off-wiki (especially the unofficial Discord).
  • The percentage of supporting votes needed in order for the user get a staff position depends on the position itself. For more information, please check Plants vs. Zombies Wiki:Requests for user rights.
  • Any user can only make a promotion thread for themselves, or can be nominated;
  • If the user of the promotion thread votes for themselves, if it is a:
    • Supporting vote it will not be counted;
    • Opposing vote the thread will be automatically closed.

Low-priority votes

  • Low-priority votes are votes that are controversial, and warrant a handicap upon them.
  • A low-priority vote can only be voted on every two months at the bare minimum, as opposed to the one month all other threads face.
  • Unless it is otherwise specified by the law of low-priority voting itself, voting for a topic's entry to low-priority votes is not under low-priority votes, nor is its removal.
  • You cannot vote for the addition or removal of a topic from the low-priority voting system if a voting thread is currently going on about the topic.
  • If something is being voted on for its addition to add or remove it from low-priority votes, it cannot be voted on whatsoever until after the vote for its low-priority vote addition or removal is cast.
  • For a list of topics under the effect of low-priority votes, see the low-priority votes page.