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The Mainspace Log
  • Due to the new update, delete the "500 coins" or "1500 coins" thing in the infobox and replace it with "Coins" in the Chinese levels, because the amount changes sometimes, and you can also double it with coins.
  • There may be some minor edits in the Chinese pages (for example, forget to put objectives, environmental modifiers information, etc.). Go and check them out!
  • Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars is in desperate need of edits. If you have the game, fill the information out!
  • Plants vs. Zombies Online is also in desperate need of edits, despite being completely free to play. If you can play the game, fill out the information on it!
  • Complete the level table in this page in the Levels/Main branch section and Side branches section. Information here so it's just simply some more copy-pasting.
  • Create Al decks for Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Missions.
  • Get new HD pictures of Heroes Plants/Zombies that match their new stats (such as Portal Technician)
  • A lot of Archived pages need past-tense. If you can help us put these articles into past tense when applicable, please help out in doing so!
  • Add Pictures and Strategies to the JM Ultimate Challenge page!
Check back soon for some more quests!
Have some mainspace that you can't do? Request for other users to do it here!

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