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Peashooter1 Sunflower1 Cherry Bomb1 Wall-nut1 Potato Mine1 Snow Pea1 Chomper1 Repeater1 Puff-shroom1 Sun-shroom1 Fume-shroom1 Grave Buster1 Hypno-shroom1
Scaredy-shroom1 Ice-shroom1 Doom-shroom1 Lily Pad1 Squash1 Threepeater1 Tangle Kelp1 Jalapeno1 Spikeweed1 Torchwood1 Tall-nut1 Sea-shroom1 Plantern1
Cactus1 Blover1 Split Pea1 Starfruit1 Pumpkin1 Magnet-shroom1 Cabbage-pult1 Flower Pot1 Kernel-pult1 Coffee Bean1 Garlic1 Umbrella Leaf1 Marigold1
Melon-pult1 Gatling Pea1 Twin Sunflower1 Gloom-shroom1 Cattail1 Winter Melon1 Gold Magnet1 Spikerock1 Cob Cannon1 Imitater1 Explode-o-nut1 Giant Wall-nut1 Bloomerang2
Iceberg Lettuce2 Bonk Choy2 Snapdragon2 Coconut Cannon2 Spring Bean2 Lightning Reed2 Chili Bean2 Pea Pod2 Power Lily2 Laser Bean2 Citron2 E.M.Peach2 Infi-nut2
Magnifying Grass2 Tile Turnip2 Sun Bean2 Pea-nut2 Bowling Bulb2 Ghost Pepper2 Homing Thistle2 Guacodile2 Banana Launcher2 Sweet Potato2 Sap-fling2 Hurrikale2 Hot Potato2
Pepper-pult2 Chard Guard2 Fire Peashooter2 Stunion2 Rotobaga2 Dandelion2 Lava Guava2 Red Stinger2 A.K.E.E.2 Endurian2 Toadstool2 Stallia2 Gold Leaf2
Strawburst2 Phat Beet2 Celery Stalker2 Thyme Warp2 Electric Blueberry2 Spore-shroom2 Intensive Carrot2 Jack O' Lantern2 Grapeshot2 Primal Peashooter2 Primal Wall-nut2 Perfume-shroom2 Cold Snapdragon2
Primal Sunflower2 Primal Potato Mine2 Shrinking Violet2 Moonflower2 Nightshade2 Shadow-shroom2 Blooming Heart2 Escape Root2 Dusk Lobber2 Grimrose2 Gold Bloom2 Electric Currant2 Wasabi Whip2
Aloe2 Kiwibeast2 Bombegranate2 Apple Mortar2 Witch Hazel2 Parsnip2 Missile Toe2 Hot Date2 Caulipower2 White Radish2 Fire Gourd2 Heavenly Peach2 Bamboo Shoot2
Oak Archer2 Freeze Mushroom2 Carrot Missile Truck2 Flame Mushroom2 Vigorous Broccoli2 Pomegranate Machine Gun2 Acid Lemon2 Lord Bamboo2 Small Lotus2 Rafflesia2 Whirlwind Acorn2 Small Chestnut Team2 Bamboo Brother2
Rose Swordsman2 Magic Mushroom2 Loquat2 Asparagus2 Saucer2 Horse Bean2 Ground Cherry2 Anthurium2 Pineapple2 Mischief Radish2 Pumpkin Witch2 Sunflower Singer2 Snow Cotton2
Agave2 Jackfruit2 Kiwifruit2 Pretty Little Plum2 Pitaya2 Angel Starfruit2 Match Flower Boxer2 Flame Flower Queen2 DJ Morning Glory2 Primal Rafflesia2 Dinosaur Roar Grass2 Cowardly Thorns2 Sugarcane Master2
Pomegranate-pultO DandelionO Bruce BambooO Carrot MissileO Venus FlytrapO Winter MelonO SodO NarcissusO DurianO Pineapple CannonO GanodermaO Banana TreeO Nitration MushroomO
Green ShadowH
Solar FlareH
Grass KnucklesH
Captain CombustibleH
Small-NutH Sting BeanH Wall-NutH
PismashioH SpineappleH Potato MineH CactusH Gardening GlovesH Sea-ShroomH Water ChestnutH Pea-NutH Steel MagnoliaH SmackadamiaH Grave BusterH Jugger-NutH Hibernating BearyH
GuacodileH Prickly PearH Tough BeetsH Mirror-NutH Doom-ShroomH Poppin' PoppiesH Soul PatchH Wall-Nut BowlingH GarlicH Hot DateH Health-NutH Pear CubH ShamrocketH
Red StingerH Lil' BuddyH HotheadH Grizzly PearH Bubble UpH Nut SignalH Root WallH Button MushroomH Berry BlastH Buff-ShroomH SeedlingH ZapricotH Poison MushroomH
Wild BerryH Berry AngryH Mushroom RingleaderH Poison IvyH Pair of PearsH BluesberryH SizzleH Shroom for TwoH Punish-ShroomH Petal-MorphosisH Sour GrapesH Cherry BombH Poison OakH
PinecloneH Sergeant StrongberryH Grapes of WrathH Dandy Lion KingH Kernel CornH Blooming HeartH High-Voltage CurrantH Electric BlueberryH Puff-ShroomH Pear PalH Meteor StrikeH More SporeH Storm FrontH
PeashooterH TorchwoodH Cabbage-PultH FertilizeH FlourishH Grow-ShroomH RepeaterH Bonk ChoyH Pea PodH Sweet PotatoH Fire PeashooterH WhipvineH Party ThymeH
Black-Eyed PeaH The PodfatherH Plant FoodH Re-Peat MossH Super-Phat BeetsH Muscle SproutH Potted PowerhouseH Espresso FiestaH Doubled MintH Bananasaurus RexH Lily of the ValleyH Banana SplitH Plucky CloverH
Half-BananaH EmbiggenH Holo-FloraH Time to ShineH SnowdropH Weenie BeanieH Snow PeaH CattailH Smoosh-ShroomH ThreepeaterH Iceberg LettuceH ShelleryH Chilly PepperH
Rescue RadishH Spring BeanH VanillaH CarrotilleryH Admiral Navy BeanH Lightning ReedH Sow Magic BeansH Navy BeanH Winter SquashH Jumping BeanH Bean CounterH SnapdragonH BrainanaH
Winter MelonH The Great ZucchiniH SpyrisH MayflowerH SportacusH Snake GrassH Jolly HollyH Big ChillH TransmogrifyH WhirlwindH BellflowerH SunflowerH Mixed NutsH
SquashH Smashing PumpkinH Morning GloryH Fume-ShroomH Pepper M.D.H Water BalloonsH Venus FlytrapH Whack-a-ZombieH BloomerangH Metal Petal SunflowerH Sage SageH 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH LawnmowerH
Magnifying GrassH Power FlowerH Laser BeanH Twin SunflowerH ChomperH Briar RoseH Three-Headed ChomperH CornucopiaH Sun-ShroomH Jack O' LanternH ToadstoolH Sunnier-ShroomH GeyserH

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