As we all know, on pages for various levels and achievements, we can publish our own strategies on how to beat the game/achievement/wave number. Here are some requirements and rules before you add your own strategy.


  • No abstract titles or names. These will be moderated.
  • No inappropriate wording in the title.
  • No boldfacing, italicizing, or caps locking strategies.
  • Strategy names do not have to be unique to the page, but it makes it more interesting. Numbered strategy names should be placed in numeric order. (1, 2, 3...)
  • Don't include your IP address/real name in the strategy title. These are not allowed because of reasons related to user safety. Use your username via the U template.

Strategy contents

  • Make it realistic. No crazy reasons for bringing a certain plant.
  • Strategies should not insult other strategies on the page (no "All other strategies FAIL. Use this one!")
  • No cussing or just plain inappropriate words.
  • Don't caps lock the entire strategy.
  • Avoid confusion! Be clear and use proper grammar. Diagrams should not use the same symbol for two or more plants.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 specifics

  • Strategies should not rely on spending money for Plant Food or Power Ups.
  • Premium plants and/or boosts should be noted at the top of the strategy, or put in a separate section.

Heroes specifics

  • Each Card must have 1 to 4 quantity, as the game does not allow more;
  • The sum of all cards must not exceed 40, as it is not possible to do that in-game;
  • You are not obligated to use the PvZH Deck Builder template, as you can also post an image or write just text, but you need to mention the following:
    • The user who posted the deck;
    • A description for the deck;
    • A name for the deck. Try to be unique;
    • The name of the hero who uses the deck.


  • Do not remove a strategy just because it does not work. It may not be for you.
  • No creating a separate page just for your strategy. This is considered spam and will be deleted.
  • No destruction or changing of strategies by other users without their permission. Only your own.
  • Do not add duplicate strategies on the same page. This is spam, and is confusing to readers. These will be deleted.
  • Always put the newest strategy (your one) at the bottom of the section, not the bottom of the page.
  • Some game modes have separate pages dedicated exclusively for strategies to prevent larger page load time. If you are placing a strategy on any of these game modes, please use the game mode's strategy sub-page.
  • You are welcome to comment on how the strategies worked, suggest improvements, or point out flaws, but don't post these onto the page itself.
  • Finally, have fun and enjoy adding your own strategies to the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki mainspace!