Throughout Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, various links have been colored in order to reflect their aspects and to "spruce" up the wiki. Such colors are listed below. Along with, this link goes to a website which shows the standard "name" colors, which are identified by typing their name for the color instead of a hexagonal code (hex).

Despite this, several colors have been blacklisted due to readability or other circumstances, which are also listed below.

How to use colors

On normal font/noncolored hyperlinks

<font color = "colorname"> Colored words go here</font>

Result: Colored words go here

<font color = #Hexcode>Colored words go here</font>

Result: Colored words go here

These are inputted directly onto articles, and are usable by all users.

All hyperlinks for one page

a[href="/wiki/Article"] {color:color}

This goes under MediaWiki:Wikia.css and is only accessible to administrators. Color can be either hex code or name colors, and it does not matter.

Changing all hyperlink colors

This is a theme-based topic, and only administrators can use it. It is Special:ThemeDesigner, then going to the "Customize" section. There is no source code tied to it, instead being configured by a visual editor similar to regular editing.

Examples of existing links with hyperlink colors

Article (hyperlink) Link color Means of access Reason for usage, other notes, or both
User:Wckd Blue #0000FF, blue Blue has been designated for founders
User:Brainulator9 Limegreen 32CD32, limegreen Lime (or "pure" green) has been designated for bureaucrats
User:Swampert rox Gray with red shadowing #808080, gray
#FF0000, red
Gray with red shadowing has been designated for inactive/retired bureaucrats
User:Ninja5Bot Silver #C0C0C0, silver Silver has been designated for bots
User:ShroomstagramUser Deep sky blue #00BFFF, deepskyblue Deep sky blue has been designated for administrators
User:Zambiealex Red #FF0000, red Red has been designated for content moderators
User:DatDramaPlant Purple #8B008B, darkmagenta Purple has been designated for discussion moderators
User:Iamarepeater Gold #FFD700, gold Gold has been designated for chat moderators
User:CWJ-D Orange #FFA500, orange Orange has been designated for rollbacks

Bad hyperlink colors

Several colors have been blacklisted, due to unreadability or other circumstances, such as potential confusion for not being a hyperlink or being a dead one. Such colors are listed here.

If you have bad link colors to report, report them on the Wiki Management board on the Forum of Wisdom, or an admin or bureaucrat so it can be changed.

Color and its name Means of access Reason for blacklisting Alternative(s)
Yellow #FFFF00, yellow Text is unreadable. Gold
Platinum/Light gray #E5E4E2, lightgray Text is unreadable. Gray
Dark red #8B0000, darkred Could be mistaken for being a broken link. Red, Crimson
Sage #085400, sage Color matches or is very close to that of regular text. Green
Aquamarine #7FFFD4, aquamarine The text is unreadable and may "strain eyes". Teal
Cyan #00FFFF, cyan Text is unreadable and may "strain eyes". Teal
Khaki #F0E68C, khaki Text is unreadable. Gold, Tan
White (example) #FFFFFF, white Text matches the background color. Secondary color of who/what the page is about (if all white, then Gray)
Black #000000, black Color matches or is very close to that of regular text. Dark slate gray

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