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Welcome to the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki: Almanac of Records. This page contains all different records in Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.




  • Users who got the Platinum Badge (No More Brains for the Zombies):
  1. Homeowner
  2. Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
  3. Someone456
  4. Hoanganhminh
  5. Xenons
  6. Panlonglol
  8. EMPeachy4
  9. TheGollddMAN
  10. ThisUserLikesOreo
  11. Cavia porcellus
  12. AWikiBoy521
  13. Pinkgirl234
  14. BF10
  15. Tecku
  16. EpicGamer23468
  17. Lily8763cp
  18. Iamarepeater
  19. Snapdragon717
  20. Plant Protecter
  21. GamesterD

Articles and files

Top editors

First: Someone456
Second: ThisUserLikesOreo
Third: Lily8763cp
Fourth: Brainulator9
Fifth: Wikia
Sixth: AWikiBoy521
Seventh: Uselessguy
Eighth: Phantom of Ra
Ninth: Iamarepeater
Tenth: Microphone DJ 125

Top contributors

This leaderboard only counts mainspace edits from human accounts.

First: Someone456
Second: ThisUserLikesOreo
Third: Cavia porcellus
Fourth: Uselessguy
Fifth: Hoanganhminh
Sixth: Brainulator9
Seventh: Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
Eighth: ThePurplePi
Ninth: Plant Protecter


  • Longest time chat inactivity: 13 hours 51 minutes

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