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The Plants vs. Zombies Wiki is the best of the best wikis and encyclopedias to the Plants vs. Zombies series. Any Plants vs. Zombies fan can join and help improve this wiki.

How can I help?

When you find a mistake on article, don't be shy! Click the edit button to edit, click publish button after editing. However, you must have an account to edit.

Report spam or vandalism

If there are some spammers or vandals spamming, you should report them to admins as soon as possible! We will save the pages and give a reasonable punishment to the spammers.

How to report?

  • Leave your message on this board.
  • Send a message to a currently-active admin.

Contact staff

If you have any problem, you can contact us. We always want to help the new users!

More things which you need to know

So then the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki is fair, just, and fun to help out with, there are rules and features on Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. Please read them, they can help you!




User rights

Last Words

We hope you will have a good time on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki!

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