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There's more of it!"
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Triassic Triumph

Triassic Triumph is an upcoming set of new cards. The information found in the following is a work in progress, and thus are not final. It is unknown when this set is stated for release. 


Name Image Tribe Ability SunPvZH Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Card Description
PvZH Guardian Icon Guardian
Triassic - Uncommon
Grizzly Pear
Fruit Animal Plant Amphibious 5 5 4 It's true what they say, “never get between a Grizzly Pear and her cub." Doubly true for Zombies.
Triassic - Rare
Pumpkin Shell
Pumpkin Shell cardface
Squash Plant Fusion: A Plant played on this gets +2StrengthPvZH/+4HeartPvZH. 3 2 4 ”Build your house on a solid foundation, they said. “Build your house on a pumpkin.””
Triassic - Super-Rare
Primal Wall-Nut
Primal Wall-Nut cardface
Nut Plant Team-Up
When played: Conjure a card that costs 4 SunPvZH or more.
3 0 9 You can't be destroyed by Rolling Stone when you basically are a Rolling Stone.
Marine Bean
Gilly Bean cardface
Bean Animal Plant Amphibious
When played: This gets +2StrengthPvZH for each other Plant in Water.
3 2 3 Of course beans evolved gills. How else would they breathe underwater?
Triassic - Legendary
Loco Coco
King Coconut card face
Fruit Nut Plant When played: Make Wall-Nuts next door.
Nut Evolution: All Plants with no Attack get +3StrengthPvZH.
6 3 4 He crowned himself King of All Hollow Earth. No one had the heart to tell him it was actually a parliamentary democracy.
PvZH Kabloom Icon Kabloom
Triassic - Uncommon
Hot Lava
Environment Before combat here: Do 1 damage to each Plant and Zombie here. 1 - - Lava has no loyalty. It's just hot. It just IS.
Veloci-Radish Hatchling
Veloci-Radish card face
Root Animal Plant Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH. 3 1 2 The root of all primeval.
Triassic - Rare
Shelf Mushroom
Shelf Mushroom cardface
Mushroom Berry Plant Fusion: Do 2 damage. 2 2 3 Legends of Hollow Earth whisper that if you stack up enough Shelf Mushrooms, you'll reach the Surface World.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Strawberrian cardface
Berry Plant When you play a Berry, do 1 damage to Zombies here and next door.
Berry Evolution: Gain a Berry Blast.
3 3 3 When it's time to fight, he gets pretty juiced.
Triassic - Legendary
Veloci-Radish Hunter
Veloci-Radish card face
Root Animal Plant When played: Make a copy of this with Team-Up here.
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.
3 1 3 Dedicated pack hunters, one roars a distraction while the other strikes from the side.
Veloci-Radish Packmate
Veloci-Radish card face
Root Animal Plant Team-Up
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.
3 1 3 The root of all primeval.
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon Mega-Grow
Triassic - Uncommon
Half Banana card face
Banana Plant When destroyed: All Bananas in your hand gain +1StrengthPvZH. 1 2 2 "Have you met my better half? She's around here somewhere."
Typical Beanstalk
Leafy Bean Plant When played next to a Leafy plant: Draw a card. 5 4 4 "Everyone's magic in their own special way. Everyone except me."
Triassic - Rare
Pea Patch
Pea Patch cardface
Leafy Pea Plant Fusion: A Plant played on this gets +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH. 2 2 2 Don't let the Dog Walker anywhere near it.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Savage Spinach
Savage Spinache cardface
Leafy Plant Leafy Evolution: All Plants in your hand and this Plant get +2StrengthPvZH. 4 3 5 Neptuna planned her Triassic Invasion perfectly. But like so many conquerors before her, she underestimated the Spinach.
Triassic - Legendary
Apotatosaurus Card Face
Root Animal Plant UntrickableAltBigUntrickable
When Played: Conjure a Root.
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH.
6 5 5 Some potatoes are sweet. Others are dinosaurs.
PvZH Smarty Icon Smarty
Triassic - Uncommon
Primal Peashooter
Primal Peashooter cardface
Pea Plant When this hurts a Zombie, Bounce that Zombie. 1 2 2 Found in groups of 3, 5, 7, 11, and 31.
Triassic - Rare
Lily Pad
Lilypad cardface
Leafy Plant Amphibious
Fusion: A Plant played on this gets Amphibious. Conjure a leafy card.
1 0 1 When Neptuna's Triassic Invasion flooded Hollow Earth with vast new oceans, Plants quickly evolved to survive.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Rotobaga cardface
Root Plant Amphibious
This attacks both lanes next door instead of this lane.
2 2 1 Without flying roots, how would we get Sky-Trees??
Shrinking Violet
Shrinking Ultra Violet cardface
Flower Trick A Zombie and Zombies next door get -2StrengthPvZH.
Then destroy any of those Zombies that have 0StrengthPvZH.
4 - - Is she cute or terrifying? Yes.
Triassic - Legendary
Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise cardface Flower Animal Plant Amphibious
Start of turn: Conjure a Superpower.
5 4 5 Her beautiful melodies are echoed by the roars of dinosaurs.
PvZH Solar Icon Solar
Triassic - Uncommon
Lil' Buddy
Flower Seed Plant Team-Up
When played: Heal your Hero for 2.
0 0 1 Wait, you want me to go in *front*?!?
Mushroom Plant Team-Up
Start of Turn: You get +2 sun this turn.
3 0 3 Compared to his little brother, he’s the one with the sunnier disposition.
Triassic - Rare
Eyespore cardface
Moss Plant Fusion: Destroy a Zombie here. 2 2 1 Really good at staring contests.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Sun Strike
Trick All Plants get PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough this turn.
Conjure a Trick
4 - - Each Plant is grown with the power of solar radiation. Sometimes you just have to let it out.
Triassic - Legendary
Aloesaurus Card Face
Cactus Animal Plant Dino-Roar: Heal all Plants and the Plant Hero for 1. 5 4 7 A roaring force of life. A crushing force of destruction.


Name Image Tribe Ability BrainPvZH Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Card Description
PvZH Beastly Icon Beastly
Triassic - Uncommon
Pet Zombie This gets +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH when any kind of Goat is hurt. 0 1 1 Hungry... Smelly... A lot like a Zombie but with 100% more goat.
Vengeful Cyborg
Vengeful CyborgH
Science Zombie Hunt 5 5 5 His toupee went missing in the heat of battle and he's been furious about it ever since.
Triassic - Rare
Killer Whale
Killer Whale card face
Pet Zombie Amphibious
Fusion: A Zombie played on this gets +2StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH and Amphibious.
2 2 1 Flooding Hollow Earth with water from above, Neptuna attacked with flying whale cavalry. Or really, falling whale cavalry.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Hunting Grounds
Hunting Grounds cardface
History Pet Environment Zombies here get Hunt.
When a Zombie enters or leaves this lane, it gets +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH.
2 - - Are the Zombies hunting dinosaurs, or are the dinosaurs hunting them?
Triassic - Legendary
Gargantuar-Throwing Gargatuar Card Face
Pirate Gargantuar Zombie When hurt: Make a random Gargantuar in a random lane. 7 6 6 The epic, ultimate, last, absolutely final conclusion to the zombie-throwing saga. ...or is it?
PvZH Brainy Icon Brainy
Triassic - Uncommon
Mustache Waxer
Mustache Waxer cardface
Professional Mustache Zombie When you play a Mustache, you get +1BrainPvZH and this gets +1 health. 1 2 2 Customers have been telling him "Get a brain" for years now.
Pirate's Booty
Pot of Silver cardface
Pirate Barrel Trick Draw a card for each zombie in play. 5 - - Zombie Pirates kick a lot of booty. Maybe someday they'll figure out how to spend it.
Triassic - Rare
Mustache Monument
Mustache Monument card face
Mustache History Zombie Fusion: A Zombie played on this does a Bonus Attack. 2 1 5 If Neptuna's Triassic Invasion force can align all of Hollow Earth's Mustache Monuments at once, she will become truly unstoppable.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Barbarous Barber Card Face
Pet Mustache Zombie When this does damage, Conjure a Mustache card.
Mustache Evolution: This gets +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH.
3 2 2 Determined to find every Mustache Monument in Hollow Earth, Neptuna brought in the experts.
Triassic - Legendary
Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur
Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur cardface
Science Pet Zombie PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye

Make a random History Zombie in a random lane.

7 4 7 What's better than a dinosaur? A gigantic, metal, laser monster that gates in four more dinosaurs.
PvZH Crazy Icon Crazy
Triassic - Uncommon
Trapper Territory
Trapper TerritoryH
Gourmet Environment Before combat Here: Do 1 damage to each plant here. 1 - - Plants don’t like feeling trapped. Can you blame them?
Triassic - Rare
Disco Dance Floor
Disco Dance Floor card face
Dancing Science Zombie Weird unused PvZH iconOvershoot 3
Fusion: a Zombie played on this gets Weird unused PvZH iconOvershoot 3.
2 0 3 The Triassic Invasion brought the very best of Zombie culture: Disco.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Grave Robber Zombie
Grave Robber Zombie
Mustache Pirate Zombie PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye
This gets +1StrengthPvZH when a Zombie is revealed from a Gravestone.
1 2 2 Why not rob graves? They're not going to miss it. It's not like the dead are rising up or anything.
Zombie's Best Friend
Zombie's Best Friend card face
Pet Zombie When played: Make a random Zombie next door that costs 1BrainPvZH. 2 2 1 "What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog" - Wight Z. Diesenhower
Triassic - Legendary
Jungle Drummer card face
Dancing Mustache Zombie When you play a Dancing card, do 2 damage to the Plant Hero.
Dancing Evolution: This gets +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH and PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye.
4 3 4 He offers a special deal: Two of his heads for one of yours . Anyway you slice it, you still come out a head.
PvZH Hearty Icon Hearty
Triassic - Uncommon
Gourmet Pet Trick All Zombies get +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH 2 - - Zombies love them almost as much as brains.
Triassic - Rare
Lost Colousseum
Angry Colosseum card face
History Sports Zombie PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy
Fusion: A Zombie played on this gets +2StrengthPvZH/+3HeartPvZH and PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy.
3 2 3 The Legend of Mustache Monuments led zombie explorers to uncover ancient colosseums.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Trick Destroy all Plants in a lane with 3StrengthPvZH or less. 3 - - No one knows where the giant green hand and the giant purple hand comes from. What will happen when they clap?
Turquoise Skull Zombie
Turquoise Skull Zombie cardface
Professional Mustache Zombie Gravestone
Start of turn: The Plant Player loses 1SunPvZH this turn. This gets +1StrengthPvZH.
4 2 4 The mystical Turquoise Skull stole the sun itself, lighting the way to the Mustache Monuments.
Triassic - Legendary
Chum Champion
Glamorous Gladiator card face
History Sports Zombie When played: All Plants get -1StrengthPvZH.
Sports Evolution: Destroy each Plant with 2StrengthPvZH or less.
5 3 4 The Retiarius gladiator was classically armed with a trident, a net, and a 10-day-old fish.
PvZH Sneaky Icon Sneaky
Triassic - Uncommon
Monkey Smuggler
Monkey Trainer cardface
Pirate Pet Zombie Gravestone
When revealed: Steal 2 sections from the Plant Hero's Super Block Meter.
2 2 3 Piracy is serious monkey business.
Triassic - Rare
Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure card face
Pirate Barrel Zombie Fusion: Conjure a Legendary card. It costs 1BrainPvZH less 1 2 2 Neptuna knew only one way to motivate an army of invading zombie pirates. Tell them about the secret treasure.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Excavator Zombie
Excavator Zombie cardface
Professional Mustache Zombie Gravestone
When revealed: Bounce an Environment and all Plants there.
3 4 1 He loved finding dinosaur fossils, until the dinosaurs started finding him.
Unthawed Viking
Frozen Viking Card Face
Pirate Zombie Amphibious
When played: Freeze all Plants in the Water.
Pirate Evolution: Freeze all Plants out of the water.
4 4 3 What's the best way to cross an ocean? Freeze it first. How hard could it be?
Triassic - Legendary
Raiding Raptor
Raptor Rider cardface
History Pet Zombie Dino-Roar: This gets +2StrengthPvZH.

When this hurts the Plant Hero, Conjure a card that costs 2 or less.

3 2 4 Amazomb helmets mostly protect their ears from all the roaring.

Upcoming and Unconfirmed Event Cards

Below are upcoming and unconfirmed Event cards. These are not finalized. Italicized abilities means it does not have official text yet, and the wording may be incorrect.


Name Image Tribe Ability SunPvZH Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Card Description
PvZH Guardian Icon Guardian
PvZH Kabloom Icon Kabloom
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon Mega-Grow
PvZH Smarty Icon Smarty
PvZH Solar Icon Solar


Name Image Tribe Ability BrainPvZH Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Flavor Text
PvZH Beastly Icon Beastly
PvZH Brainy Icon Brainy
PvZH Crazy Icon Crazy
PvZH Hearty Icon Hearty
PvZH Sneaky Icon Sneaky

Unknown Cards

These are the current abilities and names for unknown cards which may change as time progresses.




Changes to old cards

These are the upcoming changes made to pre-existing cards. These changes include stat and/or ability changes, and class and/or tribe changes.

  • Grizzly Pear is now a playable card. (Was originally a token card.)
  • Hot Lava is now a playable card and costs 1SunPvZH. (Was originally a token card and costed 2.)
  • Half-Banana is now a playable card and gives all banana cards in the plant hero's hand +1StrengthPvZH when destroyed. (Was originally a token card and had no abilities.)
  • Lil' Buddy is now a playable and costs 0SunPvZH. (Was originally a token card and costed 1.)
  • Sunnier-Shroom is now a playable card. (Was originally a token card.)
  • Snake Grass flavor text changed to "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" (Originally said, "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" If they had a dollar for every time a Zombie said that to them...")
  • Transfiguration's ability text specified to "Whenever a Plant becomes hurt and survives, transform it into a random Plant." (Originally said, "Whenever a Plant becomes hurt, transform it into a random Plant.")
  • Sunflower Seed now has 3/1 and its flavor text changed to "From every night's end comes the beginning of a new Sunflower's dawn." (Originally had 3/2 and said, "Mommy, where do little Sunflowers come from?")
  • Goat is now a playable card and costs 0BrainPvZH. It also gives itself +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH when any Goat gets hurt. (Was originally a token card, costed 1 and had no abilities.)
  • Vengeful Cyborg is now a playable card. (Was originally a token card.)
  • Trapper Territory is now in the PvZH Crazy IconCrazy class, is a playable card, and costs 1BrainPvZH. (Was originally a token card, in the Sneaky class, and costed 2.)
  • Leftovers is now a playable card. It is also now a Gourmet Pet Trick. (Was originally a token card and a gourmet trick.)
  • Primordial Cheese Shover is now a Gourmet History Zombie. (Was originally a gourmet zombie.)
  • Gargantuar Mime now properly does a Bonus Attack when a Plant does a Bonus Attack and now is a 5/7. (Was originally a 5/5 and also bugged, causing it not to do a bonus attack when a plant did a bonus attack).
  • Frankentuar now gets +2StrengthPvZH when a zombie gets destroyed (Originally got +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH when a zombie got destroyed.)
  • Witch's Familiar now targets all lanes. (Was originally bugged, as it was unavailable to target aquatic lanes.)
  • Imp-Throwing Gargantuar flavor text changed to "Seems like a better idea than a Gargantuar-Throwing Imp." (Originally said, "More successful than the Gargantuar-Throwing Imp.")
  • Leprechaun Imp now shuffles a Pot of Gold into your deck. (Originally shuffled two Pots of Gold into your deck.)
  • Jurassic Fossilhead now gets +2/+2 when you evolve it. (Originally gained +3/+3.)
  • Medulla Nebula now gives you +2 brains when you play a zombie there. (Originally gave you +3 brains.)
  • Gargantuar-Throwing Imp now makes a random 5-cost Gargantuar when hurt. (Originally made a Smashing Gargantuar only.)
  • Cursed Gargolith is now 7/6. (Originally was a 7/5.)
  • Stompadon now costs 4. (Originally costed 3.)
  • Quickdraw Con Man is now a 1/3. (Originally was a 1/4.)
  • Jelly Bean is now a 4/3. (Originally was a 4/4.)
  • Gatling Pea is now a 5/4. (Originally was a 4/5.)
  • Neutron Imp now costs 2 and is a 2/3. (Originally costed 4 and was a 4/4.)
  • Escape through Time now costs 2. (Originally costed 1.)
  • Lily of the Valley is now a 1/2. (Originally was a 1/3.)
  • Snapdragon is now a 3/3. (Originally was a 3/2.)
  • Twin Sunflower is now a 0/2. (Originally was a 0/1.)
  • Shieldcrusher Viking is now a 7/5. (Originally was a 6/5)
  • Zombie King can no longer transform a Knight of the Living Dead into another Knight of the Living Dead. (Originally could transform a Knight of the Living Dead into another Knight of the Living Dead.)
  • Tomb Raiser Zombie is now a 2/4. (Originally was a 2/3.)
  • Abracadaver is now a 3/2. (Originally was a 3/1.)
  • Mirror-Nut is now a 0/7. (Originally was a 0/6.)
  • Yeti Lunchbox is now a Gourmet Pet Trick. (Originally was a gourmet trick.)
  • Sow Magic Beans no longer draws a card. (Originally drew a card after shuffling.)
  • Gravitree is now a 7/7. (Originally was a 6/7)
  • Zom-Blob no longer has PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye. (Originally had PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye.)

New Abilities

Set 4 expands on the Evolution ability, and introduces one new type of ability.

  • Additions to the Evolution ability.
    • Nut Evolution: Play this on a Nut card to use its ability
    • Berry Evolution: Play this on a Berry to use its ability.
    • Leafy Evolution: Play this on a Leafy card to use its ability.
    • Mustache Evolution: Play this on a Mustache to use its ability.
    • Dancing Evolution: Play this on a Dancing card to use its ability.
    • Sports Evolution: Play this on a Sports card to use its ability.
    • Pirate Evolution: Play this on a Pirate to use its ability.
  • Fusion: Play a Plant/Zombie on this Plant/Zombie to use its ability.

Unobtainable Cards

These cards are officially released, but cannot be obtained. They will soon be available via tickets, and eventually will be craftable. However, you can get these cards during gameplay even when they are not available yet, but remember that getting the cards this way won't add them to your collection.

The Plant cards can only be obtained through Plucky Clover, Cornucopia, Molekale, Petal-Morphosis, Seedling, Reincarnation, and other random Plant spawners. The Zombie cards can only be obtained through Eureka, Portal Technician, Mad Chemist, Zombot Aerostatic Gondola, Unexpected Gifts, and other random Zombie spawners.


Card Screenshot

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Card Faces

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  • Pumpkin Shell is based on Pumpkin from the original game.
  • Sun Strike reuses the textures from Rejuvenate.
  • Primal Wall-Nut’s description mentions Rolling Stone.
  • Bird of Paradise is based on both the flower (specifically the strelitzia (Strelitzia reginae)) and bird of the same name.
  • Primal Peashooter's description is a reference to prime numbers, numbers whose only positive divisors are 1 and themselves, the more famous ones being 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 31.
    • All the prime numbers listed above except for 2 are featured in Primal Peashooter's description.
  • Some of Mustache Waxer's textures are reskinned versions of Pool Shark's textures, like some of Duckstache's textures are reskinned versions of Dog Walker's textures. This goes as well for Aloesaurus as a reskinned version of Bananasaurus Rex.
  • Fusion cards can be placed upon other Fusion cards to gain effects. However, a fighter placed on a "stacked" Fusion card will not receive the benefits of both fighters. (I.E. Killer Whale placed on a Mustache Monument will do a bonus attack, but a Zombie placed on that Killer Whale will only get +2/+1 and Amphibious, and not do the bonus attack.)
  • Veloci-Radish Hunter, Veloci-Radish Hatchling, and Veloci-Radish Packmate all use the same textures.
    • Coincidentally, they also have the same appearance, class, tribe, and Dino-Roar ability.
    • Veloci-Radish Hatchling and Veloci-Radish Packmate also share the same description: "The root of all primeval.", which is a pun on "root"; the phrase "the root of all evil" from the sentence: "For the love of money is the root of all evil", from the Bible's First Epistle to Timothy; and "primeval".
    • All Veloci-Radishes except for the Hatchling (who is a 1/2) are 1/3.
  • Zombie's Best Friend's name is a reference to how dogs are referred to as "Man's Best Friend".
  • Despite being Zombie cards, Mustache Monument, Disco Dance Floor, Lost Colosseum, and Buried Treasure are not actual zombies or attacking machines.
  • Headhunter's description is a reference to Disney World's Jungle Cruise, where a headhunter named Sam offers the same deal with the same advise.
  • Knockout uses the same card image and textures as Flick-a-Plant.
  • Loco-Coco's description could be a reference to the fact that it was originally going to be called "King Coconut".