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History repeats itself but it
always gets the details wrong.
The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either scrapped or just a concept.
For a similar page regarding Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Plants vs. Zombies 2/Concepts.
For a upcoming content, see Plants vs. Zombies Heroes/Upcoming content.

This page lists unused content and concept art for the game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. It should be noted that these descriptions are not fabricated but are primarily found in various versions of the game's code. Additionally, one should note that some of these "scrapped" features might be reintroduced to the game in the future.

Concept art

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes started development in 2014 and concept art exists from the game's earliest stages.

In addition to these images, a video exists on Vimeo showing the game's earliest animations. Some of the art style seems based of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.


In a help page created by EA regarding crafting in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, among all known types of cards, "Event Reward Cards" are mentioned. This is a possible hint that limited-time events will be held in the future, similarly to how Plants vs. Zombies 2 has Piñata Party events.

Events are also shown in the flowchart seen before.

So far only Event cards for the Lawn of Doom and Food Fight have been released. However, the cards were inaccessible without paying real money or gems as the event for it did not came out.

Game of Plants

The Game of Plants (based on Game of Thrones) is mentioned a few times in the code. It is possibly an event or a future mission. Some unused descriptions like "Winter is coming," "Summer is coming" and "Mekka Lekka Hi-Mekka Hiney BRAINS!" might be related to this. Additionally, two unknown heroes are mentioned—Crime Biter and Professor Von Bats (possibly Chompzilla and Professor Brainstorm).

Unused Textures

These Plant and Zombie textures are not used in the game. Some appear to have similarities to some Unused Cards' names.

Internal names

The game sometimes uses different names for the heroes in the code than in the actual game.

In-game name Code name
Captain Combustible scortchwood
Electric Boogaloo disco
Green Shadow penelopea
Immorticia witch
Rustbolt cyborg
The Smash gargantuar
Super Brainz cptbrainz
Chompzilla chomper

Additionally, the classes Crazy and Beastly are code-named madcap and hungry, respectively. The cards Muscle Sprout, Punish-Shroom and Backyard Bounce also have alternative names—Muscle Brussel, Spore Shooter and Trampoline Party.

Seasons in Ranked Mode

The game contains lines of code related to seasons in ranked mode, a feature which is present in many multiplayer games.

Build your Season 1 Rank as high as you can! Seasons run for several months. Follow your progress as you climb the Ranks in each new Season!

Unused or hidden cards


Name Card text Notes
Astro-Shroom N/A
Body-Gourd When played: Your Block Meter goes up by a Double Charge. It is the only unused card with a description. It reads, "Don't worry, I'll protect you."
Blank Plant N/A N/A
Cosmic Bean N/A
Cosmic Mushroom N/A
Cosmic Peashooter N/A It is listed in "set 2".
Gatling Pea "When played: Destroy a Plant."
Gloom-Shroom N/A This card was most likely removed as it has "[CHARACTER REMOVED]" next to it in the code.
Health Nut N/A
Imitator When played: Draw two cards. Used to be "When played: Gain two Plants." in older versions. This was probably an older version of Flourish.
Mars Flytrap N/A It is listed in "set 2".
Mega-heal Heal a Plant to full, It gets +5HeartPvZH. This is a trick card.
Melon-pult N/A It is listed in "set 2".
Resistant Radish N/A This is most likely "The Mad Radish Samourai", i.e. White Radish from the concept art images.
Shooting Starfruit N/A
Sun-Shroom N/A
Sweet Pea N/A It is listed in "set 2".


Name Card text Notes
0 Plant Board Clear Cheat 0 Destroy all fighters. This is a developer cheat; it is a superpower.
Bionic Zombie N/A
Blank Zombie N/A
Brains in a Jar Get 3 Brains this turn. Used to be "When played: Gain 3 Brains." in older versions. This is possibly a trick version of Brain Vendor.
Cheating Zombie Draw 5 cards. Heal your Hero for 20. Gain 30 Sun. Then this dies. Now get to work! This is a developer cheat.
Ducky Tube Zombie N/A It is listed in "set 2".
Energy Drink Zombie N/A It is listed in "set 2".
Finale Dancer When destroyed: Do 3 damage to the Plant Hero.
Hypnotize Deal 3 damage to a Plant or Plant Hero. This is a trick card.
Imposter When destroyed: Make a 3StrengthPvZH/1HeartPvZH Imp here. Imposter could be seen in the background image of the multiplayer screen in older versions. It is listed in "set 2".
Minelayer Zombie Gravestone
Omnomnom N/A It is listed in "set 2".
Screen Door Zombie PvZH Armored Icon Armored 1 It is listed in "set 2".
Skydiver Training Move a Zombie from Heights. It gets +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH.
Stoneworker N/A
Toughen Up! All Zombies get +2HeartPvZH. This card is identical to Camel Crossing.
Wilting Away Deal 3.
Zombie Mob When played: Destroy a Zombie. This effect is identical to Gatling Pea's.
Zomboss's Gargantuar When played: This gets a Bonus Attack.


It is unknown whether these are plant or zombie cards.

Name Card text
The Blocker N/A
Double Trouble N/A
Duplicate N/A
Rubo's Master N/A

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