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This page lists unused content and concept art for the game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. It should be noted that these descriptions are not fabricated but are primarily found in various versions of the game's code. Additionally, one should note that some of these "scrapped" features might be reintroduced to the game in the future.

Concept art

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes started development in 2014 and concept art exists from the game's earliest stages.

In addition to these images, a video exists on Vimeo showing the game's earliest animations. Some of the art style seems based on Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.

Game of Plants

The Game of Plants (based on Game of Thrones) is mentioned a few times in the code. It is possibly an event or a future mission. Some unused descriptions like "Winter is coming," "Summer is coming" and "Mekka Lekka Hi-Mekka Hiney BRAINS!" might be related to this. Additionally, two unknown heroes are mentioned—Crime Biter and Professor Von Bats (possibly Chompzilla and Professor Brainstorm).

Internal names

Sometimes during the loading screen for a multiplayer game, the game uses different names for the heroes in the code than in the actual game. These names are sometimes used for multiplayer names for users under the age of 13 or if the internet is too slow to load the username.

In-game name Code name
Captain Combustible scortchwood
Electric Boogaloo disco
Green Shadow penelopea
Immorticia witch
Rustbolt cyborg
The Smash gargantuar
Super Brainz cptbrainz
Chompzilla chomper
Solar Flare sunflower

Additionally, the classes Crazy and Beastly are code-named madcap and hungry, respectively. The cards Muscle Sprout, Punish-Shroom and Zombot Stomp also have alternative names—Muscle Brussel, Spore Shooter, and Trampoline Party.

Unused or hidden cards


Name Card text Notes
Resistant Radish N/A A 6-cost 4/6 with "When played: All Plants get +2 Attack." This is most likely "The Mad Radish Samourai", i.e. White Radish from the concept art images.
Whack-a-Zombie (beta) N/A A 5-cost Kabloom Trick with "Do 5 damage". This was probably a beta version of Sizzle.
Hypnotize Deal 3 damage to a Plant or the Plant Hero It actually dealt damage to a Zombie or the Zombie Hero. It was a Superpower card.
Health-Nut (beta) N/A 5-cost 6/6 with no ability
Gloom-Shroom CHARACTER REMOVED 8-cost 8/8 with "When played: Do 3 damage to all Zombies."
Gatling Pea When played: Destroy a Plant. 3-cost 6/6.
Imitator When played: Draw two cards. 2-cost 0/2. Used to be "When played: Gain two Plants." in older versions. This was probably an older fighter version of Flourish.
Body-Gourd (beta) When played: Your Block Meter goes up by a Double Charge. 5-cost 3/6. Unlike the current Body-Gourd, it didn't have Team-Up and Amphibious, and its rarity was Super-Rare.
Mega-heal Heal a Plant to full, It gets +5HeartPvZH. 1-cost Superpower trick card. It was Wall-Knight's original signature superpower. It actually increased a Plant's HeartPvZH by 6 instead of 5.
Blank Plant N/A N/A


Name Card text Notes
TEST Zombie Aquatic N/A Probably used for testing the behavior of the Amphibious trait.
TEST Zombie Destroy Target Plant Fighter Burst N/A N/A
TEST Zombie Buff Fighter Burst N/A Probably used for testing the behavior of Tricks that buff Zombies.
0 Plant Board Clear Cheat 0 Destroy all fighters. This is a developer cheat; it is a superpower. Possible to be seen in older versions via glitching The Smash's hero quest.
Skydiver Training Move a Zombie from Heights. It gets +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH. This was a Superpower Trick.
Rubo's Master N/A 5-cost 3/5 with no ability.
Zomboss's Gargantuar When played: This does a Bonus Attack. 10-cost 10/10.
Screen Door Zombie (beta) Armored 1. 2-cost 2/3. This was probably a beta version of Conehead.
Minelayer Zombie Gravestone 3-cost 2/1 with "When revealed: Destroy a Plant."
Imposter (beta) When destroyed: Make a 3/1 Imp here. 3-cost 1/3. This was originally a Galactic Gardens card.
Other Imposter N/A 3-cost 3/1. Summoned by Imposter after destroying him.
Finale Dancer When destroyed: Do 3 damage to the Plant Hero. 5-cost 6/3.
Zombie Mob When played: Destroy a Zombie. 6-cost 6/6. This effect is identical to Gatling Pea's.
Wilting Away Deal 3 3-cost Trick with "Do 3 damage."
Stoneworker N/A 2-cost 2/1.
Jetpack Zombie N/A 1-cost 3/1. This was a Crazy Zombie.
Brains in a Jar When played: Gain 3 Brains this turn. 2-cost Trick. This was probably an older Trick version of Brain Vendor.
The Blocker N/A 5-cost 3/5.
Toughen Up! All Zombies get +2HeartPvZH. 2-cost Trick. This card is identical to Camel Crossing, except it costs 1 more.
Duplicate N/A 4-cost Trick with no ability.
Double Trouble N/A 3-cost Trick with no ability.
Bionic Zombie N/A
Blank Zombie N/A It costs 99 Brains and cannot be played. Possible to be seen in update 1.14.10 by Mad Chemist or Eureka
Cheating Zombie Draw 5 cards. Heal your Hero for 20. Gain 30 Sun. Then this dies. Now get to work! This is a developer cheat.

Original Beta-Carrotina

HD BetaCarrot Image

Beta-Carrotina (previously known as BetaCarrot) was going to be the first three-classed hero, and have the Solar, Mega-Grow, and Guardian classes. Its signature power was to revive a plant (Similar to Intensive Carrot) and it would gain +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH. It was later changed to be a Galactic Gardens hero with the same classes as Citron and different superpowers.

Old designs

  • The Shamrocket was redesigned before it was released. In particular, it was going to look a lot more mechanical and less like a pinecone.