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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

The following is a list of all the found glitches in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version) that isn't found in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Feel free to add one if you discover one that is not written here.

Flying Gargantuar always throwing Imps

The Flying Gargantuar can throw his Flying Imp Zombies even when stunned by Saucer or Stunion or shrunk by Shrinking Violet

Immortal Invisible Zombie glitch

This is a very rare glitch where some times if you complete a level, a zombie shadow that can not be killed walks to your house and eats your brains.

Kiwifruit glitch

When playing a level and one placed down a level 4 Kiwifruit, then leave the game for a while, when the player come back, Kiwifruit will use his level 5 ability while still retaining his basic attack, making him even more powerful.

Missing File_NoBackup

In some download link for version 2.0.1, you can notice some files are missing when checked in Root Explorer, include File_NoBackup contain the player's data (pp.dat). If this happen, there are no way to play your game and the entire file is a waste. This bug still haven't fixed yet.

Fume-shroom doesn't shine at all!?

This glitch requires:

  • Level 4 Fume-shroom (costumed)
  • Level 3 Spore-shroom

This glitch will happen if Spore-shroom turned a zombie into Fume-shroom. Sometimes, Fume-shroom may activates it Plant Food's effect (indicated to level 4) but it doesn't even shine at all. The animation will not play and the zombies got suck into it or die instantly or stuck outside the lawn.

Left-Facing Perfumed Allied Zombie Glitch

This is a glitch to allow an allied zombie from either Hypno-shroom, Magic Mushroom's plant food effect, or Pumpkin Witch to either reset its progress across the lawn or eat your brains.

Note that this can only be done on Jurassic Marsh as Perfume-shroom can only be used in that world.

  1. When the zombie is on the 2nd column from the house, use Pumpkin Witch or Hypno-shroom on it. If you are using Magic Mushroom's Plant Food effect instead, make sure that one of the rows is free from zombies. This allows the spawned zombie to appear on the first column from the player's house.
  2. Use Perfume-shroom on that zombie to make it turn to the left. It will go past the plants and lawnmowers and into the your house, causing you to lose the level.

Note that if this is done when the zombie is further away from your house, it walks back a couple of squares left before resuming its progress right.

PvP Plants Glitch

If you put a Pendant pot on a Level 4 plant, the pot will appear on every one of those plants in every base in PvP Mode, which very likely isn't the case that the other player has the pot on that same plant.

Necromancy Glitch

When playing a level in Dark Ages, whenever a Necromancy event happens, the ambush message appears unfinished. Strangely, Raiding Party and Bot Swarm work.

Shoveling Plants in Conveyor Belt Levels Glitch

This was discovered in the Children's Day Event.

When the player digs up a plant in a conveyor belt level, the player will receive sun, although no sun is given in these types of levels. The sun goes to where it normally flies to, but ultimately does nothing.

The game won't let you escape

If a Vigorous Broccoli is grabbing a zombie and an Archmage Zombie causes it to sleep, the zombie will stay in place until the Vigorous Broccoli wakes up.

Out of bar glitch

A sub-glitch to the Final Wave glitch

  1. Go to any Frostbite Caves level
  2. At the time the final flag shows up, kill all zombies with Citron, but try to freeze them by Stunion while they are about to get flung. After that, the zombie head will break out of the progress bar.

Squash on Spikeweed/Spikerock Glitch

Note: This only works on Kongfu World Day 9, 15 and Last Stand levels.

  1. Place a Spikeweed/Spikerock at the second-most front lane.
  2. When the black hole arrives, place a Squash in front of the Spikeweed.
  3. Now the Squash is on the Spikeweed/Spikerock.

Plants on Rail Glitch

  1. Go to a level on Kung-Fu World with minecarts and Qigong Zombies at the same time.
  2. Plant any plant on a minecart (and make sure that Qigong Zombie is in the same lane)
  3. When a Qigong Zombie starts to pull plants, quickly move the minecart with the plants.
  4. You can see that the plants did not follow the minecart, but is pulled by Qigong Zombie and is on a rail.
  5. But, if you move a minecart on the plant on the rail, the plant will be back on the minecart.

Note: This also works when fighting Knife-Wielding Swordsman but wait for it to raise its sword and strike the lawn, causing a shockwave to topple down two plants pushing the front plant two squares away.

Do not plant here Glitch

  1. Go to any level with Pirate Captain Zombie.
  2. Wait until its parrot steals a plant.
  3. Dig it up while the parrot is flying away.
  4. Now you will not be able to plant in the tile in where the plant was before.

Switch minecart plants

Plants vs Zombies 2 Kungfu World Final Boss, Blade-Wielding Hero, Gameplay&Walkthrough

Plants vs Zombies 2 Kungfu World Final Boss, Blade-Wielding Hero, Gameplay&Walkthrough

Skip to 12:30 - 12:34

  1. Have the Blade-Wielding Hero move a plant to the minecart tracks.
  2. Drag the minecarts down.
  3. If done correctly, there will be two plants on the minecart.
  4. Drag the minecart back to the original place and the plants have swapped.

Floating Imp Head Glitch

Note: This only appears in the Android version.

  1. Go to any Wild West level (Or any daily event challenge with the Wild West).
  2. Make sure the Zombie Bull Rider has been flung.

A few seconds later, the Zombie Bull Rider's head will be on the Zombie Bull and will be on the lawn!

Glitched Penny

During select moments, Penny's sprites won't load properly, and will result in a glitched penny, where the sprites will have a black bar under it. It is unknown if this can happen with Crazy Dave.

List of fixed glitches

  • Before version 1.8.0 in the Chinese version, it was possible for Swashbuckler Zombie to land on the tile with the flowers and a defensive plant on it and fail the objective.
  • Before version 1.8.0 in the Chinese version, there was a glitch related to integer overflow where if the Magnifying Grass icon appeared above Far Future - Day 7, selecting that level would crash the game.
    Magni error

    Note that it says you can get 2,080,374,780 pieces per day

  • Before the update that changed the level indicator of a leveled up zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version), there was a visual glitch where the electricity that surrounded the zombie did not go away at times.
    Screenshot 2014-12-23-13-10-51-2-
  • Before version 1.8.0 of the Chinese version, killing a Swashbuckler Zombie using a Coconut Cannon while it was near the lawn would have failed the "Don't let the zombies trample the flowers" objective.
  • Before the 1.9.0 version in the Chinese version, it was possible to earn Puzzle Pieces from the Gunpowder Devil and the Zombot Sphinx-inator of the lightning boss rush if you selected the Gunpowder Devil stage but quit it and proceeded to the lightning boss rush instead. This was due to the game thinking that the you were still doing the daily challenge even though clearly you were not. The reason why the Zombot Plank Walker never gave Puzzle Pieces was due to the fact that it has never been a boss in the daily challenge. The Puzzle Pieces earned would not count however if the daily challenge was done first.
  • In version 1.8.0, playing on Frostbite Caves - Day 21 planting a Jalapeno near the zombies would cause the Jalapeno to be frozen.
  • In version 2.2.2, sometimes a Spikerock could be invincible from Gargantuar smashes. This was removed in version 2.2.3.
  • Before version 1.4.0/1.4.1, some zombies summoned by Knife-Wielding Swordsman, Gunpowder Devil and Zombot Dark Dragon had some of their sprites chopped off.