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History repeats itself but it
always gets the details wrong.
The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either scrapped or just a concept.

This page contains art and concepts of the Chinese version of Plants vs Zombies 2. Please note that these are not fake, but rather scrapped ideas, information about upcoming plants, zombies, worlds and unreleased features. As such, these sections and pictures may contain spoilers.

Unused plants

Carrot Missile Truck's missile

The missile created by Carrot Missile Truck's Plant Food effect. Its sun cost is 0.

Small Chestnut

Small Chestnut Team's projectile is also its own plant. Its sun cost is 0.


Even though seen in the game, the plant itself was never used.


It is internally referred to as bashopult. This plant has a sun cost of 123, unusual for the series as it has a sun price that is not a multiple of 25.


Sunpod was imported into the Chinese version with the Lost City update, but is still unused.


Sungun was imported into the Chinese version with the Lost City update, but is still unused.

Unused zombies


  • The unused Kongfu World boss appears in the overview screen for this world in version 1.8.0 onwards, until the 1.9.0 update.

Pyramid of Doom

The Pyramid of Doom is possibly found in the game's files. It can be only obtained by hacking. In the unmodded version of this game, players can see a pyramid on the top right of the whole Ancient Egypt map which is where the Pyramid of Doom would be. It is unknown if the other endless zones will make it to this version, since only Pyramid of Doom can be played.

Speedy Lanes

There is an unused minigame in the code called Speedy Lanes. Zombies have double speed in normal speed gameplay but plants and sun have normal speed. In newer versions of the game, zombies have the same speed as usual. This minigame was also unused in the international version.

Unused costumes

Unused Puzzle Pieces

Since some plants don't have Plant Food abilities or don't have upgrades, there was no need for costumed Puzzle Pieces for them except Cherry Bomb and Loquat. However, sun bean is not a instant use plant.

Unused shields in Sky City

There are two unused types of shields in the game's files, where one seemed to be made out of metal while the other was made of gold. They could have been used as upgrades to the regular barrier, or may have been just made as concept designs for the shield.

Beta costs

A few of the plants had a different sun cost:

Photographer Zombie

In Lost City, there was originally going to be a zombie holding an old camera to appear as it was shown in advertisements, but its ability is unknown. It was scrapped and only its Almanac texture was left.

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