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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

植物大战僵尸2 Square Icon (Version 2.2.8)
2.2.4 Title Screen
Plants vs. Zombies 2
The Chinese sequel to Plants vs. Zombies Tower defense game by PopCap Games
First released on August 1, 2013 (iOS) and September 12, 2013 (Android) Current version: 2.2.9

For the international version of this game, see Plants vs. Zombies 2.

The Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese name: 植物大战僵尸2) is a game in the Plants vs. Zombies series.


Unlike the international version, the player, Crazy Dave, and Penny, Crazy Dave's partner and a supercar that can time travel, has already arrived in Ancient Egypt. This is where their journey begins.

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What's New (v2.2.9)

[植僵世界杯 隆重开场]

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Game information


The game itself resembles the international version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 after the 1.8 update, but there are some differences that separate the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 from the international version.

During gameplay, there is only one power up to be bought: a one-time use Cuke costing 15 gems (the cost will increase by 10, 20, 30 ... for each time per use in a level). It deals massive damage to every zombie on the entire lawn.

Plants and zombies are ranked by levels; the higher ranking a plant, the more enhanced abilities it has; and the higher ranking the zombie, the more health and attack power it has. In order to upgrade a plant, one must collect additional Puzzle Pieces of that plant and send it to Penny to upgrade it (see Plant upgrade system for details). Upgrading plants are required for higher levels as non-upgraded plants will fail to take care of the most basic zombies in higher levels. For example, a level 1 (LevelIcon1New) Chomper cannot kill a level 4 (LevelIcon4New) Conehead Zombie by itself.

To progress to the next world, the player must use stars or 58 diamonds. All worlds require the same amount of stars to unlock, but the amount gradually increases every time you unlock a world.

Stars are a form of collectible in the game, appearing in certain levels of the game. Beating the level while meeting zombies with a higher level (Hard mode) will earn the player stars. These star challenges only unlock when you have obtained the first star by completing the level normally. The more stars the player has beforehand, the higher is the zombies' level in Hard mode. Collecting stars allows the player to unlock specific plants and upgrades like Sun Shovel or Extra Seed Slot. If the player already has the plants, a respective number of pieces will be given to them instead. Completing star challenges will also open chests, which will give you Puzzle Pieces, coins and in some levels, gems.

Brain Busters

Main article: Brain Busters

Daily Challenge

Main article: Daily Challenge

The player fights in three modes, where they can obtain normal and costume Puzzle Pieces and coins. Some of the modes are only available on specific days of the week.


Main article: Pendant

This was added in the 1.4.0 update. The game contains items called Pendants that the player can equip onto their plants. By doing so, the plant receives a buff, the effect dependent on the attachment itself. Attachments are tiered into four levels, the effects of an attachment being more potent the higher up it is.

Lottery System

One feature of this game is its lottery system which allows players to obtain plants, costumes, or puzzle pieces. There are three types of chests: Common, Rare and Legendary. Each chest cost gems to open. The player can also spend many gems to open multiple chests at once. The Ordinary Chest can be opened for free once each day and the Rare Chest can be opened for free once every three days.

Penny's Store

It was added in the 1.8.0 update. Penny's Store lets you buy different plant Puzzle Pieces. New Puzzle Pieces will replace them after an amount of time. On weekends, the number of puzzle pieces sold are doubled. The puzzle pieces can be bought with either 5000 or 10,000 coins (Common/Uncommon plants) / 15 or 30 gems (Rare/Super-Rare plants). Sometimes, there are discounts, usually there is a 30% off discount. Legendary plants don't appear in the store.

Plant Adventures

Main article: Plant Adventures

PvP Mode

Main article: PvP Mode

Gene Modification

Main article: Gene Modification

Plant Family

Main article: Plant Family

Added in the 2.0.0 update, this mode is located in the Plants section. It is very similar to the Plant upgrade system in Plants vs. Zombies 2. This lets the player increases the stats of his/her plants in a family. Each time the player upgrades a plant in a family, it will give the plant family an upgrade that has a random stat increased for a random amount. Each family can only choose 1 upgrade. The player is able to upgrade his/her plants in that family for free 3 times a day. If he/she wants to upgrade more he/she will have to pay gems for every upgrade after that. The player can also pay 100 gems to unlock a new upgrade slot, yet the upgrades in this slot are more powerful. Getting more plants in a family will upgrade the level of that family, which will increase later upgrades' power.

Endless Challenge

Main article: Endless Challenge

Endless Challenge (无尽挑战) is an event in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a worldwide competition and the rewards are a currency called Time Tokens. It is only held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Main article: Achievements (PvZ2)

Like in the international version, there is an achievement system but only on iOS. Those are extra optional tasks that rewards the player with some points. Those can be accessed via Game Center on iOS. Note that the Chinese version only has the first 22 achievements from the international version.

Update history

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Update history

Since it was first released, this game has been updated monthly with new content and other tweaks. Check this article to see the update history of this game.

Concept art and upcoming content

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Concepts
Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Upcoming content

Check these articles to see concept art of the game and upcoming content that is going to be added in future updates. However, beware, as there are spoilers ahead.


Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Glitches

Check this list to find glitches that this game has and maybe how to fix them.

Order of events

HD Infi-nut2
Collect them again soon.
The content in this section contains spoilers. If you have not seen the content yet, and do not wish to spoil it for yourself, then do not read on.

In this game, the player already starts off with Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Shovel, and the Tactical Cuke. They also already arrived in Ancient Egypt - Day 1. They are also introduced to Mummy Zombie, Conehead Mummy, Flag Mummy Zombie, and Plant Food. After the player finished Ancient Egypt - Ultimate Challenge, the player is shown with other worlds to unlock with the stars they have. In each world, the player encounters different zombies, with different new plants and gimmicks.


Icon Area Number of levels
PvZ worldAE
Ancient Egypt 15 (14 Easy Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldPS
Pirate Seas 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldWW
Wild West 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldKFW
Kongfu World 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldFF
Far Future 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldDA
Dark Ages 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldBWB
Big Wave Beach 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldFC
Frostbite Caves 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
Sky City Icon
Sky City 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldLC
Lost City 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldNMT
Neon Mixtape Tour 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldJM
Jurassic Marsh 49 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 1 Boss Battle)
PvZ worldMD
Modern Day 51 (24 Easy Mode, 24 Hard Mode, 3 Boss Battle)


Main article: Plants (PvZ2C)

In the game, not all plants are obtained by getting their seed packets at the end of a level. Instead, they are obtained by collecting Puzzle Pieces of that plant.

Returning plants

New plants

Cameo appearances

  • Marigold - Appears while loading and results screen.
  • Melon Slice Pitcher - Appears on one of Puzzle Pieces in the 1.8.0 in-game advertisement.

A plant marked with * is a premium plant.
A plant marked with ' is a monthly special plant.
A plant marked with # is a plant that can be obtained through stars.
A plant marked with ^ is an upcoming plant.
A plant marked with † is a limited time plant and can no longer be obtained through normal methods.
A plant marked with ~ was previously a monthly special plant and now is obtainable.


Main article: Zombies (PvZ2)

Returning zombies

New zombies

Ancient Egypt

Pirate Seas

Wild West

Kongfu World

Far Future

Dark Ages

  • Peasant Zombie
  • Conehead Peasant
  • Buckethead Peasant
  • Knight Zombie
  • Peasant Flag Zombie
  • Imp Monk Zombie
  • Jester Zombie
  • Dark Ages Gargantuar

Big Wave Beach

  • Pompadour Zombie
  • Pompadour Conehead
  • Pompadour Buckethead
  • Beach Flag Zombie
  • Bikini Zombie
  • Bikini Conehead
  • Bikini Buckethead
  • Imp Mermaid Zombie

Frostbite Caves

Sky City

  • Basic Pilot Zombie
  • Conehead Pilot Zombie
  • Buckethead Pilot Zombie
  • Flag Pilot Zombie
  • Flying Imp Zombie
  • Zombie Fighter

Lost City

  • Adventurer Zombie
  • Conehead Adventurer Zombie
  • Buckethead Adventurer Zombie
  • Flag Adventurer Zombie
  • Lost City Imp Zombie
  • Porter Gargantuar
  • Lost Pilot Zombie
  • Parasol Zombie

Neon Mixtape Tour

Jurassic Marsh

  • Jurassic Zombie
  • Jurassic Conehead
  • Jurassic Buckethead
  • Jurassic Fossilhead
  • Jurassic Flag Zombie

Modern Day



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  • Chomper is so far the only returning plant that is a monthly special plant.
  • It is the only Chinese spin-off game that was officially made and developed by PopCap.
  • Rotobaga is obtained in Sky City, while in the international version it is unlocked in Frostbite Caves.
    • Similarly, Endurian is a monthly special plant, despite the fact that in the international version, it's unlocked in Lost City.
  • All plants that can be bought with coins are all returning plants from the first game.
  • Since the 1.8.0 update, the map has been changed and now looks like the map from Plants vs. Zombies 2 after the 1.7 update.
  • Since the 1.8.0 update, when the player collects sun, they will get 50 instead of 25 like in the previous version, similar to Plants vs. Zombies 2 after the 1.7 update.
  • The icon for the Neon Mixtape Tour update was the icon for the Neon Mixtape Tour Side B update in the international version.
  • Since the 1.9.0 update, bosses can no longer be chilled by ice plants, possibly because the boss battles would be too easy if the bosses were able to be chilled. However, they could still be slowed via other means.

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