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Plants Vs. Zombies™ 2 It's About Time Square Icon (Versions 4.5.1)
Plants vs. Zombies 2
The sequel to Plants vs. Zombies Tower defense game by PopCap Games
First released on July 9, 2013 (iOS) Current version: 5.8.1

For the Chinese version of this game, see Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version).
Plants vs. Zombies 2


PopCap Games


Tower defense



Release dates:

iOS: July 9, 2013 (Australian and New Zealand soft release)
August 15, 2013 (worldwide other than China Store)
Android: September 12, 2013 (China soft release)
October 23, 2013 (worldwide other than China Store)

PEGI rating:


Current version:

5.8.1 (Android)
5.8.1 (iOS)

Version requirement:

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
iOS 6.0

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (previously Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time) is a tower defense game released by PopCap Games. This game is a sequel to the award-winning game Plants vs. Zombies. It was released for iOS devices on Thursday, August 15, 2013 and on Android devices on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. In this version, the player battles new zombies in a time travel motif.


After the events of the game Plants vs. Zombies where the player defeated Dr. Zomboss at the rooftop of the house, zombies once again attacked the front yard and after the zombies are all defeated, the player gets the hot sauce and gave it to Crazy Dave. Crazy Dave ate his taco, and wanting to eat the taco again, he wants to time-travel and the player is introduced to his partner, Penny, a supercar that can time travel. Unfortunately, they went back to the Ancient Egypt, revealed that they time traveled 4500 years ago. And the journey goes on!

Game icons

iTunes App Store/Google Play Store description


"As beautifully presented as it is absorbing to play: 8.7 out of 10." –

Play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days. Amass an army of amazing plants, supercharge them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain.

100 Million Downloads – This app has received more than 100 million overall downloads.

Winner: Best Mobile Game at E3 – Game Informer Winner: Best Mobile Game 2013 – Mashable Winner: Game of the Year 2013 – Slide to Play

Game Features

Collect your favorite lawn legends, like Sunflower and Peashooter, along with hundreds of other horticultural hotshots, including creative bloomers like Lava Guava and Laser Bean. Go toe-to-missing-toe with a massive array of zombies at every turn, like Jetpack Zombie and Mermaid Imp – you’ll even have to protect your brain from rampant Zombie Chickens!

Earn Seed Packets as you play and use them to fuel your plants like never before. Power up attacks, double-down defenses, speed up planting time, and even gain entirely new abilities. Boost your plants to ensure those zombies are lawn-gone!

Battle across 11 crazy worlds, from Ancient Egypt to the Far Future, and beyond. With more than 300 levels, ultra-challenging endless zones, fun mini-games, and daily Piñata Party events, there’s always a new challenge to complete. Plus, ready your best defenses – Dr. Zomboss is waiting to take you on at the end of every world!

Stumped about where to go next? Consult your Travel Log to embark on exciting Quests created just for you. Complete Scheduled Quests before time runs out, or take on a series of Epic Quests and earn special rewards.

What's New

Hey, lawn defenders! In this update, you can enhance your attacks and abilities with Power Plants – earn Seed Packets to level up plants as you play! Then, get gussied up for Valenbrainz, Feb. 7 – 16. Plus:

  • New Ancient Egypt and Modern Day levels, including recently unearthed zombies.
  • A fresh plant: the enticing and irresistible Hot Date.
  • Doting zombies in delightful Valenbrainz garb.
  • Loads of fun piñatas stuffed with Seed Packets and more in new Scheduled Quests.

Thanks for playing!

Game information

Game modes

Main article: Game modes (PvZ2)

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, there are some game modes. Most of the modes return or are similar to the first game, with minor tweaks:


Main article: Achievements (PvZ2)

Like in the previous game, there is an achievement system. Those are extra optional tasks that rewards the player with some points. Those can be accessed via Google Play Games on Android or via Game Center on iOS.

Travel Log quests

Main article: Travel Log

Introduced on the 3.5.1 update and being updated with new content ever since, the Travel Log is a quest system that guides new players on how to unlock new content and offers repeatable quests and Epic Quests that extends the longevity of the game.

Update history

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2/Update history

Since it was first released, this game has been monthly updated with new content and other tweaks. Check this article to see the update history of this game.

Concept art and upcoming content

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2/Concepts
Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2/Upcoming content

Check these articles to see concept art of the game and upcoming content that is going to be added in the future new updates. However, beware, as there are spoilers ahead.


Main article: Plants vs. Zombies 2/Glitches

Check this list to find glitches that this game has and maybe how to fix them.

Order of events

HD Infi-nut2
We shall meet again in the future!
The content in this section contains spoilers. If you have not seen the content yet, and do not wish to spoil it for yourself, then do not read on.
The 5.3 update brought a world order change, which put the worlds in increasing difficulty. Before, the worlds were released from release order (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Wild West, Far Future, Dark Ages, Big Wave Beach, Frostbite Caves, Lost City, Neon Mixtape Tour, Jurassic Marsh, Modern Day).

Like the first game, the game starts with one lane on the lawn and the first plant you get is the Peashooter. The zombies appear once you plant your second Peashooter. After defeating all the zombies, you win the Sunflower.

The lawn expands to three lanes and the zombies appear once you plant three Sunflowers. After defeating all the zombies, you win the Wall-nut.

The player starts the third level, but before doing so, they have to clear the lawn of backward-facing Peashooters with the shovel. The Conehead Zombie is introduced in this level, and after winning, you get the Potato Mine.

In the fourth level, the player encounters the Buckethead Zombie, and after winning the level, he gets the hot sauce. Crazy Dave arrives and eats his taco with the hot sauce. Then he wants to eat it again. His time-machine Penny arrives and, along with them, you time travel to eat the taco once again, but you "accidentally" arrive in Ancient Egypt.

In Ancient Egypt - Day 2, the player is introduced to Plant Food, when Crazy Dave mentions that a Peashooter "Looks hungry".

In Ancient Egypt - Day 5, the player is introduced to Power Ups (after receiving a jar of them in the previous level) that are Power Snow, Power Toss, and Power Zap. Power Pinch used to be featured in this level but was replaced with Power Snow in the 1.9 update.

Before the initial battle in Ancient Egypt - Day 25, Dr. Zomboss tries to infer that there were brains in Crazy Dave's taco. After the battle, Crazy Dave remembers that he had no meat in the Taco, so Dr. Zomboss is proven false.

The player can be sent to the Pirate Seas and when Penny asks why they were there, Crazy Dave only replies with "But Pirates!".

Before the initial battle in Pirate Seas - Day 25, Dr. Zomboss asks how Penny was created, as its "Temporal Signature" is almost identical to Dr. Zomboss's creations. Penny questions Crazy Dave if she is a Zombot, but Crazy Dave only mentions his sandwich.

The player can be sent to the Wild West and with Penny's calculations: "0.015% of Taco" and "0.016%" margin of error".

In Wild West - Day 1, the player is introduced to minecarts, a feature exclusive to the Wild West. Players plant in them and are able to move the carts across lanes.

Before the initial battle in Wild West - Day 25, Dr. Zomboss wonders if you considered that you are "Sharing in Crazy Dave's madness" and that "The zombies and I are normal people trying to help". But Crazy Dave only mentions that Zomboss is probably going to say there are "No spoons". After the level is beaten, Crazy Dave exclaims that no spoons were used in the level. Dr. Zomboss replies that he is right since zombies have no information known about spoons.

The player can be sent to the Frostbite Caves and is introduced to sliders, frozen plants or zombies, the chilling wind and a new Power Up, Power Flame, exclusive to Frostbite Caves. After beating Frostbite Caves - Day 15, the player will get a stone tablet with brains and zombies in it.

Before the initial battle in Frostbite Caves - Day 30, Dr. Zomboss questions Crazy Dave's taco if it is a trap and a trick. After the level is beaten, Crazy Dave and Penny were going to explain the second reason why they were time-travelling in the first place, until Dr. Zomboss interrupts that he is not defeated, is going to reveal a "BIG SURPRISE" and will stop speaking in third-person.

The player can be sent to the Lost City and is introduced to Gold Tiles, where once a plant is planted on a gold tile, it will give a sun every twenty seconds.

Before the initial battle in Lost City - Day 32, Dr. Zomboss tells Crazy Dave and Penny not to think about usurping his discovery of Lost City, as he and his zombies have already submitted their find to the "Eminent Journal of the Missing and the Mislaid". After the level is beaten, Crazy Dave complains that he still does not have his taco even after all of his discovering. Penny tells Crazy Dave that the search will no doubt continue.

The player can be sent to the Far Future and is introduced to Power Tiles, that spread the Plant Food effect to other plants on tiles of the same type when one plant is given the boost.

Before the initial battle in Far Future - Day 25, Dr. Zomboss talks about how Crazy Dave is very helpful in the fight against the zombies and then says that "My sleeper agent will turn against you when the secret word is said." Then says "Hypno-Zombnosis" and Crazy Dave shows up and asks to borrow your brains, but then says he meant hot sauce. After the level is beaten, Crazy Dave snaps out of "hypno-zombnosis" and Dr. Zomboss tries to hypnotize him again, only to forget how to say "hypno-zombnosis".

The player can be sent to the Dark Ages and is introduced to graves that drop sun and Plant Food and night time, where sun does not fall from the sky.

Before the initial battle in Dark Ages - Night 20, Dr. Zomboss tries to infer that the reason Plant Food causes plants to be so violent, is that Plant Food is made from zombies. After the level is beaten, Penny says that from her research Plant Food does not contain zombies or zombie byproducts.

Crazy Dave also notes that plants should not eat zombies, except for Chompers.

The player can be sent to Neon Mixtape Tour and is introduced to jams that vary in different kinds of music that can speed up or slow down zombies and give certain zombies special abilities.

Before the battle in Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 32, Dr. Zomboss tells Crazy Dave that he is in danger above and that he is a fool and so knew him. He then questions Crazy Dave if he shall ever give up and be down. He also tells him that he will run aground and hurt him, he intends to make him cry and means for him to say goodbye and alerts him that he is not really that nice a guy. Crazy Dave is then offended and says "Ouch!" After the level is beaten, Penny exclaims that that was close, with so many timing and rhythm changes and fears that we only have hit a pause on Dr. Zomboss' heinous deal. Dr. Zomboss agrees saying that his next verse is same, but yet worse and goes where they cannot imagine. He then moonwalks and jumps into his portal.

The player can be sent to Jurassic Marsh, where dinosaurs are introduced. They don't harm the plants but they help the zombies reaching the Player's House. After finishing Day 15, the player gets a tiny asteroid which Penny believes to be the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, creating a further speculation that time travelling changes history (in this case resulting in the shrinking of the meteor responsible for the K-T extinction event).

By Day 32, before the battle against the Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur, Dr. Zomboss, out of his epochal infuriation, wonders aloud if he will ever be able to go to any time period where he can avoid the meddling of the player and his company, after which he tells the player that he has a rock scheduled to become their acquaintance. After the level is beaten, Penny detects an incoming meteor, the rock Dr. Zomboss had promised earlier (the real meteor responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, proving Penny's previous theory wrong), after which Crazy Dave bids farewell to the dinosaurs, and, foreshadowing the evolution of the raptors, mutters "You'll be birdies in no time." before he and Penny leave the timeline.

Zomboss, the sore loser of the fight, then proceeds to state that he has no choice but to enact "Project Paradox" (a possible hint that the next world is the last). Before warping out, he then leaves his final, chilling line "I will perceive you soon, fools!"

The player can be sent to the Big Wave Beach and is introduced to water and wet sand, where Lily Pads have to be planted.

Before the initial battle in Big Wave Beach - Day 32, Dr. Zomboss tells you about how that Chomper and Bikini Zombie have been extra cozy lately, making him think that a plant-zombie romance is in bloom and how Chomper has the appetite of a zombie. After the level is beaten, Penny says that Dr. Zomboss was trying to sow "seeds of discontent" with Crazy Dave saying that they're the only ones that are going to "sow the seeds".

The player then arrives to the Modern Day, where Zomboss had already activated Project Paradox and the player has to defeat zombies from every world ultimately discovering the Taco (revealed to be a trap set by Dr. Zomboss) at the end of Day 15. On the next level, the player needs to defeat a horde of Gargantuars from almost every time period.

Before the initial battle of Modern Day - Day 32, Dr. Zomboss tells Crazy Dave that his reckless attempt to re-eat his taco has shattered time, and its up to Zomboss himself to fix it.

Before the initial battle of Modern Day - Day 33, Dr. Zomboss tells Crazy Dave that all of the things he says is the truth, and not an attempt to trick him.

After completing Modern Day - Day 34, a "Taco with a Waffle In It" is rewarded. Crazy Dave, Penny and Dr. Zomboss' dialogues may hint that their mission to consume the taco again is completed.


Icon Area Number of levels Difficulty
PvZ worldPH
Player's House 4 N/A
PvZ worldAE
Ancient Egypt 35 HjalaHjala
PvZ worldPS
Pirate Seas 25 HjalaHjala
PvZ worldWW
Wild West 25 HjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldFC
Frostbite Caves 30 HjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldLC
Lost City 32 HjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldFF
Far Future 25 HjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldDA
Dark Ages 20 HjalaHjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldNMT
Neon Mixtape Tour 32 HjalaHjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldJM
Jurassic Marsh 32 HjalaHjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldBWB
Big Wave Beach 32 HjalaHjalaHjalaHjalaHjala
PvZ worldMD
Modern Day 44 HjalaHjalaHjalaHjalaHjala


Main article: Plants (PvZ2)

Returning plants

New plants

Cameo appearances

A plant marked with " is a confirmed but upcoming plant.

A plant marked with - is only obtained through an an Epic Quest.
A plant marked with * is a money premium plant.
A plant marked with ~ is a gem premium plant.
A plant marked with ' is no longer available for purchase.
A plant marked with † is only found in the Zen Garden.


Main article: Zombies (PvZ2)

Returning zombies

New zombies

Ancient Egypt

Pirate Seas

Wild West

Far Future

Dark Ages

Big Wave Beach

Frostbite Caves

Lost City

Neon Mixtape Tour

Jurassic Marsh

Modern Day



Sound Description
Huge wave sound effects


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  • There is a pun in the title of the game. "It's About Time" is both an idiom for "at last," "the time has come" and also an expression for something that centered on or revolves around time.
  • Ancient Egypt, Dark Ages, Lost City, Jurassic Marsh and Modern Day are the only worlds where sun-producing plants can be unlocked (not including Player's House).
    • Although, in Lost City, the player will unlock the Gold Leaf, a plant that instead of directly producing sun, generates a tile that produces sun.
      • But Gold Leaf can only be used in Lost City.
  • There was a milk carton in the trailer saying that Squash was missing. The brand milk uses the same name of Crazy Dave shop in first game: Twiddydinkies.
  • In the trailer, there is a poem on Crazy Dave's fridge that said "Roses are red, Snow Peas are blue, Zombies are green, and they're coming for you!"
  • In the trailer, there is a photo on Crazy Dave's fridge referencing the Back to the Future movies.
  • In the trailer, there is a cameo of the Day note hanging on the wall.
  • In the old map, one of the levels on the main path (1-8, 2-5 and 3-5) are a small version of the side paths (Mummy Memory, Cannons Away, and Not OK Corral respectively).
  • The time of the present in this game most likely takes time in 2009. This can be proven by the phrase "Stars can help us get back to the year 2009 and your taco", said by Penny. It is likely 2009 was chosen because that was when the original game was released.
    • Nevertheless, in the official trailer we can observe that the newspaper Crazy Dave reads state the date at Monday, July 1, 2013.
  • From the certificate of heroics that hangs on the wall near stairs and from the newspaper that Dave reads, we can deduce that the city where Crazy Dave lives its called "Neighborville". This name is also used in the comic Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon.
  • The newspaper article that talks about how Crazy Dave save the world actually parody the plot of the first Ghostbusters movie. In fact its an exact copy of what its written in the Plot section of Wikipedia article about this movie with small changes in names.
  • According to the trailer the exact date that Crazy Dave travels back in time is October 13, 69 BC. 10:16 (quite probably a.m. since the player arrives in Ancient Egypt in daytime), which correspond to the Ptolemaic Period, the first period of Classical Antiquity Era and not Ancient Egypt.
  • In the 2.1 update's icon, the Shield Zombie wears a brown coat, while all Future Zombies wear red shirts.
  • So far, the only zombies that have been shown on the game's icon are Basic Zombie, Dr. Zomboss, Shield Zombie, Knight Zombie, Wizard Zombie, Snorkel Zombie, Octo Zombie, Cave Zombie, Troglobite, Lost Pilot Zombie, Relic Hunter Zombie, Boombox Zombie, and Jurassic Zombie.
  • Crazy Dave or Penny gives the player a tutorial for every plant that requires being tapped (Coconut Cannon, Magnifying Grass, Banana Launcher, Strawburst, Jack O' Lantern, Escape Root and Missile Toe).
  • The player can now sync their progress using Google+, which can be used to transfer their progress to multiple devices.
  • In the reveal trailer, the part where Crazy Dave flies away into another time is a reference to Back to the Future - Part 1.
    • This movie is also probably the inspiration for Penny, as both pieces of media include the time-traveling vehicle.
  • In the 3.5.1 update, the words in red have become smaller, for example: 'A huge wave of zombies is approaching!' Also, the start-up screen has changed.
    • Also in this update, when pausing the game, the music slowly fades away rather than interrupting it.
      • The Vasebreaker button was now added in the Zen Garden.
  • As of the 3.6.1 update, the words in red: 'Ready! Set! Plant!' were restored to their normal size.
  • The icons for Dark Ages and Big Wave Beach updates are the only world updates in which the number 2's appearance is not based on those said worlds, whereas, in the Far Future update, the number 2 was holographic, in Frostbite Caves, the number 2 was frozen, in Lost City, the number 2 was golden and carved, in Neon Mixtape Tour, the number 2 was styled with neon lights and a neon blue triangle, and in Jurassic Marsh, the number 2 was made from rock.
  • An Android application for Android Wear smart watches released in February 2015 under the name Plants vs. Zombies Watch Face. Its graphics are based on Plants vs. Zombies 2, and it uses Basic Zombie as clock hands.
  • An educational version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 called Use Your Brainz EDU was released on June 17, 2015.
  • Its beta name, Plants vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare became the name of another game in the series without the 2.
  • After the Lawn of Doom 2015 (version 4.1.1) update, Octo Zombies have their own burnt and zapped animation.
  • As of the 4.2.1 update, thawing plants can no longer melt down half-frozen plants.
    • This was corrected in the next update.
  • As of the 4.6.1 update, the plants on the almanac and the seed selection screen had their size doubled.
  • This game had rivaled Bloons Tower Defense 5, a game made by Ninja Kiwi company, since both games gained insane popularity.
  • The level complete music for each world counts as a sound effect. So, if the player turns the sound effect volume down, the player won't hear the level complete music.
  • If the player is in a level where the objective is to not use over the intended amount, and are at maximum plants, and use Plant Food on a plant that self-replicates, like Potato Mine, it will not spawn any plants, similarly to went the board is full.

Differences from Plants vs. Zombies

  • In every world, plants can be planted on the ground without Flower Pots, even though the ground consists of many different materials such as concrete, wood, dirt, metal, stone, sand, ice, a dance floor, and an ancient tile.
  • Unlike the first game, it is a free-to-download game, though it also has IAP (in-app purchases)
  • Mushrooms no longer sleep during the day in this game.
  • The plants not recommended to be used like Grave Buster have not been disabled. However, Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp, Hot Potato, Gold Leaf, Thyme Warp, and Perfume-shroom are the exceptions.
  • All plants except Sun-shroom, Sunflower, Primal Sunflower, Moonflower, Gold Bloom, and Electric Currant require recharging before they can be used at the start of the level, unlike the first game where fast recharging plants are instantly charged the first time.
  • Unlike the first game, the Almanac does not appear on the seed selection screen.
    • However, one can still technically access it through the Zen Garden.
    • This is no longer the case, and the Almanac becomes available on the seed selection screen as of the 5.7.1 update, mainly facilitating the Plant upgrade system.
  • Costumes are introduced. Plants can wear costumes for aesthetic purposes. Players also have the option to switch between or turn off costumes via a tool called the costume changer.
  • In this game, tombstones, instead of zombies spawning from them at the end of the level, they are simply there to block non-lobbed shots. They regain the ability to spawn zombies in Dark Ages during the "Necromancy!" surprise attacks.
  • Potato Mines, Spikeweeds, and other rooted plants can be now planted on Lily Pads. This was changed with the 3.9.1 version.
  • Ultimate Battle and Brainiac Maniac has been brought back from the original game, but slowed down and remixed entirely. They were mixed with different instruments and music genres to match the time the level is set in.
    • Ancient Egypt music uses a harp-like a tone font instead of original stringed instruments.
    • Pirate Seas music uses flutes and accordion.
    • Wild West music uses fiddling, banjo and a remix of Ultimate Battle in the first game.
    • Far Future music uses electrical instruments, and a remix of Ultimate Battle in the first game.
    • Dark Ages music uses maracas, basses, drums, banjos, human sounds, and kazoo.
    • Big Wave Beach music uses guitars, and a little touch of Far Future.
    • Frostbite Caves uses knocking on logs, hooting, knocking on icicles, and many other natural instruments.
    • Lost City music mainly uses pianos, acoustic guitars, and trumpets alongside remixing Frostbite Caves, Ancient Egypt, and Wild West music.
    • Neon Mixtape Tour has unique music. For more info, see jam.
    • Jurassic Marsh uses banjos, harmonica and natural instruments similar to those of the Frostbite Caves music.
    • Modern Day uses a combination of the instruments used for the music of the other worlds.
  • More plants are listed as female in the Almanac than in the first game.
    • Also, until the Jurassic Marsh update, female zombies were introduced into gameplay since the Big Wave Beach update.
  • World Keys are required to access other areas.

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