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This article is about an upcoming part of a Plants vs. Zombies game. The contents may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
For upcoming content in the Chinese version, see Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Upcoming content.

This page lists upcoming content for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Please note that things change over time and some things that are listed now might become scrapped later. For these reasons, the concepts page serves as an archive of scrapped and unused features.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Event

In version 5.0, data for a Plants vs. Zombies Heroes event is present. It is currently scheduled to start on November 2nd, 2016. Several costumes based off of some of the heroes from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, both plants and zombies, are existent in this event (however, as always, only the plant costumes are obtainable). There are 6 new NPCs, in addition to Crazy Dave and Penny, all themed after the heroes from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and each with their own dialogue. The new NPCs are:

There are also special costumes for the zombies, as follows:


2,147,483,647 feet
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{NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{SAY:greenshadow}Face forward, true believers!


{SAY:greenshadow}The battle between plants and zombies has become SUPER-POWERED!


{SAY:greenshadow}Thanks to the Hero-Tron 5000!


{NPC_ENTER:superbrainz}{SAY:superbrainz}Hurrr! ZOMBIEZ R WINNERZ!


{SAY:greenshadow}Gasp! Super Brainz!




{SAY:greenshadow}I just said that!


{SAY:greenshadow}Well, now you face the GREEN SHADOW!


{SAY:greenshadow}It's an epic clash between bloom and doom!

Event 1 Outro


{NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{NPC_ENTER:superbrainz}{SAY:greenshadow} We'll meet again, Super Brainz!



Event 2 Intro


{NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{SAY:greenshadow}Be valiant, little peashooters!


{SAY:greenshadow}Wear your Green Shadow costumes with pride!


{NPC_ENTER:impfinity}{SAY:impfinity}Hee-hee-hee! Hee-hee-hee! HEEEE!


{SAY:greenshadow}IMPFINITY! You multiplying maniac!


{SAY:greenshadow}Laughing more doesn't make it funnier!

Event 3 Intro


{NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{SAY:solarflare}Hi! Good ol' SOLAR FLARE here! Let's get sunny!


{SAY:solarflare}We're gonna see some great costumes today!


{NPC_ENTER:superbrainz}{SAY:superbrainz}MY NAME IS SUPER BRAINZ!


{SAY:solarflare}Uh-oh! Time to light up this bozo!

Event 4 Intro




{NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{SAY:solarflare}Electric Boogaloo! You villainous villain!


{SAY:solarflare}Though I gotta say... I love those flashy duds!

Event 5 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_005_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:wallknight}{SAY:wallknight}...

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_005_INTRO_2] {NPC_ENTER:electricboogaloo}{SAY:electricboogaloo}BOOGALOOOO!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_005_INTRO_3] {SAY:wallknight}...


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_005_INTRO_5] {SAY:wallknight}I'm thinking about crayons!

Event 6 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_006_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:wallknight}{SAY:wallknight}Doop-de-doo, thinkin' about crayons...


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_006_INTRO_3] {SAY:wallknight}Yikes!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_006_INTRO_4] {SAY:wallknight}That can't be healthy!

Event 7 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_007_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{NPC_ENTER:impfinity}{SAY:impfinity}Hee!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_007_INTRO_2] {SAY:impfinity}Hee-hee!


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_007_INTRO_4] {SAY:solarflare}You worry me, Impfinity...

Event 8 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_008_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{SAY:solarflare}When the Hero-Tron 500 exploded, it turned plants and zombies into Heroes... and made a big mess!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_008_INTRO_2] {NPC_ENTER:electricboogaloo}{SAY:solarflare}Stay back, Electric Boogaloo!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_008_INTRO_3] {SAY:solarflare}I won't be charmed by your suave charms!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_008_INTRO_4] {SAY:electricboogaloo}Boo... galooo?

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_008_INTRO_5] {SAY:solarflare}I won't! I can't!

Event 9 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_009_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:superbrainz}{SAY:superbrainz}BRAINZ! That R SUPER!


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_009_INTRO_3] {NPC_ENTER:wallknight}{SAY:wallknight}Knight! That is Wall!


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_009_INTRO_5] {SAY:wallknight}I like this game!

Event 10 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_010_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{NPC_ENTER:superbrainz}{SAY:greenshadow}I knew we'd meet again, Super Brainz!


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_010_INTRO_3] {SAY:greenshadow}Yes, I already... You know what? Forget it.

Event 11 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_011_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{NPC_ENTER:impfinity}{SAY:greenshadow}Where are the missing Hero-Tron 5000 parts, Impfinity?


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_011_INTRO_3] {SAY:greenshadow}That's not an answer!

Event 12 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_012_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:wallknight}{NPC_ENTER:electricboogaloo}{SAY:elecricboogaloo} Electric! BOOGALOO!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_012_INTRO_2] {SAY:wallknight}Hi! Do you like crayons?


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_012_INTRO_4] {SAY:wallknight}But do you like... BLUE crayons?

Event 13 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_013_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:impfinity}{SAY:impfinity}Pssst!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_013_INTRO_2] {SAY:impfinity}We stole the Hero-Tron bits! Yep! Stuck em in my hat!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_013_INTRO_3] {NPC_EXIT:impfinity}{NPC_ENTER:wallknight}{SAY:wallknight}Hi, hi, hi!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_013_INTRO_4] {SAY:wallknight}Did I miss anything?

Event 14 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_014_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{SAY:solarflare}Whew! These zombies are tough customers!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_014_INTRO_2] {SAY:solarflare}They just keep coming! They never stop!


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_014_INTRO_4] {SAY:solarflare}And let's face it... their conversation is not illuminating!

Event 15 Intro

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_1] {NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{SAY:greenshadow}Solar Flare! Did you find the Hero-Tron components?

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_2] {NPC_EXIT:greenshadow}{NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{SAY:solarflare}Nope! Just lots of junk! How about you, Wall-Knight?

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_3] {NPC_EXIT:solarflare}{NPC_ENTER:wallknight}{SAY:wallknight}Hi! I'm Wall-Knight!


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_5] {NPC_EXIT:wallknight}{NPC_ENTER:greenshadow}{SAY:greenshadow}WE KNOW!!!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_6] {NPC_EXIT:greenshadow}{NPC_EXIT:superbrainz}{NPC_ENTER:electricboogaloo}{SAY:electricboogaloo}Whooze ready 2...


[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_8] {NPC_ENTER:solarflare}{SAY:solarflare}Me!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_9] {SAY:solarflare}I mean... never!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_10] {NPC_EXIT:solarflare}{NPC_EXIT:electricboogaloo}{NPC_ENTER:impfinity}{SAY:impfinity} Hee-hee-hee-heeeee!

[NARRATIVE_HEROES_EVENT_015_INTRO_11] {SAY:impfinity}Tune in for more excitement...


{SAY:impfinity}...and check out Plants vs. Zombies HEROES!

Upcoming Costumes

Plants vs Zombies 2 - Unfinished Heroes Costumes Pinata 5 06 and 5 07 2016 (May 6th and May 7th)13:00

Plants vs Zombies 2 - Unfinished Heroes Costumes Pinata 5 06 and 5 07 2016 (May 6th and May 7th)



  • Unusually, Electric Boogaloo has the properties of a Snorkel Zombie, yet he walks like a Basic Zombie.
  • The lawn for the event has pieces of the broken Hero-Tron 5000.
  • The event having been delayed numerous times is very likely due to the delay on the worldwide release of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, which this event is tied to.


Parsnip is an upcoming premium plant found in the code. It is set to appear in the 2016 Food Fight! event. It costs 150 sun. It attacks zombies in a short range. It can also push zombies back when fed Plant Food.


Parsnip is based on the parsnip vegetable, which is a root plant closely related to the carrot. Its name also refers to the fact it has claw similar to that of a crustacean.


Missile Toe

Missile Toe is an upcoming premium plant found in the code. It is set to appear in the 2016 Feastivus event. It acts like a Banana Launcher but it can slow down zombies as an added effect. It costs 500 sun to plant.


It is a portmanteau on missile and mistletoe.


Arcade Machine

The arcade machine appears to be a new mode where the player gets to play minigames. According to the sprites, the known minigames appear to be Vasebreaker, Wall-nut Bowling or Column Like You See 'Em and a Pac-Man resembling minigame, with the head of a Chomper being Pac-Man. 8-Bit Zombie's sprites are also featured in the sprites for the Arcade Machine, suggesting that 8-Bit Zombie will be featured in some of these minigames. Bonk Choy sprites can also be seen, so it may appear in Vasebreaker mode.



  • The sprites that are found in the code are likely low quality to replicate 8-bit arcade systems.
  • The Arcade Machine is most likely based on, or is one of, the arcade machines that the Arcade Zombie pushes.
  • The icon of this mode will replace the icon of Vasebreaker.
  • The 8-bit scheme may be a reference to the nostalgia of the first game, having its original mini-games, though, the 8-bit may be an exaggeration of how long ago the first game was, giving it a retro feel.


There is currently data for a jukebox in the code. It is unknown how or where it can be played, however, it could provide a way to listen to the game's soundtrack.

Resources†ý...UI_PauseMenu..UI_DangerRoomþ, which suggests it could be played in the pause menu or Endless Zones.

It also has UI but has no currently no textures.


This suggests it has a Song List, Backwards Button, Forward Button, Play Button, Loop Button, and Shuffle Button.


It also appears they will have album artwork.

Plant Leveling System

In the code of the game, there is currently data to level up plants once they gain enough XP. The plants that had code for leveling up as of version 4.7.1 were Sunflower, Peashooter, Wall-nut, Cabbage-pult, Bloomerang, Thyme Warp and Intensive Carrot. Data for Repeater, Twin Sunflower, Grave Buster and Bonk Choy was also added in 4.8.1, bringing the total amount of plants with leveling up data to 11. In the 5.0.1 update, data was added for all Pirate Seas and Wild West plants, as well as Sun-shroom, bringing the total to 27. Later on, data was added for every other plant except Imitater and Magnet-shroom. Additionally, the ability to level up plants using coins was also added.

For more information, see here and here.


Plant and Zombie Changes


It has been found that Imitater will now turn into gray versions of plants, like the original game. If a gray plant is damaged, it will appear colored for a split second. If it dies and is resurrected by Intensive Carrot, it will then be in color.

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