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For upcoming content in the Chinese version, see Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Upcoming content.

This page lists upcoming content for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Please note that things change over time, and that some things listed now might become scrapped later. For these reasons, the concepts page serves as an archive of past features.


Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 8.42.26 PM

The icon for Battlez

Battlez is a new multiplayer mode that will pit players against each other. It includes leagues, multiple new currencies, and allows players to choose avatars based on various plants and zombies to represent themselves. Players have to have a certain number of plants to unlock Battlez, and players need a solid internet connection to use Battlez.

How Battlez works

Battlez pits two player at a time against each other in matches. Each player must use an army of plants to defeat zombies as quickly as possible. Every zombie defeated gives a player points, depending on how far from the house the zombie was defeated. The players have a certain time limit to battle, but an additional 30 seconds can be purchased with Gems, and 10 seconds via ads. The player who has the highest score wins, and receives a new currency called Crowns, and win streaks reward more Crowns.

Battlez categorises players into leagues, depending on the number of Crowns they have. The leagues (from lowest to highest) are: Soil, Wood, Brick, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Jade, and Crystal. All new players automatically start in Copper league. Crowns allow players to gain a higher place on the leaderboard of their respective leagues, with the top 5 players being promoted to the next league.

There are also two other new currencies: Tickets and Gauntlets. Tickets can be used to purchase plants, though only for the current profile. However, it's unknown what Gauntlets are used for. The player can buy more Tickets and Gauntlets, most likely with real money. Players can also watch ads to receive free Gauntlets.

Dialogue and various text

Unlocking Battlez

(Crazy Dave and Penny appear)

Penny: User Dave. I have detected a new rift opening. We are now able to access "Battlez."

Crazy Dave: Battlez?! That sounds like an arborena of gardening warfare!

Penny: Battlez will allow us to demonstrate our planting prowess for prestige and prizes.

Crazy Dave: That's a lot of peas! That's how I know it's good.

(They leave)

How to Play Battlez

Defeat zombies to score points. Score more than your opponent before time runs out to win!

Zombies get more difficult and more valuable as you defeat them quickly. The further from your house they fall, the more you'll score!

Joust matches reward Crowns, Win Streaks reward bonus Crowns. Earn as many Crowns as you can to climb to the top of your leaderboard!

Place in the top 5 of your leaderboard for a promotion into a more competitive league with better rewards, and more challenging opponents.

(Info ends)




  • Battlez is themed after the medieval time period. Most specifically, it is themed after jousting, a sport that was first played in medieval times.
  • With the addition of Battlez, players will be unable to create multiple accounts.

Icy Currant

This plant has been found in the game's code. In the International Version, there is only one texture for it, being its seed packet image, showing that it appears to be an ice version of Electric Currant. But this plant appeared first  in the Chinese Version.


New Vasebreaker levels

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Three new levels of Far Future, Dark Ages, and Big Wave Beach Vasebreaker have been added to the code, though specifics are currently unknown.


Specific to Far Future and Dark Ages Vasebreaker

  • The Vasebreaker levels for Far Future and Dark Ages have been in the game  since a very early version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.




There is currently a data for the jukebox in the code. It is unknown how it works or where it can be played. However, it could provide a way to listen to the game's soundtrack.


The code suggests that it can be played in the pause menu and Endless Zones. It also has UI but currently has no textures.


This suggests it has a Song List, Rewind Button, Fast Forward Button, Play Button, Loop Button, and Shuffle Button.


It also appears they will have album artwork for every world.

Dark Ages additional levels

Dark Ages is getting 10 new levels as well with its own new zombies. As of the release of Pirate Seas Days 26-35, the player can see empty slots for these three new zombies in the Almanac. It appears that there will be a new variant of Brickhead Zombie, a Rally Zombie variant for Dark Ages and an upgraded version of Wizard Zombie. These slots have since been removed.


  • Dark Ages will now have two zombies with machined protection, similar to Jurassic Marsh.



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