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This article is about an upcoming part of a Plants vs. Zombies game. The contents may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
"The future's not what it used to be!
There's more of it!"
This article is about upcoming or scrapped features in the respective game. Do not add false information. If you do, it may result in a warning or even a block.
For upcoming content in the Chinese version, see Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)/Upcoming content.

This page lists upcoming content for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Please note that things change over time, and that some things listed now might become scrapped later. For these reasons, the concepts page serves as an archive of past features.

Icy Currant

This plant has been found in the game's code. There is a texture for it, in which it appears to be an ice variant of Electric Currant. It is currently unknown what it does.



New Vasebreaker levels

Three new levels of Big Wave Beach Vasebreaker have been added to the code.


  • This makes it the third world to have unused Vasebreaker levels, after Far Future and Dark Ages.
  • This would be the first world to have a vase breaker with water.

Arcade Machine

The arcade machine appears to be a new mode where the player gets to play minigames. According to the sprites, the known minigames appear to be Vasebreaker, Wall-nut Bowling or Column Like You See 'Em and a Pac-Man resembling minigame, with the head of a Chomper being Pac-Man. 8-Bit Zombie's sprites are also featured in the sprites for the Arcade Machine, suggesting that 8-Bit Zombie will be featured in some of these minigames. Bonk Choy sprites can also be seen, so it may appear in Vasebreaker mode or Column Like You See 'Em.


  • The sprites that are found in the code are likely low quality to replicate 8-bit arcade systems.
  • The Arcade Machine is most likely based on, or is one of, the arcade machines that the Arcade Zombie pushes.
  • The icon of this mode will replace the icon of Vasebreaker.
  • The 8-bit scheme may be a reference to the nostalgia of the first game, having its original mini-games, though, the 8-bit may be an exaggeration of how long ago the first game was, giving it a retro feel.


There is currently data for a jukebox in the code. It is unknown how it works or where it can be played, however, it could provide a way to listen to the game's soundtrack.

Resources†ý...UI_PauseMenu..UI_DangerRoomþ, which suggests it could be played in the pause menu or Endless Zones.

It also has UI but currently has no textures.


This suggests it has a Song List, Rewind Button, Fast Forward Button, Play Button, Loop Button, and Shuffle Button.


It also appears they will have album artwork for every world.

Pirate Seas additional levels

In the code, there are 10 new levels for Pirate Seas as well as new zombies. These levels are currently confirmed as you can see blank slots in the Zombies' section of the Almanac March 15 2017 onwards. They will either come on the next update or the one after.

Barrelhead Zombie

New 4
Barrelhead Zombie will be a variant of Brickhead Zombie for Pirate Seas. He uses a piece of a broken barrel for protection.

Almanac entry

Barrelhead Zombie's keg-like hat provides augmented protection.

Dredged from the deepest of seas, Barrelhead Zombie's barrel is a high-quality cask that fits just a bit too snugly.

Pelican Zombie

New 5

Pelican Zombie will be an upgrade of Seagull Zombie.

Almanac entry

Pelican Zombie crosses water without a plank and flies over low plants.

Special: floats over low plants

The Pelican Zombie upgraded from the Seagull Zombie and has no regrets. No egrets, either. Just a pelican.


  • An egret is a type of bird.
  • Pelican Zombie is the second zombie that is an upgrade of a flying zombie. The first being Blastronaut Zombie.

Jolly Roger Zombie

Jolly Roger Zombie is a variant of Rally Zombie for Pirate Seas.
New 6

Jolly Roger Zombie's almanac icon

Almanac entry

Jolly Roger Zombie marks the arrival of lots and lots of zombies.

Jolly Roger Zombie and his flag are fused together into a single brain-munching unit. Their teamwork is an inspiration to ghouls everywhere.


  • It is the only Rally Zombie so far not to have the word "rally" in his name.
  • According to the files, Jolly Roger Zombie's sprites are in Pirate Zombie and his variants sprite sheet, unlike Rally Zombie.

Zombot Plank Walker Almanac

Zombot Plank Walker 2.0

The new Zombot for Pirate Seas.

It will appear on Pirate Seas Day 35.

Jurassic Marsh additional levels

Jurassic Marsh is getting 10 new levels as well with its own new zombies.

Amberhead Zombie

New 7
Amberhead Zombie will be a variant of Brickhead Zombie for Jurassic Marsh.

Almanac entry

Amberhead Zombie's head-engulfing ball of amber provides hardened protection.

If you were to extract DNA from the Amberhead Zombie and combine it with the DNA of a frog, you'd be breaking the law at some point.


  • The almanac entry references the movie series Jurassic Park, as in the first movie, a mosquito that bites a dinosaur gets stuck in amber, then many years later, humans found the preserved mosquito and combined the dinosaur DNA inside the mosquito with a frog/toad's and brought dinosaurs back from extinction.
  • Even though Jurassic Marsh has a zombie with machined protection named Jurassic Fossilhead, another zombie is made with machined protection.
    • The reason of this is that Jurassic Fossilhead is just similar to Knight Zombie and Blockhead Zombie, while Amberhead Zombie is a variant of Brickhead Zombie, who has higher health than the previously three zombies, which is close to Robo-Cone Zombie's.
    • This is most likely due to the lack of zombies with special abilities present in the world, as dinosaurs fulfill that role.
    • The "Sap Spawn" Surprise Attack introduced in the Far Future level additions may also allude to this zombie, as amber is created from tree sap. This zombie could possibly be spawned from this ambush only, similar to Lost Pilot Zombies.

Jurassic Rockpuncher

Jurassic Rockpuncher is an upgraded version of Jurassic Bully.
New 8

Almanac entry

Jurassic Rockpuncher pummels plants with rocks tied to his hands.

Somebody tied rocks to Jurassic Rockpuncher's hands. Being unable to remove them (because he had rocks tied to his hands), he was left with no choice but to roll with it.

Jurassic Rally Zombie

New 9
Jurassic Rally Zombie will be a variant of Rally Zombie for Jurassic Marsh.

Almanac entry

Jurassic Rally Zombie marks the arrival of large group of zombies.

Where did Jurassic Rally Zombie get his fancy new flag? Nobody knows. It's a mystery. The police should look into it. Or maybe we could get a fund together and hire a detective. It's a real puzzle.


  • His almanac entry references how his flag looks like Rally Zombie's, only changing the handles (bones instead of wood).

Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur 2.0

The new Zombot for Jurassic Marsh.

Wild West Additional Levels

Carthead Zombie

Carthead Zombie's first degrade

Wild West is also getting its own new levels. There are two zombies confirmed right now, namely the Carthead Zombie and the Cowboy Rally Zombie. There are currently two unconfirmed zombies, which are the Rodeo Legend Zombie and Zombot War Wagon 2.0.

Carthead Zombie will be a variant of Brickhead Zombie, Cowboy Rally Zombie will be the Rally Zombie variant for Wild West, and Rodeo Legend Zombie will be an upgrade of Zombie Bull.

New Store Sprites

There will also be new store sprites. There will be a new sprite order and sprouts and costumes would be available for purchase again.

Dark Ages Additional Levels

There is code for 10 more Dark Ages levels. There is not much known about them besides three new zombies. It appears that there will be a new variant of Brickhead Zombie, a Rally Zombie variant for Dark Ages and an upgraded Wizard Zombie.


  • Dark Ages will now have 2 machined protection zombies, similar to Jurassic Marsh.

Jurassic Marsh Lawn Change

In 6.0.1 beta version's Jurassic Marsh - Day 42, the lawn's color is changed, and looks like the Chinese Version now.

Moongrains Music

In 6.0.1's obb, there was a new music track added. The music's melody is similar to Moongrains (The Night music in Plants vs. Zombies). It is unknown what it will be used for.

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