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Pvz last stand

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Plants vs. Zombies: The Last Stand is an arcade machine game where the player plays as a Peashooter in a first-person view and gets to fire at the zombies. The player only has one life before they need to insert another coin. Crazy Dave is the guide.


The player selects their initials, and are then greeted by Crazy Dave, who shows the mechanics of the game. The player can then pick from a few places to battle the zombies, such as a lawn or a grocery store market.


The only plant featured in the game is the Peashooter. However, the player can get more boosts to upgrade it to either a Fire Peashooter or a Snow Pea. However, other plants are shown, but are not playable, such as Sunflower and Chomper.


The Zombies from this game are all from the first game: