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Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon is a book published by PopCap Games. Two new characters, Nate Timely, a young explorer, and Patrice Blazing, the niece of Crazy Dave, make their first appearance in this book. The sequel to this book is Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse.


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The content in this section contains spoilers. If you have not seen the content yet, and do not wish to spoil it for yourself, then do not read on.

In a town named Neighborville, a worker inspects the sewers after many complaints about strange noises coming from them. He cannot seem to find anything until the wall cracks and a horde of zombies emerge from it. The zombies climb out of the sewer and begin terrorizing the citizens.

At the same time, Nate Timely returns home to his backyard treehouse, only to find out that there is something or someone inside. When the person turns out to be Patrice Blazing, who was inspecting his treehouse, Nate attacks her, only for Patrice to punch him in self-defense. After introducing themselves, Nate remarks that something strange is going on, right before a zombie enters the treehouse. They fend it off and realize that the whole yard is overrun by zombies. Swinging to the next yard via rope, the two are attacked again, but the zombies are fended off by Peashooters, something that they has a hard time believing. Patrice is convinced that her uncle will be able to help them, and leads them to his house, which Nate remembers as Crazy Dave's house. Turns out, Patrice's uncle is Crazy Dave, who rescues them and introduces them to his army of plants. Meanwhile, the zombies continue terrorizing the town.

Nate then hatches a plan to use the plants to defeat the zombies. Crazy Dave makes it a point that none of the plants have ever seen zombies, which means that they have to bring back the currently-fighting plants that Crazy Dave has been infusing the town with. Nate and Patrice set off to find them, but Nate has some trouble until the wild plants help him. Meanwhile, Patrice gets attacked by a Yeti Zombie, only to be "rescued" by Bungee Zombies, whom she quickly dispatches. Patrice then finds the bulk of the Sunflowers to power the rest of the plants, while Nate gets his plants easily destroyed by several Gargantuars until a couple of Squashes defeat them. Nate then follows their footsteps until he finds Dr. Zomboss, the leader of the zombies, operating a strange machine. Patrice rejoins him and speculates that the machine will create a giant cloud to block the sun and sap the plants of their strength. Heading back to Crazy Dave's house, he tells them that there is a wind machine at his abandoned family mansion (and also that he can build a life-sized fire-breathing T-Rex). After a failed attempt to use Blovers to blow the cloud away, the pair decide to head to the mansion and activate the machine.

En route, they are attacked by zombies, but cannot fend them off due to the lack of sunlight. Crazy Dave arrives and saves them by running over the zombies in his car, then gives them a ride to the mansion (the Squash drove because Dave had to go off in search of telepathic squirrels). Once there, they are attacked by more zombies, but make it to the top, where they are confronted by another Gargantuar, which they defeat by collapsing the ground under it, causing it to fall off the mansion. Activating the machine, they blow away the cloud and the sun empowers all the plants, whom they lead downtown to turn the tide on the zombies. However, the zombies retaliate violently, and Patrice notices how Zomboss is commanding them effectively. She then laments how they need somebody with brains on their side, too.

Crazy Dave then arrives, having actually built the fire-breathing T. Rex, and decimates the zombie horde. Turning the tables back on the zombies, they defeat them and force them to retreat, saving Neighborville. Celebrating their victory, they have a pancake meal, but Zomboss leaves a letter, noting their resistance and vowing to return later to take over the town and eat their brains.


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Note: This preview only show the 10 first pages of the first issue of the story.



  • On page 62, panel 2, a parody of the elevator scene in Gangnam Style can be seen.
  • Lawnmageddon is a portmanteau of "lawn" and "armageddon."