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Lawn of Doom Cover

The graphic novel's cover

Plants vs. Zombies: Lawn of Doom is the second graphic novel about the Plants vs. Zombies series that was published on October 11th, 2017. It was available to pre-order for $9.99 on[1] While the plot is unknown, the story is set on Halloween, and is centered around the Lawn of Doom event.

Book information

  • Writer: Paul Tobin
  • Artists: Ron Chan, Matthew J. Rainwater
  • Colorist: Matthew J. Rainwater
  • Cover Artist: Ron Chan
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor
  • Number of Pages: 88

Shop description

"Halloween in Neighborville is weird enough, but now Zomboss and his zombie army want to turn the holiday into their own scarier Lawn of Doom celebration! With Zomboss filling everyone's yards with traps and special zombies, Crazy Dave, Patrice, Nate, and a batch of brave, boisterous plants fight back in contests of best tricks, best treats, and best costumes!

  • All-new original graphic novel!"


Note: This preview only shows the 10 first pages of the story.



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