Plants vs. Zombies: Grown Sweet Home[1] is the fourth installment of Plants vs. Zombies comic books. It is the sequel of the first three comic books. It was released in stores on September 16, 2015. The story involves the plants moving into Crazy Dave's Mansion. The book also includes five sub-stories: Chestbeard's revenge, A Day In the Life(ish) of A Zombie, The Zombie That Was Afraid of the Dark, Know Your Zombie Holidays, and The Development of the Balloon Zombie.


A new story arc begins! A group of young plants move out of Crazy Dave’s garage and into his huge family mansion in Neighborville. But why is Dr. Zomboss spying on them? Artist Andie Tong joins writer Paul Tobin for this three-issue arc! Bonus stories by Karim Friha!


Comic preview

Note: This preview only show the 10 first pages in the first issue of the story.


  • Grown Sweet Home is a reference to the phrase "home sweet home."
  • On page 69 During the "Chestbeard's revenge" portion of the book, there is a never-before seen eggplant plant.