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List of upcoming content for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Laser Goat

The Laser Goat is an extremely unfinished character that is only obtainable through hacking. It is on both the plants and the zombies' side. It has green armor if it's on the plants' side, and dark purple armor if it's on the zombies' side. It can jump high and even has a double jump like the Imp. You can actually see this character in-game currently, but only when someone hacks it in. Only one player, Lop0l0v3r (a player who is famously known for hacking Garden Warfare), has ever been known to have hacked it in. Therefore, it is extremely rare to see. Its primary weapon currently has an unfinished name, reading "ID_CUS_H_WEAPON_LASERGOAT_PRIMARY" when vanquished by it. Its icon, sounds, and projectiles are the same as Hover Goat-3000's, possibly meaning that it could be an unfinished variant or just that PopCap forgot to remove the beta version in the code.


  • Damage Buff Booster Beam
  • Healing Gearshifter -An ability that heals teammates nearby
  • Mech-Assault -An ability that tosses a grenade that explodes and deals 10 damage


Upcoming abilities

Mood Shield

A version of the Peel Shield that has double health at 150 and changes color from blue to green at 50 damage and then to red at 100 damage. Note that this variant last much shorter than the Peel Shield though they have identical cooldowns.

Unknown alternate Goatify

Unknown what it does.


An alternate ability for the Shuck Shot, it fires 6 rockets in quick succession, similar to the Multi-Rocket and can do a maximum of 183 concentrated damage. Note that the projectiles themselves appear to move slightly slower and they have the same cooldown.

Bling Gatling

An alternate ability for the Pea Gatling, the Bling Gatling is a reskin of its alternate ability, the Retro Gatling.

Red Artichoke

A variation of the Artichoke Drone that moves faster, has 3 "Red Corn" strikes, but it only has five health. Its primary weapon is Artichoke Hearts, which is the same as Artichoke Drone but it can fire for a considerably longer time than its counterparts despite dealing lower damage per shot. It appears to also have increased attack speed as well.

Red Artichoke's Corn Strike

The Corn Strike that Red Artichoke uses will drop 3 red-tinted explosive cobs. This attack does significantly lower damage though the cobs explode together and the cooldown is shorter.

Dark Garlic Drone

A variation of the Garlic Drone, the Dark Garlic Drone is not able to consistently fire, but has a semi automatic method. The shots it fires deal increased damage and have small splash damage. Its primary weapon is Dark Garlic.

Dark Garlic Drone's Corn Strike

The explosions are delayed though they seem to deal more damage than the normal Corn Strike.

Unknown spike ability

Unknown what it does. It will be for Cactus, and it could be a direct ability that replaces the drone if applied, or an ability that makes up for the Corn Strike on the Dark Garlic Drone. From its design, it's possible that it is a scrapped Cactus ability from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Bling Maiden

The bling version of the Iron Maiden.

Matrix Tallnut

A variation of the Tallnut Battlement that allows storage of up to 5 and also regenerates health.

Unknown sprint ability for Torchwood

An ability for the Torchwood that acts similarly to the All-Star's Sprint Tackle ability, the Torchwood will rush forward and knockback any Zombies in his path. It is unknown which standard ability this will replace.

Looty Booty Barrel Blast

The bling version of the Barrel Blast.

Future Parrot Pal

An alternate ability for the Parrot Pal. It has 20 health, and deals more damage than the standard Parrot Pal. Its primary weapon is the Parrot Pulse, like its vanilla counterpart.

Future Parrot Pal's Eggsplosion

Does less damage than the normal Eggsplosion, but has a larger radius. Its name ends with "Cannon"

Unknown alternate Cannon Rodeo ability

It could be an alternate ability or just a scrapped icon to exit the Cannon Rodeo.

Armored Bling Station

The bling version of the Armored Heal Station. It was discovered through a glitch where it could be applied, but in-game it would just have the "locked ability" symbol, and could not be used.

Laser Goat's abilities

See here

Unknown alternate Big Bolt Blaster

This ability is unknown but it used the normal Big Bolt Blaster as it's icon as a placeholder.


Legendary items

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There have been many legendary hats found within the game.


Imitater is an upcoming boss hunt in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It will hop around the map until it finds a player, and then it will spin around, creating shockwaves that transform into other bosses.


Legs and arms are not shown in-game