There are a lot of Easter eggs in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, they will be listed here.

Human Imp

Human imp

Human Imp

It can be found around the rooftop on Main Street. It is on a billboard closest to the roof. On the board there is a pale skinned Imp-looking human.



SpongeBob Easter egg

It can be found in Driftwood Shores. Near the second garden, there is a sign called "Porous Bob's" with a font that represents the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. The sign even says that the shop sells neck ties, which is one of the clothing items SpongeBob wears.


It can be found in the woods of Zomboss Estate. An update was added to him in the Tactical Taco Party DLC where he got eaten by a Chomper.
Slender Man Gets CHOMPED! - PvZ Garden Warfare EASTER EGG PC Update

Slender Man Gets CHOMPED! - PvZ Garden Warfare EASTER EGG PC Update


In Jewel Junction, a poster with a Minecraft TNT block on it can be found. It is near where the train is.

Also one of the shops near the left side of the junction is called Percy's Crafting Table.

Bugs Bunny

In Sharkbite Shores, a small ticket stand can be found with the words "What's Up Dock?" on it.
BUGS BUNNY EASTER EGG! - PvZ Garden Warfare (HD)-0

BUGS BUNNY EASTER EGG! - PvZ Garden Warfare (HD)-0

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

In Driftwood Shores, at the Marina base, the large red ship has the words 'King of the Red Dandelions' on the side of it as in 'King of the Red Lions' from the game. There is also a silhouette of Outset Island in the ocean if you look closely behind the boat.

Giant Shark

In Port Scallywag, head in the ship and to the front where you will find a photo booth. Press up taunt, down taunt, left taunt and right taunt simultaneously until the camera flashes. Afterward, immediately leave the ship and look out to the ocean to see a giant shark emerge from the water before sinking down again. This is probably a reference to Battlefield 4, where a similar thing happens on a map called Nansha Strike, where you can find a buoy gathering 10 people around it triggers a Megalodon jumping and killing everyone on the buoy.
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