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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Plants vs. zombies Garden Warfare cover


PopCap Games


Third Person Shooter


Xbox 360
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4

Release date:

February 25, 2014 (Xbox One and Xbox 360 American Release)
February 28, 2014 (Xbox One and Xbox 360 Europe Release)
June 24, 2014 (PC)
August 19, 2014 (PS4 American Release)

Engine used:

Frostbite 3

USK Rating:


ESRB Rating:

Everyone 10+

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a third person shooter game recently released by PopCap Games.

It was first heard on EA's E3 press-conference 2013 on June 10th. The trailer and gameplay were shown. The game was released on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One on February 25 in North America and February 28 in Europe. A PC release came out on June 24, 2014, and a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 release is said to come out on August 18, 2014.


Dig into the trenches with an explosive new action experience. Enter a massive, mind-blowing PvZ world where plants and zombies are battle-ready troops in epic new challenges. Join forces with friends in Garden Ops, or choose your side in “Gardens & Graveyards” Multiplayer. Get ready for the next generation of PvZ action and sow the seeds of victory!


  • Powerful character classes for both plants and zombies
  • Choose your side, plants or zombies, in 24-player online battles
  • Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode
  • Personalize your favorite plants and zombies with hundreds of unique items and customizations
  • Over 10 unique multiplayer and cooperative battlegrounds

Game Modes


Main article: Plants (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare)


Main article: Zombies (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare)

Rank System

Main article: Rank System


Garden Ops/Team Vanquish/Gnome Bomb/Vanquish Confirmed

Welcome Mat

Gardens & Graveyards

The zombies must enter a cannon and launch themselves to the Mega Sunflower Lighthouse, trying to destroy it while trying to dodge fire from the Flax Cannon .

The zombies must go to the Tactical Cuke and arm four bombs, while dodging giant explosive corn cobs being shot by the Corn Mortars.

Get five zombies into the mansion, while Tallnut Cannons are shooting Giant Wall-nuts down the street killing both plants and zombies.

Plants defend a giant cactus signaling the 18th hole in golf, the zombies must defend the golf-bomb while pushing it till it goes in.


Reviews of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare















Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has recieved mixed reviews from critic websites. Some reviews praise it in its lighthearted, team-based, and comical aspects, but others criticize its lack of diversity and content. Many reviews also praised for its strong balance between the varied classes, enough so that none feel over-powered or weak. However, the greatest common problem among reviewers is its lack of diversity from other shooters available at the time of release. 


  • The title "Garden Warfare" parodies Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • The title of this game was originally going to be the title of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.
  • According to the trailer, Sunflower now has offensive capabilities and the mushrooms are no longer nocturnal. Although a few of them are stronger at nightime maps. 
  • Scaredy-shroom was going to be a playable character, but it's cancelled. It was replaced with Cactus (which wasn't even in the game).
  • Even if the All-Star Zombies and the Engineer Zombies are considered as new zombies, they might be Football Zombies and Digger Zombies that picked weapons.
  • Coincidentally, the four main plant classes are on the loading screen of the original Plants vs. Zombies.
  • This is the first game in where the Sunflower is an offensive plant.
  • The Giga Gargantuar is now dressed in black and wears sunglasses. This also applies to its Giga Imp.
    • It's still possible to view the Giga Gargantuar's red eyes from the side however.
  • This is the only game where the zombies do not try to eat your brains.
    • However, on Team Vanquish Mode, when the plants reach 40 vanquishes, Dr. Zomboss will say: "The Plants only need 10! Don't you want brains?"
    • Its probably possible that Dr. Zomboss feeds the zombie brains as a snack for winning against the Plants.
  • There is an Easter Egg in the Garden Center map. If the player selects the Cactus and find a wall with sheets of paper on them, he or she can blast away the debris in front of the wall and then use the Cactus' super aim to see some entertaining notes. One says "Achievement Hunters needed." This is a reference to the YouTube channel also named "achievement hunters." It even has their logo on the sheet. Another sheet says "What does the fox say?", a nod to the song "The Fox."
  • There is another Easter Egg that if you are in Zomboss Estate and you look behind the thin trees, Slenderman can be seen. However, he cannot be killed.
  • There is another Easter Egg in Chomp Town. When you find a bulletin and used snipe, you will see that Zombie Yeti is Wanted.
    • There is also one paper that says someone has been stealing roadcones.
  • In Chomp Town, you can find an spray in one wall that says "All your brainz r belong to us", a reference to the internet meme "All your base are belong to us".
  • Every Imp in this game blows up.


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