Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
The third-person shooter sequel to Plants vs. Zombies
First released on February 25, 2014

Not to be confused with the comic with the same name.
Shooters just got weird.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a third person shooter game released by PopCap Games.

It was first heard on EA's E3 press conference on June 10th, 2013, in which the trailer and gameplay were shown. The game was released on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One on February 25 in North America and February 28 in Europe in 2014. A PC release came out on June 24, 2014, and a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4 release came out on August 18, 2014. It is followed by Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, another third person shooter made by PopCap Games.


"Dig into the trenches with an explosive new action experience. Enter a massive, mind-blowing PvZ world where plants and zombies are battle-ready troops in epic new challenges. Join forces with friends in Garden Ops, or choose your side in “Gardens & Graveyards” Multiplayer. Get ready for the next generation of PvZ action and sow the seeds of victory!"


  • Powerful character classes for both plants and zombies
  • Choose your side, plants or zombies, in 24-player online battles
  • Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode
  • Personalize your favorite plants and zombies with hundreds of unique items and customizations
  • Over 10 unique multiplayer and cooperative battlegrounds

Update history

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Game modes


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Rank system

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Welcome Mat/Garden Ops/Team Vanquish/Gnome Bomb/Vanquish Confirmed!/Suburbination/Taco Bandits

Note: Maps during the Taco Bandits gameplay feature additional platforms to help players aiming

Gardens & Graveyards

The zombies must enter a cannon and launch themselves to the Mega Sunflower Lighthouse, trying to destroy it while dodging fire from the Flax Cannon.

The zombies must go to the Tactical Cuke and arm four bombs, while dodging giant explosive corn cobs being shot by the Corn Mortars.

Get five zombies into the mansion, while Tallnut Cannons are shooting Tallnuts down the street killing both plants and zombies.

Plants defend a giant cactus signaling the 18th hole in golf, the zombies must defend the golf-bomb while pushing it until it goes in.


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Easter eggs

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Concepts and upcoming features

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Critical reception

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has received mixed reviews from critic websites. Some reviews praise it in its lighthearted, team-based, and comical aspects, but others criticize its lack of diversity and content. Many reviews also praised for its strong balance between the varied classes, enough so that none feel over-powered or weak. However, the greatest common problem among reviewers is its lack of diversity from other shooters available at the time of release.


As of November 23, 2015, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has over 8 million confirmed players. [1]


Sound Description
GW soundtrack
Main menu soundtrack


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  • The title "Garden Warfare" parodies Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Sunflower now has offensive capabilities and the mushrooms are no longer nocturnal, although a few of them are stronger at nighttime maps.
  • Even if the All-Star and the Engineer are considered as new zombies, they are based on Football Zombie and Digger Zombie respectively.
  • Coincidentally, the four main plant classes are on the loading screen of the original Plants vs. Zombies.
  • This is the first game where the Sunflower is an offensive plant.
  • The Giga Gargantuar is now dressed in black and wears sunglasses. This also applies to its Giga Imp.
    • It is still possible to view the Giga Gargantuar's red eyes from the side however.
  • This game and its sequel are the only games where the zombies do not attempt to eat your brains.
    • However, in Team Vanquish Mode on the zombies' team, when the plants reach 40 vanquishes, Dr. Zomboss will say: "The Plants only need 10! Don't you want brains?"
  • Every Imp in this game utilizes an ability to explode on contact with player or surface.
  • There is an Easter Egg in the Garden Center map. If the player selects the Cactus and finds a wall with sheets of paper on them, he or she can blast away the debris in front of the wall and then use the Cactus' super aim to see some entertaining notes. One says "Achievement Hunters needed." This is a reference to the YouTube channel also named "achievement hunters." It even has their logo on the sheet. Another sheet says "What does the fox say?", a nod to the song "The Fox."
  • There is another Easter egg in Driftwood Shores in the marina area. On a red boat along the side of the area, it is shown that the name of the boat is "The King of Red Dandelions" this is a reference to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in which the boat is called "The King of Red Lions".
  • There is another reference to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in the marina area of Driftwood shores, if one looks at the background behind the boats to the side of the map, Outset island from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is visible.
  • There is another Easter egg that if one is in Zomboss Estate and you look behind the thin trees, Slender Man can be seen.
    • On consoles Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Slenderman can be seen standing still in the bushes.
    • On the PC version, Slenderman can be seen being eaten by a Chomper.
  • There is another Easter Egg in Chomp Town. When the player finds a bulletin and used snipe, he or she will see that Zombie Yeti is Wanted.
    • There is also one paper that says someone has been stealing road cones. It is likely that one or more Conehead Zombies did this, as Conehead Zombies wear road cones on their head.
  • In Chomp Town, one can find an spray in one wall that says "All your brainz r belong to us", a reference to the internet meme "All your base are belong to us".
  • In the PC version, if the player goes to Zomboss Estate where Slenderman is, it shows a Chomper swallowing Slenderman. Neither the Chomper nor Slenderman are affected by damage.
    • Another Easter egg is on Sharkbite Shores  where a sign on a building reads "Whats Up Dock?" This is a pun of Bugs Bunny's catchphrase, "What's up, doc?".
    • The Chomper does not look really like the Chomper class in Garden Warfare, but instead more like one from the original game.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for PC was free to play from 8/15/2014 to 8/25/2014 in Origin.
  • In the official E3 trailer, the player can see plants and zombies fighting each other and drones flying. Not only that, the player can also hear the "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from the other games, especially the ordinary zombie growl, "Brains..."
    • Also in the trailer, the word "Garden Warfare" is black and white.
    • The Sombrero Bean Bomb yells out "Andale!" and "Arriba!" after thrown by the Peashooter and is about to blow up the Gargantuar, but the bean's voice is squeaky.
    • The Sunflower's Sunbeam in the trailer looks different than the one in-game.
    • The Engineer's Sonic Grenade in the trailer sounds different than the one in-game.
  • If a character dies while either chomping or using an ability, the sound may glitch out which results in endless loops of the sounds used during the ability.
    • When someone gets vanquished by Goop or is covered and gets vanquished by another ability to sounds around will be distorted to a low pitch of what usually only happens when covered by Goop. This can be funny, such as a low-pitched Peashooter in Hyper.
  • In Garden Ops, there is a glitch where in the middle of a game, a SECOND garden may spawn in one of the other two locations. Both gardens will need to be defended and both have potted plants.
  • This is the second game where the player can play as the zombies, the first being I, Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies.
  • In nighttime maps, if one looks at the moon, he or she can see a Zombie (sometimes Dr. Zomboss') face.
    • This is most likely because the zombies have conquered the moon as seen on Moon Base Z.
    • There is also a constellation in the sky in which forms the face of Crazy Dave.
  • There are a total of 68 playable characters (Not including Boss Mode).
  • This is the first game where the Cactus has feet, although they can be barely seen.

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