The Game of the Year Edition (GOTY for short, and also know as the New PC version) of Plants vs. Zombies was released on August 8, 2010 on Steam and August 10, 2010 on the PC in the USA.

It is offered as an upgrade to users who own the original version of Plants vs. Zombies, and is available to PC and Mac users. A limited edition version of Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Version can be bought at stores which includes the game as well as a limited edition collectible zombie or Sunflower figurine. It also can be bought on Steam, the PvZ Website, Origin or the Mac App Store (mac only).

The Game of the Year Edition has 21 achievements on the Steam version, and 20 on the PC, access to the Zombatar mode and new in-game music which cannot be found in the original version. This can be downloaded on the official soundtrack.

The Dancing Zombie which resembled Michael Jackson has also been replaced by the new Disco Zombie. The Backup Dancers have also been replaced. Zomboni's Almanac entry has been changed. The Adventure Mode level button has been redesigned. There has been a Sunflower figurine included since June 2011. Also, in some stores, a Dancing Zombie figure is included instead. Also, many cheats work now. Otherwise, the game is similar to the old Steam Version.

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The Peashooter with Repeater leaves in the Mac App Store.