History repeats itself but it
always gets the details wrong.
The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either unused concepts or scrapped features.

Removed plants

These plants were once in the codes for Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars but removed in later versions.

Lychee Bomb (荔枝; pinyin: lìzhī)

Had an unknown purpose. Can still be seen on a certain screen in the game.

Liontail (狮尾草; pinyin: shī wěi cǎo)

The original upgrade of Dogtail.

Plant Food upgrade

Fatal Blow: Shoots spikes to the enemy with lowest health. It required Brave Plant Food to activate.

Twin-Headed God Snapdragon (神草龙; pinyin: shén cǎo lóng)

The original upgrade of Snapdragon.

Plant Food upgrade

Magical Dragon Spray: Rushes to the first enemy in its lane and sprays fire in a 3x3 area. It needed Brave Plant Food to activate.

Tropical Cannon (热带炮; pinyin: rèdài pào)

Had an unknown purpose, aside from being the upgrade to Coconut Cannon.

Pea Pod

Pea Pod was originally in the game, but it was removed.

Three-Headed Pea Pod

The upgrade to the Pea Pod.

Five-Headed Pea Pod

The upgrade to the Three-Headed Pea Pod.


Unknown what it did.

Unknown plant

There was an unknown plant that was either the upgrade or the downgrade to Ice-shroom.


Unused plants

These plants are unused in the code, and it is unknown what most of them do. However, it is known that Apple and Pear shoot lasers.

Gallery of unused plants

Old designs

Some official artwork was released of some plants before they were released, but had their design changed when they were added to the game.

Old Grave Buster


Grave Buster's original design

Although it was never added to the game, its design changed to the one in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Bungee Zombies


Bungee Zombie and its variant

The Bungee Zombie and it's Great Wall variant were seen in an advertisement.