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Abilities in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars contain Plant Food skill (or anger skill) and passive skill. Plant Food skill is when the plant does something that either harms the enemies or to buff their teammates. It is obtained by filling up the anger bar below the plant. Doing a hit or getting hit fills up the bar while finishing an enemy will fill up a great part of the bar. Passive skill is a skill that lasts for the whole battle, and will be activated automatically in specific turns.


Each section below shows the ability of every single plant according to their classes.


Plant evolution line Plant Icon Name of ability Effect Obtained
Peashooter Tier 1: Peashooter 5004 Continuous Shooting Shoots a bunch of peas that deals damage 13 times to an enemy. At the beginning of the game
Tier 2: Repeater 203823 Flame Bullet Repeater in the attack will get some additional attack bonus, if Old Stump/Torchwood/Wildfire Stump planted on the lawn, normal pea will become fire pea, causes more damage. Obtain 500 red potions
Tier 3: Gatling Pea 203939 Large Bullet Because of gene variation, Gatling Pea has probability to shoot large peas, causes more damage. Obtain 5000 red potions
Kernel-pult Tier 1: Kernel-pult 5052 Corn Pitcher Attacks 3 random enemies. There is a chance to stun each target for 1 turn, more than 1 turn with Seagull Zombie. 30 Kernel-pult Puzzle Pieces
Tier 2: Popcorn-pult 203939 Butter of Anger Shoot butter on the enemies, cause more damage and stun them for 1 turn. Obtain 500 red potions
Tier 3: Cob Cannon 2029 Trajectory Correction Cob Cannon can accumulate experience from failure, dodge damage from zombie. Next time, Cob Cannon hits zombies right on target, causes more damage. Obtain 5000 red potions


Plant evolution line Plant Icon Name of skill Effect Obtained
Sunflower Tier 1: Sunflower 5044 Photosynthesis Sunflower by photosynthesis heals herself and her teammates. When she has been protected by a shield, she will give priority to the treatment herself, then recover Shield Armor. 30 Sunflower Puzzle Pieces
Tier 2: Twin Sunflower 2008 Support Sunshine Produce a sun for teammate, increase damage (for attack plants) and defense (for defense plant) or another effect for some plants. She doesn't have effect on herself Obtaining 500 red potions
Tier 3: Triplet Sunflower 2009 Working together with a common purpose When Triplet Sunflower using Photosynthesis, it has probability to get effect X2 or X3. Obtaining 5000 red potions


Plant evolution line Plant Icon Name of skill Effect Obtained
Wall-nut Tier 1: Wall-nut Wall-nutr'sPFIcon Armored Assault Heals himself over time and gives himself armor that blocks some damage. 30 Wall-nut Puzzle Pieces
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