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Plants are living organisms that belong to the Plantae kingdom. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. However, not all plants absorb energy via photosynthesis. They are the protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies and the player's main defense against the undead assailants.

The Plants also populate the Zen Garden, available in the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Android, Nintendo DS, iPad, and iPhone versions of Plants vs. Zombies. In the Zen Garden, the player is able to use the Watering Can, Bug Spray and Fertilizer to grow Plants and earn money.

Cartas de Plantas

All the seed packets in the PC version. The purple ones in the bottom row are bought from Crazy Dave's shop.

Imitater Seeds

All Imitater plants.


There are many different plants, each with different abilities and special attributes. During night, sun does not fall from the sky, so mushrooms are usually used. In pool levels, plants must be either Aquatic, or planted on a Lily Pad to be in the water. Fog levels are a mix of night and pool levels, but also have fog in the level which can be removed temporarily with a Blover or removed with a Plantern or Torchwood until the end of the level or whenever the plant is removed with the Shovel (or eaten by zombies). On the roof, plants require Flower Pots to be planted on before planting the actual plant. Also, the roof is slanted to make the levels harder by making most of the projectiles hit the slanted part of the roof instead of the zombies, so catapult plants are used. A night roof setting also exists, where the player fights Dr. Zomboss.

On the top of each Seed Packets, there is a phrase: "Bloom and Doom Seed Co." (except in the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSiWare, Android, and iOS version of Plants vs. Zombies), "BLOOM & DOOM" being a name that PopCap brainstormed when they were looking for names for Plants vs. Zombies.


To fight zombies, certain projectiles are fired from plants. For example, peas are fired from peashooting plants, such as Peashooters and Threepeaters. Spikes are fired from Cattails and Cacti. Spores are shot from Puff-shrooms, Scaredy-shrooms, and Sea-shrooms. Fumes are shot from Fume-shrooms and Gloom-shrooms. lobbed-shot plants each fire their own specific kind of projectile. Stars are fired from Starfruits. Lobbed-shot plants such as Cabbage-pults, Kernel-pults, Melon-pults, and Winter Melons can also shoot over shields and hit Snorkel Zombies while they are underwater, although they cannot hit Balloon Zombies, despite the fact that they shoot high up.

Note: The table below is about the damage of the projectiles. The numbers are the number of peas equivalent in damage to the projectile, and a normal zombie takes ten peas to kill.

Projectile shooter name Damage per shot Projectile Equivalent in peas
Peashooter, Repeater, Threepeater, Split PeaGatling Pea Normal Pea or fire pea after passing a Torchwood 1 (pea), 0.7 (fire peas' splash damage), 2 (fire pea)
Snow Pea Normal, slows zombies Frozen Pea or Pea after passing a Torchwood 1, halves zombies' speed (frozen pea)
Puff-shroom, Scaredy-shroomSea-shroom Normal Spore 1
Fume-shroomGloom-shroom Normal, penetrates Screen Doors, Ladders and Newspapers Fumes 1
Cactus, Cattail Normal, pops balloons Spike 1, pops balloons
Starfruit Normal (for each star) Star 1
Cabbage-pult Normal Cabbage 2
Kernel-pult Light (kernel), normal (butter) Kernel or butter 1 (kernel), 2 and stun (butter)
Melon-pult Heavy, area of effect Melon 4 (target), 1.5 (splash)
Winter Melon Very heavy, area of effect, slows zombies Frozen Melon 4 (target), 1.5 (splash), all are slowed
Cob Cannon Massive, area of effect Corn Cob 90 (three-by-three area)

Type of plants

Plants received when playing Adventure Mode

At the end of each level of the player's first playthrough of Adventure Mode, a new seed packet of a plant made by the Bloom & Doom Seed Company is received from the last zombie to get destroyed. There is a theory that Crazy Dave throws them, according to a Sneak Peek to the Xbox 360 Version. Once the Suburban Almanac is acquired in level 2-4, a humorous quote of each plant can be read as well as a summary and helpful facts about it.

Plants received at Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

Once Crazy Dave's car key is found, Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies is unlocked and more plants can be purchased with Money. These plants are called Upgrade Plants. They are the Gatling Pea ($5,000), Twin Sunflower ($5,000), Gloom-shroom ($7,500), Cattail ($10,000), Winter Melon ($10,000), Gold Magnet ($3,000), Spikerock ($7,500), and Cob Cannon ($20,000). The Imitater ($30,000) is also available here, but requires completing Adventure Mode before it can be bought. Other Upgrade Plants will arrive after receiving certain objects, such as the Magic Taco.

Sun producing plants

Sun producing plants are vital for regular levels in order to plant. Each plant has a certain amount of sun that is needed in order for it to be planted. Also, the seed packets for plants have a recharge time; some of which are longer than others. In Survival: Endless, upgrades cost 50 more sun to plant for each of that particular plant on the lawn at the time of planting. Below are the costs of Sun Producing Plants and how much sun is produced.

Name Cost Sun per production
Sunflower 50 25
Sun-shroom 25 15 before growing, then 25 sun after growing (grows after producing five small sun)
Twin Sunflower 150 50 sun per production
Giant Sunflower 50 50 sun per production
Type Value Produced by
Big sun 50 Sky in Sunny Day
Normal sun 25 Sky in daytime levels, Sunflower, Sun-shroom after growing, Twin Sunflower, Giant Sunflower
Small sun 15 Sun-shroom before growing

Money producing plants

The Marigold is the only money producing plant, but in the Zen Garden all plants will drop gold coins when fertilized, happy and also drop diamonds when fully grown. Gold Magnets and Stinky the Snail aid in money production as well.

Morticulturalist Achievement

To unlock the Morticulturalist achievement you must collect all 49 plants, including the upgrade plants and the Imitater in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. Be prepared to be money farming for a long time, because all plants from Crazy Dave when added together cost $98,000.

List of plants

Recharge time:

Regular plants

Plant Image Characteristics Sun cost Recharge
Peashooter Peashooter1 Shoots peas at zombies. 100 Fast
Sunflower*** Sunflower1 Produces 25 sun about every 24 seconds. 50 Fast
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb1 Destroys all zombies in a 3x3 area. 150 Very Slow
Wall-nut*** Wall-nut1 Much stronger than most plants and protects anything behind it. 50 Slow
Potato Mine Potato Mine1 Explodes all zombies in its square, but takes 15 seconds to arm itself. Must be planted in the ground. 25 Slow
Snow Pea Snow Pea1 Shoots frozen peas that damage and slow zombies. 175 (150 in Versus Mode, 100 in Heavy Weapon) Fast
Chomper Chomper1 Eats any zombie in front of itself, but is vulnerable while chewing. 150 Fast
Repeater Repeater1 Shoots two Peas at a time. 200 (150 in Versus Mode) Fast
Puff-shroom Puff-shroom1 Nocturnal, shoots Spores at zombies up to three squares away from it. 0 Fast
Sun-shroom Sun-shroom1 Nocturnal, gives 15 sun first, then eventually grows and gives 25 sun. 25 Fast
Fume-shroom Fume-shroom1 Nocturnal, shoots fumes that damage all zombies up to four squares away from it and penetrates shields (Screen Doors, Ladders, etc.) 75 Fast
Grave Buster Grave Buster1 Destroys the grave it is planted on, dropping money. Can only be planted on gravestones. 75 Fast (Very Slow in Versus Mode)
Hypno-shroom Hypno-shroom1 Nocturnal, hypnotizes zombies and makes them turn around and fight other zombies. 75 Slow
Scaredy-shroom Scaredy-shroom1 Nocturnal, shoots long ranged spores. Stops shooting and hides when a zombie is adjacent to it. 25 Fast
Ice-shroom Ice-shroom1 Nocturnal, does one damage. Immobilizes all zombies on-screen which gradually recover. 75 Very Slow
Doom-shroom Doom-shroom1 Nocturnal, destroys all zombies in radius 3.5,then leaves a crater that can't be planted on but will heal itself in 180 seconds. Destroys Lily Pads or Flower Pots underneath. 125 Very Slow
Lily Pad Lily Pad1 Aquatic, allows other plants to be planted in water. 25 Fast
Squash Squash1 Waits for a zombie to get to the right or left of it, then squashes all zombies in that square. 50 (75 in Versus Mode) Slow
Threepeater Threepeater1 Shoots peas in 3 lanes (above, middle and below) 325 (200 in Versus Mode, 400 in Heavy Weapon) Fast (Very Slow in Versus Mode)
Tangle Kelp Tangle Kelp1 Aquatic, captures and drowns the first zombie that gets near it. Only able to drown one zombie at a time. 25 Slow
Jalapeno Jalapeno1 Burns all zombies in its row. 125 Very Slow
Spikeweed Spikeweed1 Does damage to zombies that step on it and pops tires on Zombonis. Is destroyed by vehicles, Jack-in-the-Box Zombies and Gargantuar only. 100 Fast
Torchwood Torchwood1 Doubles the damage of all regular peas that pass through it. Fire peas deal splash damage in the same square of the zombie hit. Also uncovers fog in 1 1/4 squares above, below, right and left, negates frozen peas and, if the target zombie is frozen, it unfreezes them. 175 Fast
Tall-nut Tall-nut1 Stronger than a Wall-nut and can't be jumped over, but can be flown over. 125 Slow
Sea-shroom Sea-shroom1 Aquatic and nocturnal, shoots spores to zombies three squares away from it. 0 Slow
Plantern Plantern1 Uncovers fog in a 5x5 area. 25 Slow
Cactus Cactus1 Shoots spikes that deal normal damage and can stretch up high to pop balloons. 125 (100 in Versus Mode) Fast
Blover Blover1 Blows away fog temporarily and all Balloon Zombies. 100 Fast
Split Pea Split Pea1 Shoots one pea forwards and two peas backwards. 125 Fast (Very Slow in Versus Mode)
Starfruit Starfruit1 Shoots stars in five directions. 125 (175 in Versus Mode) Fast
Pumpkin Pumpkin1 As strong as a Wall-nut and can be planted over another plant. 125 Slow
Magnet-shroom Magnet-shroom1 Nocturnal, attracts all metal items on zombies in a three square radius. Reloads in 15 seconds. 100 Fast
Cabbage-pult Cabbage-pult1 Lobs cabbages at the half the rate of a Peashooter for double damage. (catapult equivalent to peashooter) 100 Fast
Flower Pot Flower Pot1 Allows a plant to be planted on the roof. 25 Fast
Kernel-pult Kernel-pult1 Lobs corn kernels that do light damage and butter that does double damage and immobilizes zombies. 100 Fast
Coffee Bean Coffee Bean1 Can only be planted on sleeping mushrooms and wakes them up. 75 (25 in Versus Mode) Fast
Garlic Garlic1 Diverts zombies that bite it to the lane above or below. 50 (75 in Versus Mode) Fast (Very Slow on Versus Mode)
Umbrella Leaf Umbrella Leaf1 Bounces off all Bungee Zombies and can deflect basketballs launched by the Catapult Zombies in a 3x3 area. 100 Fast
Marigold*** Marigold1 Drops silver and gold coins. 50 Slow
Melon-pult Melon-pult1 Lobs melons at the half the rate of a Peashooter and does splash damage to all adjacent squares. Can hit groups of zombies. 300 Fast (Very Slow in Versus Mode)

Upgrade plants

Plant Image Characteristics Sun cost Recharge
Gatling Pea* Gatling Pea1 Shoots four peas at a time. Upgrade of Repeater. 250(+200) in all 450 Very Slow
Twin Sunflower* Twin Sunflower1 Produces two regular sun about every three seconds. Upgrade of Sunflower. 150 (+50) in all 200 Very Slow
Gloom-shroom* Gloom-shroom1 Nocturnal, Shoots fumes four times per second in a 3x3 area and penetrates shields. Upgrade of Fume-shroom. 150 (+75) in all 225 Very Slow
Cattail* Cattail1 Aquatic, shoots spikes in any lane, forwards and backwards, and pops balloons. Upgrade of Lily Pad. 225 (+25) in all 250 Very Slow
Winter Melon* Winter Melon1 Lobs frozen melons that deal splash damage, damage and slow zombies. Upgrade of Melon-pult. 200(+300) in all 500 Very Slow
Gold Magnet* Gold Magnet1 Attracts all money and does not need a Coffee Bean, as it is diurnal. Upgrade of Magnet-shroom. 50(+100) in all 150 Very Slow
Spikerock* Spikerock1 Does two damages per second to all zombies that step on it and takes nine vehicles or Gargantuar smashes to be destroyed. Upgrade of Spikeweed. 125(+100) in all 225 Very Slow
Cob Cannon* Cob Cannon1 Click to target where to launch a deadly corn cob, blowing up an area. Upgrade of two horizontally adjacent Kernel-pults. 500 (+100x2) in all 700 Very Slow

Other plants

Plant Image Characteristics Sun cost Recharge
Imitater** Imitater1 Allows the player to have two of a plant in any level (except for upgrades). Recharge and cost depend on the imitated plant. Takes 1.1 seconds before imitating. As the imitated plant As the imitated plant
Explode-o-nut Explode-o-nut1 Explodes when touches Zombies, only appears in levels 1-5, Wall-nut Bowling and Wall-nut Bowling 2. Free None
Giant Wall-nutGiant Wall-nut1 Crushes a row of Zombies in Wall-nut Bowling 2, has double the health of a Wall-nut in Big Time. Free, 50 in Big Time None, Slow in Big Time
Giant SunflowerGiant Sunflower1 Produces two regular sun about every 24 seconds. 50 Fast
Giant MarigoldGiant Marigold1 Drops two silver or gold coins. 50 Slow

* Is an upgrade that can be bought from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.
** Not an upgrade, but can also be bought from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.
*** Becomes bigger in the Cancelled Mini-game Big Time.
† This is the bigger form of a plant in Big Time.

For more information, see Encyclopedia.


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