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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version), see Plant upgrade system (Chinese version).

The plant upgrade system is a feature in Plants vs. Zombies 2 introduced in the 5.7.1 update. This system allows you to level up your plants, which can increase their statistics. Plants can be leveled up by collecting seed packets, which can only be obtained via Piñatas. Pinãtas can be obtained by either completing quests in the Travel Log, or from the shop.


Although leveling up plants usually increases statistics, not all plants' statistics are increased per level. The player has to spend a lot of coins to upgrade, with each upgrade cost increasing per upgrade. The maximum levels for plants is 6, 9, and 12 for the time being. Later in development, plants will be able to get to levels 10, 15, or 20, depending on the plant.

Some benefits of leveling up your plants include increased damage, faster recharge times, decreased wait times, and more amounts of sun produced. Many plants also have their own unique benefits from leveling up.


Do not upgrade plants which you do not prefer to use, as it only causes a waste of coins. Upgrading instant use plants is useful, because instant use plants usually take a long time to reload. Upgrading them will allow you to deal more damage while planting them more often. Suggested plants to upgrade would be expensive plants like Winter Melon, area-of-effect plants like Snapdragon or Fume-shroom, sun producing plants like Primal Sunflower, and the afore mentioned instant-kill plants like Cherry Bomb. It would also be wise upgrading some plants a few levels for levels that are particularly tricky, such as leveling up Bowling Bulb to aid in Big Wave Beach - Day 16.  



  • Plants that fire projectiles will have their projectiles changed when they level up.
  • Gold Leaf, Imitater, Marigold, and Thyme Warp cannot be upgraded.
  • Before March 17, 2017, plants are capped at levels 3 to 5.
    • The current caps are now at 6 to 12.
  • When a plant has enough seed packets to level up, it will use their Zen Garden animation.
    • All instant plants up to Far Future includes their animations; all others will have their idle animation reset.
  • Bonus seed packets can be any premium plant from the game, even if the player does not have it or even if it is not available in the store.
    • Bonus seed packets can also be Epic Quest plants. However, if you already owned that plant before the 5.7.1 update, you have to complete that plant's Epic Quest in order to receive the seed packets.
  • Player's House and Ancient Egypt seed packets are shared in Ancient Egypt pinãtas.
  • Peashooters are the first max level plants (level 20) that the player is able to use, but only in the quest "Leveled-up plants are AMAZING!", which is accessed through the Travel Log.
  • Missile Toe has the most number of statistics that can be upgraded, with a total of 7 statistics.
  • You cannot upgrade plants you haven't obtained yet, but you can collect seed packets for them.
  • In the 5.7.1 update, although there are Jurassic Marsh quests, no Jurassic Marsh pinãta will be found; gems are given as rewards instead (5 gems per quest). The Jurassic Marsh pinãtas become available in the 5.8.1 update.
  • Currently the Plant Upgrade System does not apply to Vasebreaker levels, and all of the plants involved remain in their lv1 status except Cherry Bomb in Vasebreaker Endlesss.
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