This cheat will allow you to modify plants in Plants vs. Zombies using the Cheat Engine.


Note: This is just an example. Any plant will work.

Open any level and plant a Snow Pea (or any other plant, you just need to know it's number) on land. Open a Cheat Engine, click the glowing computer, click popcapgame1 if it is available on the list, otherwise click PlantsVsZombies.exe, type 5 (a different value for other plants) in the value bar then click First Scan. Next, dig up the Snow Pea (or the plant you planted) and plant a Wall-nut in the same square you planted the Snow Pea. Then, write 3 in the value bar and click Next Scan. Double click all the results. Finally, change the value of every address with one of the plants' number. This also works if the first plant was an instant-use plant, just wait for it to explode/disappear.

This will also work if you change the plant in the first seed slot so you can plant it.

Notes and warnings


  • Changing a plant will glitch out blinking animations. (This can result in humorous outcomes, such as a Kernel-pult blinking with blue eyelids or an invisible Starfruit shooting fumes in eight directions with only eyelids visible.)
  • Please note that this cannot combine abilities. For example, changing a Starfruit into a Fume-shroom creates a Fume-shroom with the sprites of a Starfruit.


  • Changing Melon-pult's value to 50 (Giant Wall-nut) during Dr. Zomboss's Revenge crashes the game.
  • Turning plants into Sunflowers crashes the game.
  • Doing this with Imitater at all crashes the game. Planting an Imitater will crash the game the second the Imitater's animation occurs.

More to know

All plants have a number. Peashooter has 0, Sunflower has 1, Cherry Bomb has 2, Wall-nut has 3, and so on. The values you enter for this cheat are the numbers of plants. Those numbers help for other cheats like planting a Cattail on the ground. If you know the numbers, you are ready to make other cheats.

Use the number to the left of the plant to enter.


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  • You can get literally any plant (even mini-game exclusive ones) by doing this.
  • Only the projectiles and blinking animations of Lobbed-shot plants will change if you swap a lobbed-shot for another.
  • If a transformed plant gets crushed, such as a Kernel-pult which was transformed into a Winter Melon, the new plant will appear. For example, turning a Kernel-pult into a Winter Melon, then having it crushed will show a Winter Melon. Note that this will be different for different plants.

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