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For other uses, see Plant Food (Plants vs. Zombies Online).

Plant Food

Plant Food

Plant Food bar

Plant Food is packed with vitamins and minerals. It's an essential part of a complete breakfast.

Plant Food is an item in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time and Plants vs. Zombies Online that gives plants more powerful effects. It is obtained by killing glowing green zombies, planting on Power Tiles in Kung-Fu World, breaking tombstones with a Plant Food symbol in Dark Ages, spending 1,000 coins to get one, or planting a Power Lily (which must be purchased with real-life money to unlock). The player can carry three at a time at first, but an upgrade obtained in Ancient Egypt can increase this to four at a time; it can then be increased to five at a time via an in-app purchase. The player's current amount of Plant Food is represented by the lights on a bar at the bottom of the screen. Note that the effect is temporary for most plants, and plants will then return to their normal forms. (the exceptions include the effects to Wall-nut, Tall-nut, Pea-nut, Torchwood, Sun Bean, Infi-nut, and Hypno-shroom, which change appearance, and anything which duplicates, such as Potato Mine, Chili Bean, Lily Pad, White Radish, or their imitated forms). If a plant on a Power Tile is given Plant Food, other plants on the same type of tile will receive the boost too despite not being given Plant Food itself. This only occurs in Far Future.

Another function of Plant Food is its ability to speed up the recharging of seed packets - when a Plant Food is dragged on top of a seed packet that is still recharging, it instantly becomes available for use. This can be especially useful for obtaining essential plants in emergency situations, such as instants, overcoming their (very) slow recharge. This ability is only unlocked after beating Wild West - Day 20.

These listed plants do not have a Plant Food effect because they are single and instant-use plants:


Plant Image Description
Sunflower Sunsunsunsunsun Produces 150 sun.
Peashooter Peashooterplantfood It becomes a faster-shooting Gatling Pea for three seconds, firing 20 peas per second, dealing a total of 60 damage.
Wall-nut Hard Replenishes all the health it had lost (if any) and gains a hard armor shell for 160 extra health. This effect lasts until the armor is eaten.
Potato Mine PotototototoototototototototaPotato 2 3 Arms itself (if unarmed) and produces two armed Potato Mines on other spaces.
Bloomerang Hair Shoots ten boomerangs in four directions (up, down, left and right), damaging all zombies in the area 20 times.
Cabbage-pult Cacacacaccacacacaccacacaccacacac Launches several cabbages at once, hitting every zombie (and tombstones, if any) onscreen, dealing ten damage to each zombie and tombstone.
Iceberg Lettuce Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Iceberglettucefrozenzombies Freezes every zombie on screen that can be frozen, similar to the Ice-shroom.
Twin Sunflower Sun sun sun sun 250 sun Produces 250 sun. Before the 1.7 update, it gave 225 sun.
Bonk Choy Booom Rapidly punches in a 3x3 area around it, dealing 75 normal shots to all zombies in the area.
Gatling spike
Rep2 Shoots 90 peas, then shoots a giant pea which deals 30 normal damage shots, dealing a total of 120 damage. There is a delay of about three seconds before the Repeater shoots the giant pea.
Snow Pea Popopopopopopop Slows all zombies in its lane, then shoots 60 frozen peas.
Kernel-pult Butterbbbb Launches several pieces of butter at once, hitting every zombie (and Tombstones, if any) onscreen.
Sets a 3x3 area in front of it on fire, dealing 90 damage to every zombie in its area of effect.
Temporarily fills the row with spikes poking up from the ground and pulls all the zombies in the lane onto the Spikeweed. This lasts for 4.5 seconds. The secondary spikes can destroy rolling items and hurt zombies being pulled towards the Spikeweed. When in effect, if the Spikeweed is in a minecart, the minecart cannot be moved.
Coconut Cannon

Fires one big Coconut that pushes and deals 60 damage to all zombies in a row at the end of the lawn or until it encounters a tombstone or until it touches Dr. Zomboss, stunning him. It also affects all zombies in an 3x3 area when it explodes.
Spring Bean Sperjcvhb Bounces all zombies onscreen back a tile or into the water (if possible). It will wake up after the attack if it was asleep.
Spikerock Silver spike Temporarily fills the row with other spikes poking up from the ground and pulls zombies onto the Spikerock. This lasts for 4.5 seconds. Like Spikeweed, the secondary spikes can destroy rolling objects and damage zombies being pulled towards the Spikerock. When in effect, if the Spikerocks is in a minecart, the minecart cannot be moved.
Threepeater Three food
Draw food
Shoots a huge wave of peas across the area: the middle head always shoots straight ahead, and the side heads shoot peas in a leaf-shape pattern. Each head shoots 60 peas.
Squash Squashing Squash Smashes any two of the strongest zombies on screen, then returns back to its tile, crushing every zombie on the tile.
Split Pea Splitpeaplantfood The front head will shoot 60 peas for three seconds. Simultaneously, the back head will shoot 90 peas for three seconds and then shoot a giant pea that deals 30 damage.
Chili Bean Beanpea1
Creates three extra beans that land on other random tiles.
Torchwood NAPalm The fire becomes blue napalm, tripling the damage of all the peas that pass through it. This effect lasts until the Torchwood is eaten.
Lightning Reed Lighting storm Makes a storm cloud that damages the zombies over time with lightning. The cloud disappears after 15 seconds.
Tall-nut Tall hard Like the Wall-nut, replenishes all the health it had lost (if any) and gains a hard armor shell for 240 extra health that lasts until eaten.
Pea Pod Ow big Summons a giant Peashooter head that shoots five big peas. Each big pea deals 20 normal damage shots with a total damage of 100 normal damage shots.
Melon-pult Melon-pult plant food Launches melons out from the top that deal triple damage of a normal melon to all zombies (also deals splash damage).
Winter Melon Wm plant food Launches winter melons out from the top that deal triple damage of a normal winter melon to all zombies (also deals splash damage and chills zombies).
Imitater N/A According to the imitated plant.
Laser Bean Laserbeanplantfood Fires a huge laser beam throughout the row, dealing 90 normal damage shots to each zombie in the row. In the Piñata Parties leading up to the release of Far Future, the Laser Bean's Plant Food effect was equivalent to 30 normal damage shots.
Citron Citronplantfood
Shoots a giant plasma ball and flings all the zombies out of the lane. If it hits a robotic zombie, such as a Robo-Cone Zombie, or any type of Gargantuar, the plasma ball will stop, but the robotic zombie or Gargantuar will be killed instantly.
Starfruit Plantfood starfruitd Shoots ten giant stars in five directions. Each giant star deals four damage.
Infi-nut Pvz2 Infi-nut Plant Food Upgrade Creates a shield to protect from incoming attacks for the whole column. The shield lasts until it is eaten. The shield can deflect Imps that are flying from a high area. Also, Jetpack Zombies and Disco Jetpack Zombies cannot fly over and will eat it instead. Fisherman Zombies cannot cast their lines through the shield either. The shield also protects plants behind it from Hunter Zombie's snowballs. The shield has 200 health.
Magnifying Grass PvZ2 Magnifying Grass Plant Food Shoots a rainbow beam with a long range that damages the zombies ahead of it one by one. The more sun-producing plants there are on the lawn, the longer the effect will last. If there are none, the effect will only last 3.5 seconds.
Hypno-shroom HYPNOGARG
Its mushroom cap shines and turns the hypnotized zombie into a Gargantuar, (except for Zombie Chickens and Ice Weasels ).
Sun-shroom SUN-SHROOM PF
Grows to full size and produces 225 sun.
Puff-shroom PVZ2PUFFSHROOMPF Unleashes exactly 30 spores for three seconds. All Puff-shrooms on screen are also activated, in a manner similar to Power Tiles. Also, it resets the duration of all the Puff-shrooms on the field, making them last the same as if they were just planted.
Fume-shroom FumePLANTFOOD Unleashes fumes that deal 75 normal damage shots and pushes all zombies on the lane back from their starting position, similar to how the Spikeweed and Spikerock utilize their Plant Food ability on the first column.
Sun Bean PlantFoodsunbean It will stand up and shine more, making the zombie that eats it instantly explode to death and gives a lot of sun. The more health the zombie had, the more sun is generated.
Helmeted peaa-nut
Gains a helmet for 80 extra health and shoots 60 peas.
Magnet-shroom PEEEEEEEEPLYSPOOPEWUALSSSPSDDJIFFI It will take away all metal objects within range and fling them back to the zombies, causing damage. Each thrown object deals 15 normal damage shots, except the Yeti's Head dealing 25 normal damage shots.
Chomper Chomper Plant Food It will unleash a high intensity wind that will suck three most closest zombies close to it for consumption for a few seconds. Chomper will then push survivors away by releasing a burp. At the end of the effect Chomper will be ready to eat another zombie.
Lily Pad LilyPadPlantFood(Better) Creates four Lily Pads in four directions (if there is no Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp or Guacodile that is around or next to it), which resembles a cross symbol.
Tangle Kelp Plantfoodtangle Pulls four random zombies underwater.
Bowling Bulb Newplant Charges and when zombies appear on the line throws three charged explosive bulbs that deal 30 damage each.
Homing Thistle HTPF It shoots many glowing blue projectiles that target zombies on the screen. The blue projectiles deal 12 damage, and they sometimes encircle zombies for a long period of time.
Guacodile GUACPF It will release two rushing Guacodiles and push the zombies on its row one square back.
Banana Launcher BananaLauncherPlantFood It will launch four explosive bananas that target random zombies. After this, Banana Launcher needs to recharge.
Ghost Pepper GhostPepperPlantFood It haunts all the zombies in a 3x4 area, dealing huge damage. It also resets its timer.
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Plat Food It will attract all zombies nearby it and heal itself to full health.
Sap-fling Sap-flingPlantFood It will lob pinecones at 20 random tiles. The sap stays for 15 seconds.
Pepper-pult Pepper-food It will launch three big flaming peppers at zombies that deals splash damage. When the peppers hit the ground, it will explode into four mini peppers, dealing minor damage.
Chard Guard ChardGuardPlantFood It regains all its leaves back and hurls every zombie in its upper space, lower space, and 3x2 area in front of it.
Fire Peashooter FirePeashooterNewPlantFood(Better) It spits a fire trail for three seconds on all tiles in front of it, unfreezing plants and damaging every zombie that steps on the trail, dealing 90 damage total.
Stunion StunionPlantFood Releases a burst of gas in a 4x3 area in front of it.
Rotobaga RotobagaPlantFood Fires 22 huge rutabagas in four directions, similarly to Starfruit. Each huge rutabaga deals 2.5 damage.
Creates two extra White Radishes that land one row above and one row below it.
Fire Gourd FIREGOURDPF Breathes a lot of fire which deals huge damage on an entire row.
Heavenly Peach HEAVENLYPEACHPF Makes all plants next to it temporarily invincible.
Bamboo Shoot BambooShootPlantFood
Old animation (Animated; click to watch)BambooShootNewPlantFood
New animation (Animated; click to watch)
Slices five zombies on screen, flinging them off the screen if they have low health, then returns back to its tile.
Carrot Missile Truck CARROT MISSILE PLANT FOOD PROJECTILE Fires a missile that deals 20 damage when a zombie eats it.
Dandelion PVZ2DandelionPlantFood It releases two to five powerful bombs that home in on zombies.
Vigorous Broccoli BroccoliPlantFood4
It pulls nearby zombies to it, tussles them, and then flings them off the screen. Any other zombies caught in the mix are damaged as well.
Oak Archer OakArcherPlantFood It rains a lot of arrows down on all zombies on screen.
Freeze Mushroom N/A It grows to full size and creates two ice sinkholes for four seconds. Any zombie that steps on the ice will slip into the hole and die.
Flame Mushroom
Flame mushroom pf
It grows to full size, then burns a random column for ten seconds. Any zombie that steps on the fire will start burning.
Plantern N/A It shines in a 5x5 area for a while.
Pomegranate Machine Gun N/A It pulls out a machine gun's barrel on top of its head and starts firing powerful seeds every second, dealing massive damage to whatever is in front of it a three-by-five area.
Acid Lemon N/A It will rain a lot of lemonade droplets on the zombie three times, and could acidize the water when it drops into the seawater.
Lord Bamboo LordBambooPlantFood It will release a "carpet" of firecrackers on its lane, which will detonate shortly, killing the zombies on it.
Small Lotus N/A ?


Pvz2plantfood See Plant Food/Gallery. Pvz2plantfood


  • In the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, the Plant Food is a bean instead of a leaf. When Kung-Fu World was released, The leaf icon appeared as an energy mechanism image. This energy mechanism was removed in the 1.2.0 update.
  • Plant Food somewhat resembles an atom.
  • When Plant Food is used on a damaged plant, it is restored to full health. This includes non-defensive plants.
  • There is no reward to save Plant Food after the level ends, except in Endless Zones, in which the saved Plant Food can be used in next level.
  • While the plants are shining (using Plant Food), nothing can destroy them, to the point where they are immune to shovels.
  • If the player digs up a Chili Bean or Potato Mine that was created via Plant Food, sun will not be given if they have Shovel Boost Upgrades.
    • This may be because the player did not plant the extra Potato Mines or Chili Beans, because the Potato Mine or Chili Bean that was fed with Plant Food was the ones who created the extra.
    • Lily Pads created by Plant food will give sun when shovelled, if the player has at least one of the Shovel Boost upgrades, unlike Potato Mines and Chili Beans.
      • Because of this, using a Boosted Lily Pad in Last Stand levels basically gives you unlimited as long as you keep digging them up. However, this can only be done in Big Wave Beach.
  • In Dark Ages - Night 20's dialogue, Dr. Zomboss said that Plant Food is made out of zombies. Penny later proved that Plant Food is not made of zombies.
  • In the 2.7 update, Plant Food may not work properly, but rather use the Instant Recharge ability, which is otherwise unusable. This glitch was fixed in 2.8.3 version (2.9.1 on Android devices).

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