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Plants vs. Zombies Online

Pirate Seas - Level 4-1

Location Pirate Seas
Number of planks Five
Type Regular
Flags Two
Difficulty Medium
Plants Zombies
Choice Pirate Zombie2 Conehead Pirate2 Buckethead Pirate2 Flag Pirate Zombie2 Imp Pirate Zombie2 Gargantuar Pirate2
First time Spring Bean2
Replaying A money bag
Star Objectives
Star 1 Survive the zombie attack
Star 2 None
Star 3 None
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Pirate Seas - Level 4-1 is the fourth level of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies Online.


  • The Gargantuar Pirate should be easy to deal with now. However, all lanes have themselves a plank this time, which means the player has to protect all five lanes at once. Luckily, there are no Swashbuckler Zombies or Pirate Captain Zombies, and the frequency of incoming zombies are similar to previous levels.


  • Start normally. Have at least 5 Sunflowers (recommended to use an another Sunflower from other users for less recharge). You can then plant on top of them for more. Meanwhile, prepare yourself some Wall-nuts and Snapdragons in the second and fourth lane to spread out the damage like in the previous levels.
  • As the Iceberg Lettuces are free, it can be used for delaying. However, as Snapdragon will remove the freezing effect, this will not be very effective later on. Use it to the first zombies would be effective for delaying at the beginning. (Don't let Snapdragon's fire affects these first zombies until the freezing effect wears off.)
  • Potato Mines should be used to defeat Conehead Pirates or Buckethead Pirates in the top or bottom row while Snapdragons and Wall-nuts are recharging, which are the unprotected rows and takes the least damage. Meanwhile, plant more Snapdragons.
  • Plant Food should only be used to defeat Gargantuar Pirates.



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Plants vs. Zombies Online - Pirate Seas - Day 4-1

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