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Pianist Zombie

Pianist Zombie2
His rolling piano crushes while his music causes dancing zombies to switch lanes.
Toughness Dense
Speed Creeper
Damage Crushes plants with piano
Special Summons cowboy dancers who switch lanes
Weakness Spikeweed, Bamboo Shoot, and Spikerock
First appearance Wild West - Day 3
Pianist Zombie only knows two songs, and they're both groaners.
Pianist Zombie2

Pianist Zombie is the 12th zombie found in Wild West. It rolls over plants, killing them instantly and causes all Cowboy Zombies, Conehead Cowboys, and Buckethead Cowboys to rapidly change lanes. It instantly dies if it encounters a Spikeweed, Spikerock, or Bamboo Shoot.

Almanac entry

SPEED: Creeper

His rolling piano crushes plants while his music causes dancing zombies to switch lanes.

Damage: crushes plants with piano
Special: summons cowboy dancers who switch lanes

Pianist Zombie only knows two songs, and they're both groaners.


Pianist Zombie absorbs 41 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon an absorption of 20.5 normal damage shots before dying at 41 normal damage shots. When it enters the lawn, it starts playing music, causing every Cowboy Zombie except the Flag Cowboy Zombie to dance until it dies.

The music played is as follows:


Player's House: Piñata Party

Wild West: Days 3, 6, 8, 14, 15, 22, 25Big Bad Butte

Frostbite Caves: Piñata Party


Try to kill as many Cowboy Zombies as you can before they swap lanes on screen. Otherwise, you will have a hard time if the other zombies shift to eat your plants you have placed (Lightning Reed, Pea Pod, and others). A Pea Pod with five heads will quickly kill it. Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts do not stop it, as it crushes your plants. You can delay a Pianist Zombie with an Iceberg Lettuce to let the zombies stop dancing. A good choice to deal with it is to use any instant kill or the Coconut Cannon which can easily defeat it. Planting a Spikeweed or Spikerock on the tile it is on will also instantly kill it. Do not use Cabbage-pults, as if you do not kill the Pianist Zombie, lobbed-shot plants will have hard time shooting at the zombie as the other Cowboy Zombies continue shifting because of their low fire rate. Buttering the Pianist Zombie will stop any dancing zombies on the lawn.



  • Even though the projectiles hit the piano, the zombie will still lose its arm and head.
  • Before the 1.7 update, there was a glitch that when a Pianist Zombie appeared, it would not play music and the normal Wild West background music would be gone. When defeated, the Wild West background music came back.
  • Whenever at least one is alive and onscreen, its piano song will replace the stage's current music. This trait is shared with Disco-tron 3000, but the Pianist Zombie always plays music until it is defeated in the Disco-tron 3000 only plays music when it is first encountered in a level for a while.
  • Pianist Zombie moves fast first then slow from the 1.0 update to the 1.6 update, while in the 1.7 update onwards, its animation and speed changes to that of a regular zombie before entering the lawn and then proceeds to its original speed once it plays its music.
  • When the Pianist Zombie is slowed by either the Snow Pea or the Winter Melon, its animation will slow down, but the music will continue at normal speed. This also happens with Jack-in-the-Box Zombie.
  • If it meets a Tall-nut or a Wall-nut, it will take two seconds to kill them. This trait is shared with Barrel Roller Zombie.
  • Its Almanac entry says that it can summon cowboy dancers, potentially as in "convene" rather than "spawn".
  • As shown in Piñata Parties, the Pianist Zombie only causes cowboy zombies from the Wild West to dance. Other zombies from different time periods are unaffected by its ability.
  • During its first degrade, the player can see the tip jar slide off the piano. It then disappears during its second degrade.
  • Before the 2.1 update, Pianist Zombies would die and release gas upon crushing a Chili Bean.
  • When killed by Lightning Reed, the Pianist Zombie dies by electrocution just as a normal zombie does, but the piano disappears. This also occurs when killed by either Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno. In the 1.9 update onwards, the Piano crumbles while the zombie gets burned.
  • Pianist Zombie is one of the six zombies to get a new Christmas look for the 5 Days of Feastivus, along with the Swashbuckler Zombie, the Camel Zombies, the Poncho Zombie, the Gargantuar and the Imp.
    • Pianist Zombie's costume for Feastivus resembles a green Santa Claus.
  • Pianist Zombie's music was written and performed by Korby Sears, as seen in the credits.
  • Pianist Zombie plays Christmas music when it appeared in the Feastivus event.
  • This zombie, Dancing Zombie, Disco-tron 3000, Announcer Imp and Jack-in-the-Box Zombie are the only zombies that play music.
  • Pianist Zombie's toughness is actually Dense while currently it is Hardened because it only absorbs 41 damage shots while Zombie King absorbs 50 normal damage shots.
  • This, Camel Zombies, Wizard Zombie, Octo Zombie, and Hunter Zombie are the slowest zombies in the game so far.
  • When it is just about to crush a Spring Bean or Chard Guard, not only its piano is bounced but both it and its chair is bounced too, despite the fact the piano and the chair are separated.
  • When it crushes an Infi-nut, it will disappear, but the projector will still be there and the zombie will move over the projector.
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