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This page records all events of Piñata Party in 2016.

Modern Day Part 1 Sneak Peek Parties

Starting on January 5, those levels showed a sneak peek of the eleventh world, Modern Day, and included Shrinking Violet and Basic Zombies. The lawn is the same as Player's House.

Valenbrainz Parties 2016

Starting on February 2 to February 14, those levels introduce the new premium plant, the Blooming Heart, though Strawburst returned and was also for sale in the store for a week. The lawn is the same as last year.

Modern Day Part 2 Parties

Starting on February 17, those levels introduce the new premium plant, the Escape Root.

Luck O' The Zombie Piñata Parties 2016

Starting on March 8, those levels brought back Leprechaun Imps and their "Leprechauns!" ambushes. A variant of the Dodo Rider Zombie was introduced in this event, where Leprechaun Imps rode on top of green dodos.

At the time of this event, there were premium plants that had their prices reduced for 14 days to be bought in the store. A special-edition premium plant, the Jack O' Lantern, returned with a 40% off discount.

Springening Piñata Parties 2016

These parties started on March 22. These parties brought back the Easter Gargantuar, Easter Imp, Easter Poncho Zombie,and Eggbreaker.

During the event, the Dandelion appeared once again in the store to be bought for 109 gems. Meanwhile, the Grapeshot had its price reduced by a 25% discount.

In the April Fools' 2016 Springening Piñata Party, it involved Easter Gargantuars. They threw more Easter Gargantuars instead of Easter Imps at the player's plants, and threw them at the fourth column rather than the third column. However, these Easter Gargantuars had significantly less normal damage shots than other Gargantuars, did not throw more Gargantuars, and strangely made Imp sounds. They were probably reskinned Imps.

7th Birthdayz Piñata Parties 2016

These parties started on May 3, and lasted until May 12. The parties celebrate the seventh birthday of the first game in the franchise, Plants vs. Zombies. Holiday-exclusive Birthdayz costumes were brought back to be attainable during the event. It also has made the zombies return with their Birthdayz outfits. The piñatas were replaced by presents. In addition, all parties were "gem-guaranteed", where coins were replaced by gems.


  • For some reason, Birthday Flag Zombie did not appear in the 7th Birthdayz Piñata Parties, but he was present last year.

Children's Day Piñata Parties (China only)

These parties started on May 22, and ended on May 28. Each day brought you a different party and different piñata presents, and on the seventh day, you got the Angel Starfruit.


  • This along with the Chinese Birthdayz parties are the only Piñata Party events exclusive to the Chinese version.

Time Twister Piñata Parties

These parties started on May 26, and ended on June 5. It mainly features the Wasabi Whip. It also allowed players to get one limited-edition Time Twister costumes for three plants, specifically Bonk Choy, Cabbage-pult, and Melon-pult.

Summer Nights Piñata Parties

These parties started on June 23, and ended on July 7. During the event, Strawburst returned to the store and a new premium plant was introduced: the Explode-O-Nut, which returns from Plants vs. Zombies.


Level Plants Zombies* Flags Notes
Piñata Party #1 Chard Guard2 Stallia2 Strawburst2 Conehead Zombie2 Flag ZombiePVZ2 Gargantuar2 Imp2 Three Special Delivery

Piñata Party #2

Five Peashooter2 Three Potato Mine2 Three Repeater2 Two Threepeater2 Four Chard Guard2 One Gargantuar2 Two Conehead Zombie2 Four Imp2 None Firebreaker
Piñata Party #3 Twin Sunflower2Strawburst

Potato Mine

Chard Guard


Basic Zombie

Flag Zombie


Buckethead Zombie

Four Locked & Loaded

Beghouled Beyond Piñata Parties

These parties introduced new Beghouled levels featuring the Aloe, and the new premium plant, the Kiwibeast.


Level Plants Zombies World Matches required
Piñata Party #1 Peashooter2Repeater2Primal Peashooter2 or

Peashooter2Fire Peashooter2


Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2Phat Beet2


Future Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Jetpack Zombie2 Bug Bot Imp2 Newspaper Zombie2 Super-Fan Imp2 Far Future 100
Piñata Party #2 Cabbage-pult2Kernel-pult2 or


Sun-shroom2Toadstool2 or




Peasant Zombie2 Conehead Peasant2 Buckethead Peasant2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Jester Zombie2 Imp Dragon2 Dark Ages 100
Piñata Party #3 Wall-nut2Tall-nut2Primal Wall-nut2 or



Lightning Reed2Laser Bean2Electric Blueberry2


Explorer Zombie2 Adventurer Zombie2 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2 Lost City Imp Zombie2 Parasol Zombie2 Turquoise Skull Zombie2 Lost City 100
Piñata Party #4 Bloomerang2Kernel-pult2 Snapdragon2Cold Snapdragon2

Spring Bean2Chard Guard2Primal Peashooter2


Cave Zombie2 Cave Conehead Zombie2 Hunter Zombie2 Yeti Imp2 Troglobite2 Frostbite Caves 100
Piñata Party #5 Peashooter2Split Pea2 Wall-nut2Tall-nut2 or



Lightning Reed2Laser Bean2Electric Blueberry2


Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Prospector Zombie2 Poncho Zombie2 Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 Zombie Chicken2 Wild West 100
Piñata Party #6 Puff-shroom2Shadow-shroom2 or


Phat Beet2

Garlic2Endurian2 or



Future Conehead Zombie2 Neon Zombie2 Neon Conehead2 Impunk2 Arcade Zombie2 Newspaper Zombie2 Jurassic Marsh 125
Piñata Party #7 Wall-nut2Tall-nut2 Bonk Choy2Phat Beet2



Mummy Zombie2 Conehead Mummy2 Buckethead Mummy2 Ra Zombie2 Explorer Zombie2 Pharaoh Zombie2 Imp Mummy2 Ancient Egypt 125
Piñata Party #8 Cabbage-pult2Melon-pult2Winter Melon2 Bowling Bulb2Dusk Lobber2

Cactus2Homing Thistle2


Pompadour Zombie2 Pompadour Conehead2 Bikini Zombie2 Bikini Conehead2 Bikini Buckethead2 Snorkel Zombie2 Imp Mermaid Zombie2 Surfer Zombie2 Big Wave Beach 125
Piñata Party #9 Cabbage-pult2Dusk Lobber2 Sun-shroom2Moonflower2

Puff-shroom2Shadow-shroom2 or



Basic Zombie2 Conehead Zombie2 Newspaper Zombie2 Balloon Zombie2 Super-Fan Imp2 Modern Day 125
Piñata Party #10 Wall-nut2Tall-nut2 or


Cabbage-pult2Kernel-pult2Coconut Cannon2 or

Cabbage-pult2Melon-pult2Winter Melon2



Explorer Zombie2 Adventurer Zombie2 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2 Parasol Zombie2 Lost City Imp Zombie2 Bug Zombie2 Lost City 100
Piñata Party #11 Peashooter2Primal Peashooter2Wall-nut2Primal Wall-nut2

Snapdragon2Cold Snapdragon2


Jurassic Zombie2 Jurassic Conehead2 Jurassic Imp2 Jurassic Bully2 Jurassic Marsh 125
Piñata Party #12 Wall-nut2Pea-nut2 Sun-shroom2Hypno-shroom2



Peasant Zombie2 Conehead Peasant2 Buckethead Peasant2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Jester Zombie2 Imp Dragon Zombie2 Dark Ages 125
Piñata Party #13 Peashooter2Split Pea2 or



Lightning Reed2Electric Blueberry2


Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2 Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 Zombie Chicken2 Wild West 125
Piñata Party #14 Wall-nut2Infi-nut2 Cabbage-pult2Citron2 or




Future Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Jetpack Zombie2 Bug Bot Imp2 Far Future 125


  • Parties 6 and 9 are the only Beghouled levels that allow the Puff-shroom to upgrade into something other than Fume-shroom.
  • In the 9th Party, there are Sun-shrooms, but they do not produce sun. This is because it is meant to be upgraded to Moonflower, which would power up Dusk Lobber. The game presumably has sun production off, like with Modern Day - Day 34.

Big Brainz Piñata Parties

These parties stared on September 30th, and involves all zombies exclusive to Player's House and Modern Day to have heads many times their normal size. Apple Mortar is the premium plant associated with this event.


Lawn of Doom Piñata Parties 2016

These parties started on October 17th, and showcases the premium plant Witch Hazel. In addition, Ghost Pepper and Jack O' Lantern would also be brought back during this time. Due to an error in the programming, the costumes of Sunflower, Peashooter and Wall-nut didn't change to their limited time Halloween costumes.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Parties

These parties started on November 2nd, and showcased Piñata Parties based on Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Each Piñata Party started with a comedic cutscene involving Green Shadow, Solar Flare, Wall-Knight, Super Brainz, Impfinity, or Electric Boogaloo. Three new obtainable limited time costumes based on Plant Heroes were added. Peashooter, Sunflower, and Wall-nut were also intended to wear limited time costumes based on Green Shadow, Solar Flare and Wall-Knight respectively for the duration of the event; however due to an ongoing programming error regarding their limited time costumes, the said costumes weren't actually displayed.

Food Fight 2016 Event

These parties started in the 18th of November and ended in the 1st of December. Sweet Potato was added back to the store as a limited time gem plant. These parties feature Thanksgiving themed zombies with forks and knifes in their hands and usually the plants given in the conveyor belt are Fruits, Vegetables or in some way common ingredients. The new premium plant, Parsnip, is sponsored during this event, coming alongside a limited-time Whip and Snip Bundle in which Parnsnip and Wasabi Whip are sold together for a slightly discounted cost. The Underground Plants Bundle was added with Cactus, Parsnip, and Escape Root.

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