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This page records all events of Piñata Party from 2013 to 2014.

Feastivus 2013

There was a "5 Days of Feastivus" Party running from December 24 to 29 2013 (the last Feastivus Party lasts for two days). It's just like a normal Piñata Party, but the area was changed to a Christmas look with snow and other various Christmas-related stuff with Pianist Zombie, Swashbuckler Zombie, Camel Zombies, Poncho Zombie, Gargantuar and Imp having a new Christmas look. After completing a day of Feastivus, instead of Piñatas, the player could whack open three presents. After three days completed the player would whack a giant gift, replacing Señor Piñata. During this event, the Pianist Zombie will play Christmas Carols instead of its usual music. Its description was "5 Days of Feastivus On Now! A new holiday party level every day until 12/29." It returned in 2014.



The 5 days of Feastivus Trailer01:06

The 5 days of Feastivus Trailer

The trailer.

Zombies' costumes

St. Paddy's Day Party

This party ran on March 17, 2014. Money pots with Imps fell down randomly, adding a hidden sneak peek for Far Future, a new ambush called "Leprechauns!" and defeating them would always reward a gold coin. Most of the Imps appeared to wear a Leprechaun costume, except for the ones who were on the back of Gargantuars. Its description was "St. Paddy Party Is On! Special limited-time level. Win prizes!"


Future Piñata Party

These parties ran on March 20 and 24  2014. These parties introduced new types of plants and zombies from Far Future as sneak peeks, as it was not yet released at the time. These included Laser Bean, Future Zombie and its variants, Citron and Robo-Cone Zombie.



  • In these parties a red futuristic spacecraft appeared in pavement.

Easter 2014 Party

This was a removed party that was originally supposed to appear on April 20, 2014, a day early, as before May 1, Piñata Parties only happened once every three days. Even though the party itself is removed, the costumes for Gargantuar and Imp are still available if hacked in.


Birthdayz Party

This party series ran for the whole month of May 2014. It celebrates the five year anniversary of the Plants vs. Zombies series. Some zombies were seen wearing birthday-themed costumes all month long. When Basic Zombies from the present die they throw confetti from the inside of their necks, and a sound effect plays. Its description was "Birthdayz Party. On Now! Celebrate Plants vs. Zombies fifth birthday with parties every day in May." 


Plants vs00:31

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Birthdayz Trailer

The trailer.

Happy Birthdayz from PvZ-200:16

Happy Birthdayz from PvZ-2

Ending trailer.

Zombies' costumes

Dark Ages Piñata Parties

Starting on June 19, 2014 and ending on June 27, Piñata Parties were released featuring some of the plants and zombies from Dark Ages. These included the Puff-shroom, Hypno-shroom, Pea-nutPeasant Zombie and its variants. The parties take place at sunset. The Piñata Parties reappeared at July 26 and were still up advertising the release of Dark Ages - Part 2, but ended again on August 7. In its reappearance, instead of saying "Party every day until the Knight falls! Dark Ages is coming soon!" its description says "Party all Knights long. Mash it up with new characters from Dark Ages!"


Gargantuar Week Parties

Starting at July 16, 2014, Piñata Parties were released always featuring Gargantuars in them. Video


Extreme Super Challenge Week

Starting at August 8, 2014, Piñata Parties have had some of the hardest parties ever created. Its description was "Piñata Party Extreme Super Challenge Week! Our hardest mash-up levels all week long."


The Chosen Ones Party Week

Starting at August 25, 2014, Piñata Parties will have been determined by players on which parties should be played for that week. Its description was "The Chosen Ones! Player faves all week long!"


Imp Week Parties

Starting at September 10, 2014, Piñata Parties were released always featuring Imps in them. Its description was "Imp Week is on!, Nothing short of amazing. Limited time."


Chicken Week Parties

Its description was "Chicken Week is on!, Limited time. Win big clucking prizes."


1st Zombiversary PvZ2

Starting on September 26, 2014, Piñata Parties have been chosen by game developers, its description is: "Celebrate year one with studio favorite Parties throughout Oct 2"


Big Wave Beach Parties

On October 8, 2014, Piñata Parties were released featuring plants and zombies from Big Wave Beach. The parties were reintroduced on November 6, 2014. A few of them ran in the gap between the Lawn of Doom and Food Fight events, but most were just normal parties.


Lawn of Doom Piñata Parties

Starting on October 24, 2014, Halloween themed Piñata Parties were released. There are skeleton zombies, including a Frankenstein Gargantuar with the bride of Frankenstein as its Imp.


Fall Food Fight


The Food Fight Piñata Parties began on November 26, 2014. They feature Sweet Potato and have Thanksgiving themed zombies such as a chef version of the Jester Zombie and a turkey version of the Chicken Wrangler Zombie and the Zombie Chicken.
Plants vs00:26

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Food Fight

Backyard Brain Bowl Parties

Starting at December 6, 2014. All parties include Mecha-Football Zombies.


Feastivus 2014

Feastivus returns in 2014, however, Gargantuar and Imp have new costumes, and so do the Basic, Conehead, Buckethead and Flag variants. The other zombies with winter costumes however, retain them. Unlike before, this Feastivus is eighteen days long, instead of five. Three teaser parties happen on the 16th, 17th and 18 December. The main Feastivus parties start on December 19, 2014 and end on January 5, 2015.



  • In one of the advertisements, "Happy holidays to all, and to all, a good bite!" is a reference to, "Happy holidays to all, and to all, a good night!"

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