Pelican Zombie is a zombie that appears in the Pirate Seas expansion in Plants vs. Zombies 2, along with Barrelhead Zombie and Jolly Roger Zombie. It is an upgraded version of Seagull Zombie.

Almanac entry

Pelican Zombie

SPEED: Flighty

Pelican Zombie crosses water without a plank and flies over low plants.

Special: floats over low plants

The Pelican Zombie upgraded from the Seagull Zombie and has no regrets. No egrets, either. Just a pelican.


Pirate Seas: Days 32, 33 and 34

Battlez: Dandelion's Brainstorm Tournament


Pelican Zombie is an upgraded version of Seagull Zombie, which means the two have the same counters. You can defeat a Pelican Zombie the same way you would for a Seagull Zombie, using plants such as Blover or Kernel-pult. Be aware of Pelican Zombie's speed, as it can make it to your lawn mower or house if you don't defeat it in time. You can block them off with defensive plants such as Wall-nut if you don't have Blover or Hurrikale available. Primal Peashooters and Apple Mortars are great choices for stalling this zombie. Snow Peas, Winter Melons, and Cold Snapdragons can effectively slow them down. If these zombies appear in large numbers, which they sometimes do, those plants along with Cactus, Laser Bean, Fume-shroom and Electric Peashooter are excellent counters.

Note: Avoid using Citron against this zombie (unless fed with Plant Food) as their fire rate is slow. Additionally, this zombie can reach Citron fast or possibly even destroy it before it can fire a plasma ball.



  • Although Pelican Zombie is an upgrade of Seagull Zombie, the only difference between the two is their speed (and the pitch of the bird's squawks, which is slightly deeper for Pelican Zombie).
    • However, when Seagull Zombie is killed, the seagull flies off. In Pelican Zombie's case, the Pelican stays and disappears with the body of the zombie.
  • Pelican Zombie is similar to the Blastronaut Zombie from Far Future, as they're both a faster moving variant of an already existing zombie.
  • Like Seagull Zombie, Pelican Zombie can be instant-killed by butter.
  • Its Almanac entry makes a pun on "regret" using the word "egret," which is a type of a bird.
  • When it is electrocuted, the pelican carrying the zombie turns into a seagull. This is because it uses the exact same electrocution sprites as Seagull Zombie's.
  • It, Seagull Zombie, Jetpack Zombie, Blastronaut Zombie, Bug Zombie, and Balloon Zombie are the only zombies that cannot be dragged by Grimrose.

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