Patrice Blazing is a main character in the Plants vs. Zombies comic book series. She is Crazy Dave's 11-year-old niece and battles against zombies alongside her uncle and her friend Nate. She appears in almost every comic.


Patrice is a very brave individual skilled at outsmarting zombies. Compared to Nate, she does not act as stupid as him; at least usually. She is often shown to be serious when dealing with zombies. However, she sometimes tends to do considerably weird things, such as getting excited about her uncle creating a fire-breathing T. Rex when they should be focusing on finding a machine to get rid of a sun-obscuring cloud made by the zombies. She seems to admire her uncle greatly and seems to dislike it whenever Nate calls him "Crazy Dave".


  • She likes soccer, lemonade, rainstorms, leaping, punching, and spaghetti.
  • She dislikes Zomboss and being told what to do.
  • She has defeated 117 zombies, and has ran away from 14.
  • Her favorite plant is a Sunflower.
  • She can understand 84% of Crazy Dave's words.



  • She can speak English, French, Italian and Crazy Dave. She seems to be the only character to understand Crazy Dave.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse, it is revealed that she would grow up to be skilled in 452 kinds of martial arts.