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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.

In Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, the zombies walk through paths to enter player's buildings or RV. The player needs to place paths in the town in order to make the building available for use or purchase. All paths cost Zombucks and do not have any special effect. There are many other paths on Road Trip which are not sold in the store.

None of the paths have any effect on the zombies or the game, so it is advised to buy the cheapest path.


Name Pic Description Zombucks
Stone Path Stone Path That classic path look and feel. 5
Dirt Dirt Plain and simple dirt! 5
Dirt Trail Dirt Trail Like dirt, but in a trail. 5
Mulch Mulch Enriches your town. 5
Trampled Grass Trampled Grass Product of poor lawncare. 5
Broken Log Path Broken Log Path Watch your step! 10
Broken Planks Path Broken Planks Path A bit sketchy to walk on. 10
Broken Rock Broken Rock Watch your step! 10
Cobblestone Path Cobblestone Path So cobbly! 10
Dark Cobblestone Path Dark Cobblestone Path Now with more cobble! 10
Cracked Cement Path Cracked Cement Path They'd fix it, but meh. 15
Mountain Plank Path Mountain Plank Path Planks for more memories! 15
Trampled Grasslands Path Trampled Grasslands Path Looks like something trampled on it! 15
Uneven Cement Path Uneven Cement Path It's less even than it looks. 15
Wood Deck Wood Deck Hand-crafted. 15
Brick Path Brick Path It's a brick! Path! 20
Cement Path Cement Path Sturdy. Simple. Reliable. 20
Chunky Quarry Path Chunky Quarry Path Rock! 20
Grassy Stone Path Grassy Stone Path Overgrown and under-tended. 20
Small Stone Mountain Path Small Stone Mountain Path The preferred path of goats. 20
Beach Boardwalk Path Beach Boardwalk Path Watch for splinters! 25
Chipped Quarry Path Chipped Quarry Path Chipped off the old block! 25
Grassy Sand Path Grassy Sand Path The sand between your toes! 25
Raised Cement Path Raised Cement Path It's raised! Whatever that means. 25
Sandy Grass Path Sandy Grass Path Hot! Too hot! 25
Beach Plank Path Beach Plank Path Great for sandals! 30
Campus Cement Path Campus Cement Path Feels like you're late to class! 30
Forest Leaves and Dirt Path Forest Leaves and Dirt Path Great for sandals! 30
Gravel Quarry Path Gravel Quarry Path Super Gravely! 30
Large Stone Mountain Path Large Stone Mountain Path The second-most preferred path for goats. 30
Railroad Path Railroad Path It's a road of rails! 30
Campus Mixed Cement Path Campus Mixed Cement Path You feel smarter walking on it! 35
Forest Rocky Dirt Path Forest Rocky Dirt Path Rock and dirt, but in a path. 35
Mossy Wood Path Mossy Wood Path For that rustic, abandoned, feel. 35
Tri Tone Cement Path Tri Tone Cement Path Sounds fancy, right? 35
Arctic Cracked Ice Path Arctic Cracked Ice Path Great for sandals! 40
Campus Birck Path Campus Brick Path So collegiate! 40
Campus Square Stone Path Campus Square Stone Path Makes you feel academic! 40
Forest Stair Path Forest Stair Path From an enchanted forest. 40
Arctic Footprints Arctic Footprints Brrrrrrr.... 45
Forest Clay Path Forest Clay Path Be one with nature. 45
Volcano Path Volcano Path Not great for sandals. Or shoes. Or feet. 45

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