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Plants vs. Zombies- Garden Warfare 2
Party Corn
Party Corn GW2
Health 150
Variant of Kernel Corn
Party Busters
Abilities Party Time!
Butter Barrage
Husk Hop
Shuck Shot
Bigger Better Butter
Rarity Legendary

Party Corn is a Legendary Kernel Corn variant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When the Party Corn gets enough vanquishes, he will enter Party Time!, which makes him move faster and deal higher damage.

However, like other party variants, Party Corn's stickers cannot be obtained through sticker packs (excluding Infinity Packs), but instead the player must open Eternity Chests in Infinity Time to obtain the stickers to unlock him, meaning the player must get 15,000 Time Shards or more to have a chance at unlocking him. Like all Legendary variants, only two stickers are required to unlock him. He does about 8 or 10 damage at party time. Normally, he would do 5-7 damage.


Stickerbook description

Party Corn was deep undercover, investigating a particularly raucous celebration when he heard about the Battle of Zomburbia. With no time to change out of his party garb, he sprang into action, Party Busters at the ready.

In-game description

Vanquish foes to fill his meter and initiate Party Time, where you'll move faster and deal extra damage!


Party Time!

Party Time! is the variant ability for Party Corn. By getting Vanquishes, the bar for Party Time fills up. When the bar is full, Party Time activates and it gives Party Corn a temporary damage and speed boost.

Butter Barrage

Party Corn tosses a Hot Potato. A massive amount of butter is deployed from the sky wherever it lands.

Husk Hop

Party Corn leaps into the air in a forward distance while firing his Cob Busters directly below him which damages any target below him.

Shuck Shot

Similar to ZPG, Party fires 2 big cobs straight in front of himself. He does massive damage and is capable of instantly vanquishing anything he hits (except for Z-Mechs), if the cobs manage to score a direct hit.

Bigger, Better Butter

Revealed in a live stream, it is the alternative ability to the Butter Barrage. Party Corn tosses a Hot Potato, but one giant piece of butter falls from the sky where it landed, which then makes a large explosion.



Party Corn is another Party variant that has not been getting any strong reasons to be used. He does very pathetic damage without "Party Time!", making it nearly impossible to achieve "Party Time!" in a multiplayer match, as many players will simply defeat you in a battle of attrition, since you deal too little damage compared to Party Corn's vanilla counterpart, while your enemy will most likely not have to worry about having a weapon with lower damage. Use your abilities to your advantage as they will most likely be your only hope of getting into "Party Time!". This Party variant should be used instead in AI battles to make playing it enjoyable, as achieving vanquishes against AI is generally easier.


Party Corn has only one thing going for him, which is the increased health that all of the Corn variants recently had. His damage will only be somewhat harmful at close range, which is also the range that his weapon becomes very difficult to aim in. Having to worry about this variant achieving "Party Time!" should be a very low priority, since not even the damage boost and speed boost can justify his current stats.

Balancing changes

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • Changed how projectile looks
  • Reduced Party Corn's damage output

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Increased magazine capacity by 5
  • Increased long range damage from 3.5 - 4.5
  • Increased damage falloff start distance from 10m to 20m
  • Reduced reticle bloom
  • Increased accuracy slightly

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Increased start/end damage from 5.5/4.5 – 6/5
  • Reduced damage falloff start/end distance 20/30 – 15/25


  • When "Party Time!" is activated, the metal jam plays.
  • Similar to many other Legendary variants, he is eighties-themed.
  • Despite being shown with a cereal bowl on his neck in the Stickerbook, he does not have one in gameplay.
    • The said cereal bowl is known as the "Soggy Cereal" Customization.
  • He has the same character model as BBQ Corn, however he is styled differently.
  • He is implied to be one of the three agents who got sucked into infinity in the mid-1980s.
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Kernel Corn
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