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Parsnip snips at zombies, and then charges down the lane at the last moment.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 150
Recharge Fast
Damage Heavy
Range Close
Special Rushes at the last moment.
In-game statistics
Unlocked NA: $3.99
ParsnipCostume1 ParsnipCostume2
"Snip!" said Parsnip. "Snip snip snip! If it wasn't for my scrapbook, my coupons, and snipping zombies to death, I just don't know what I'd do with myself!"

Parsnip is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, tied with the Food Fight! 2016 event. It attacks zombies in front from a short range. Once Parsnip is almost eaten, it will rush down the lane in a similar fashion to Guacodile. It deals three and a half normal damage shots every two seconds. It can also push zombies back and create two little Parsnips when fed Plant Food.


Parsnip is based on the Pastinaca sativa, a root plant closely related to the carrot better known as parsnip, and possibly a fiddler crab. Its name is a pun on "parsnip", "snip" (to cut something with scissors or shears in short strokes), and possibly "nip".

Almanac entry




RANGE: Close

Parsnip snips at zombies, and then charges down the lane at the last moment.

Special: Rushes at the last moment.

"Snip!" said Parsnip. "Snip snip snip! If it wasn't for my scrapbook, my coupons, and snipping zombies to death, I just don't know what I'd do with myself!"


Plant Food effect


When fed Plant Food, Parsnip will knock back every zombie in front of it. Then, Parsnip will create two smaller versions of itself that will rush down its lane. This is Similar to what the Guacodile does for its Plant Food Effect

Level upgrade

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
Plant Food Power
1 0 0 150 5 seconds 3 bites 4 nds 15 nds Close
2 20 2,000 150 3.5 bites 5 nds 16.5 nds
3 100 10,000 150 4 bites 6 nds 18 nds
4 200 20,000 125 4.5 bites 7 nds 21 nds
5 300 35,000 125 5.5 bites 8 nds 24 nds
6 400 50,000 125 6 bites 9 nds 27 nds
7 500 100,000 100 6.5 bites 10 nds 30 nds
8 600 150,000 100 7 bites 11 nds 33 nds
9 700 250,000 100 8 bites 13 nds 36 nds
10 800 400,000 75 9 bites 15 nds 40 nds


Parsnip is a great plant to use early in a level. Its high single target damage, combined with its ability to function as a temporary wall, make it a powerful asset. Compared to Guacodile, Parsnip has less range on its attacks and has a weaker rush attack, but Parsnip can function as a temporary wall, and has much more damage on its attacks. Because of this, Parsnip is generally better at starting levels, whereas Guacodile is better at dealing damage to hordes quickly.

One should not use Parsnip against zombies that do not eat, such as Explorer Zombie or Excavator Zombie, as Parsnip will only rush if eaten. However, Parsnip can be effective against some of these zombies, such as Jetpack Zombie, since Parsnip is free to attack them without getting destroyed.

Parsnip can function as a temporary way to deal with Jester Zombie, since Parsnip will rush down the Jester Zombies after taking a few hits. While this is not ideal, it can function. Parsnip can also be useful for combating Imps thrown from Gargantuars, as they'll have to eat Parsnip first, opposed to Guacodile, which activates immediately.

Parsnip is also good when combined with slowing plants, such as Winter Melon or Sap-fling, since this allows Parsnip to get off a lot more damage before rushing.

What really makes Parsnip worth using is its powerful plant food. A single plant food can take out a Mummified Gargantuar. However the scarcity of plant food makes it less ideal for Endless Zones.


Plants vs. Zombies Wiki has a gallery for Parsnip.
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  • Both of its costumes are based on animals.
  • Its claws are not connected to its body, which is a cause of the lack of arm textures.
  • When it rushes, it can snip zombies behind it, but when it is rooted it cannot, for unknown reasons.
  • It has several similarities to crabs, namely fiddler crabs, including its claws and the legs it has when charging.
  • Its Almanac entry is the first time the word "death" is used in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
    • In the context of its Almanac entry, it is ironic how Parsnip snips zombies to death, as the zombies are undead.
  • It is debatable as to whether or not Parsnip is an upgrade of Guacodile, as it attacks zombies, but rushes after a zombie gets close and when fed Plant Food, it will push back every zombie in front of it, create two smaller versions of itself and rushing down its lane, similar to Guacodile. However, Parnsip does more damage in close range, but a weaker rush attack.
    • Coincidentally, both are animal-based plants.
  • Rarely, when timed right, it may not rush down the lane, but instead gets eaten as usual, specifically a large amount of zombies eating it in a same time.

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