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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
Opening Service Gift

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The Opening Service Gift is a feature in Plants vs. Zombies Online where the player gets gifts consisting of plants, coins and diamonds and other items up to fourteen days upon starting up the game for the very first time.

Missing a day does not restart the day counter, but will still continue recording, allowing the player to collected their missed gifts all at once. The plants collected here are only used for Adventure Mode.

Once all of the gifts from all fourteen days are collected, and the player logs in again after logging out, the feature will disappear.


Day Gift 1 (Coins) Gift 2 (Diamonds/Energy) Gift 3 (Boosts) Gift 4 (Special items/Plants/Puzzle Pieces)
1 10000 coins 10 diamonds 4 Highest Fertilizer 3 Golden Water Bottles
2 15000 coins 10 energy 2 Two-star Chlorophyll Tall-nut2C
3 20000 coins 20 diamonds 1 Physical Strength upgrade Snow Pea2C 30 Puzzle Pieces
4 25000 coins 20 energy 300 soil Kernel-pult2 30 Puzzle Pieces
5 30000 coins 30 diamonds 5 Fashion Crystals Carrot MissileO 30 Puzzle Pieces
6 35000 coins 30 energy 3 Two-star Chlorophyll Sunflower2 30 Puzzle Pieces
7 40000 coins 40 diamonds 5 Precision Parts Pomegranate-pultO
8 45000 coins 40 energy 30 Green Advanced Material 30 Plant coins
9 50000 coins 50 diamonds 40 Blue Advanced Material 30 Plant coins
10 55000 coins 50 energy 1 Golden Liquid 30 Plant coins
11 60000 coins 60 diamonds 1 Free Battle Brand 30 Plant coins
12 65000 coins 60 energy 50 Purple Advanced Material 30 Plant coins
13 70000 coins 70 diamonds Superior Township relocation Card 30 Plant coins
14 80000 coins 80 diamonds 1 Three-star Chlorophyll Nitration MushroomO


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