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Plants vs. Zombies- Garden Warfare 2

Ol' Deadbeard

O'l deadbeard
Agency Top Zombie
Missions Hitting a Snag

Ol' Deadbeard's Big Surprise
Gold Rush
Top Zombie

Difficulty Moderate

Ol' Deadbeard is a Top Zombie who gives out quests in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His appearance resembles Captain Deadbeard. He owns a pet shark called Snaggles, which can be seen lodged in a wall of his ship.

Top Zombie Quests

Hitting a Snag

Something's wrong with Ol' Deadbeard's pet shark, Snaggles. Is anyone here a marine biologist?

Ol' Deadbeard's Big Surprise

Special Ops: Head to Frosty Creek and help O'l Deadbeard cure his scurvy!

Gold Rush

Turns out Ol' Deadbeard is terrible with his money. Help him get him back on his pegleg.



  • He makes a cameo apperance in the Agent of L.E.A.F. quests.
  • A plush toy of Rose can be found on his bed.
    • This plush, and plushes of the other regular playable characters can also be found in the Seeds of Time map.
    • If you look at the windows of his ship, you can see him digging up treasure with Pirate Zombies.
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