No Teleporting Allowed Xbox1

No Teleporting Allowed icon in the Xbox One version

No Teleporting Allowed is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare which requires the player to destroy a teleporter in the Gardens & Graveyards mode as a plant.

Despite the fact that its description says "destroy a teleporter in Gardens & Graveyards", in the PC version, destroying a teleporter in Garden Ops mode also unlocks this achievement as well.


As a Peashooter, use Hyper to go to where the zombies are coming from, throw a Chili Bean Bomb or Sombrero Bean Bomb when you reach the teleporter, clearing out all nearby zombies and Zombot Turrets, then use Pea Gatling or Retro Gatling to destroy the teleporter or use Solar Flare Beam or Sunbeam as Sunflower.

As a Cactus, use your Garlic Drone or Artichoke Drone to get to the teleporter, and the use the Corn Strike or Baby Corn to damage the teleporter, then finish it off with primary weapon.

Chomper is not recommended for this achievement, as he will get ganged up on by all the zombies at the teleporter, and will likely be vanquished.

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