Watch out! Nightcap wants a quick knock out. He likes his battles fast and aggressive. And when it comes to mushrooms, the more, the meaner, he believes.

Dr. Zomboss

Nightcap is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and the leader of the PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom and PvZH Smarty IconSmarty classes. His signature superpower is Mush-Boom, which makes a Poison Mushroom on a selected lane and does 2 damage to a zombie on said lane.

He could be a hero version of Poison Mushroom.


His name is a pun on "nightcap," a type of headwear used during sleep, and "cap," a common name given to the mushroom pileus.


Hero description

He's a fun guy.

Update history

Update 1.6.27

  • Name change: Night Cap → Nightcap

Strategies strategy

Don't blink or you'll miss Night Cap's furious swarm of low-cost mushrooms. When Buff-Shroom powers up the whole team, it's good night, zombies.


With the Kabloom and Smarty classes, Nightcap specializes in knocking out his opponent quickly, as he will oftentimes struggle in the late-game. Finish your foe quickly if you are to use rushes.

The strategy mentioned above is using mushrooms like Shroom for Two and Punish-Shroom, then boosting them with, but not limited to, Buff-Shroom, Storm Front, and/or Berry Angry to do a massive amount of damage in a single turn, leading to a quick win. For other options, Pineclone can be used to turn weaker plants like Pair of Pears and Puff-Shroom into much more powerful ones. If certain zombies try to mess up this strategy, PvZH Frozen IconFreeze or Bounce them, since Nightcap is also a Smarty hero. Mush-Boom is also useful for taking down weak zombies and knocking off 3 damage off the zombie hero with Poison Mushroom as well.

Despite rushes being his preferred strategy, Nightcap has access to some of the most powerful plants in the game, being Grapes of Wrath, Kernel Corn, Dandy Lion King, Winter Melon, The Great Zucchini, and Dark Matter Dragonfruit. This means that not only does Nightcap possess a strong early game, but a strong late-game as well. Use these plants to your advantage if you find yourself in the late game.

Even with such powerful plants, transferring into the late game as Nightcap is really difficult, as his defensive game is among the worst of all heroes; none of his plants can reliably block attacks for a prolonged period of time, as all are too fragile to do so. Shroom For Two may solve this a bit, as they can wall some hits, but even then, it isn't the most reliable defense.

Unfortunately, Nightcap has no cards that can instantly destroy zombies. The only methods of dealing with tough zombies is to Bounce them, use the PvZH Frozen IconFreeze-Winter Squash combo on them, use Sizzle as a substitute for instant kills, or to fight fire with fire and beat them with tough plants. Nightcap also suffers from weaker card draw, as some of the only ways for Nightcap to draw additional cards are via Petal-Morphosis, Magic Beanstalks from Sow Magic Beans, and Planet of the Grapes. Despite being weaker overall, it is more manageable. Nightcap can also use Mayflower to give him additional cards, but they won't synergize in mushroom decks. Still, it helps remedy his lack of card draw.


Against Nightcap, it is essential to bring along tricks that can potentially wipe the board of mushrooms. Hearty heroes can use Weed Spray to get rid of his mushrooms, but only if their strength does not exceed 2. Crazy heroes have access to The Chickening, which will do damage to every plant in play. However, be careful when Punish-Shroom is on the field, as it can do damage to zombies on the field or your hero by a lot (depending on the number of mushrooms destroyed). Also, watch out for Pineclone as Nightcap can use it to seal his defenses. One strategy is stalling turns so that he ends up playing Magic Beanstalks or Petal-Morphosis in an attempt to draw more cards.

In case the tricks that can wipe the field are unavailable, you can attempt to copy his playstyle, though it is probably not recommended for several zombie heroes. Apart from that, also keep an eye on the aquatic lane as Nightcap may try to play an Amphibious plant there.

Mushroom Might

Nightcap will attempt to use a mushroom rush deck on you by spamming Puff-Shrooms with use of Shroom for Two and Mushroom Grotto, and supporting them with Punish-Shroom and Sportacus. If you don't manage to get rid of the mushrooms somehow, he will use Pineclone, then possibly Molekale, to finish you off. Make use of early removal tricks like Weed Spray and Bungee Plumber to remove his mushrooms as soon as possible. Z-Mech is the best hero to use since he has access to both the aforementioned tricks and zombies. Just be careful if Sportacus is on the field if you are to use tricks to remove the mushrooms.

Berry Dangerous

In this deck, Nightcap will use berry plants to take you down. He will do a nasty combo consisting of playing Sergeant Strongberry followed by Sour Grapes or Cherry Bomb. Use Rocket Science to remove high-strength plants, and removal tricks like Bungee PlumberZombot's Wrath, and The Chickening to remove the other plants. Professor Brainstorm is the best hero here since he can use the aforementioned tricks. It is also recommended to rush Nightcap before he can unleash Grapes of Wrath.

Swarm and Transform

Nightcap will attempt to swarm the field quickly with small plants such as Shroom for Two and Mushroom Grotto, as well as Cosmic Beans and Mayflowers, before transforming them into stronger plants with Petal-Morphosis or other cards. It is recommended to defeat him quickly, because he also has Reincarnation and Dandy Lion King in this deck.

Faceblaster 9000

Nightcap will use low-cost cards like Shroom for Two and Cosmic Bean to hit you directly and ensure that he has always has a card advantage via Planet of the Grapes. If you see Nightcap swarming the field, use removal tricks like The Chickening to avoid getting overwhelmed with more powerful plants. Removing any Lima-Pleurodon on the field is also crucial, as they can provide Magic Beanstalks that hit hard and tank hits for their cost. Use cards like Gentleman Zombie to ensure that you can use tricks to destroy threats.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Nightcap
NightcapH Mushroom Might

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Rush the Zombies with multiple Mushrooms, then let Sportacus and Punish-Shroom bring the hurt if the brain eaters try to stop you. Keep spreading the spores with Cosmic Mushrooms and Mushroom Grottos.
Puff-ShroomH x2 Astro-ShroomH x4 Shroom for TwoH x4 Berry BlastH x3 Buff-ShroomH x4
Planet of the GrapesH x4 Cosmic MushroomH x1 Mushroom GrottoH x3 Punish-ShroomH x4 SportacusH x4
MolekaleH x2 PinecloneH x4 Gloom-ShroomH x1

NightcapH Berry Dangerous

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Berries join forces to dominate the Zombies in this Strategy Deck. Sergeant Strongberry harnesses the power of friends such as Jolly Holly and Sour Grapes to deliver extra damage. Grapes of Wrath moves in to finish the foes.
High-Voltage CurrantH x4 ReincarnationH x2 Berry BlastH x4 Planet of the GrapesH x1 Wild BerryH x4
MayflowerH x3 Poison IvyH x2 Pair PearadiseH x1 Sergeant StrongberryH x4 Sour GrapesH x3
BluesberryH x1 Electric BlueberryH x2 Jolly HollyH x3 Cherry BombH x2 Grapes of WrathH x2
Dark Matter DragonfruitH x2

NightcapH Swarm and Transform

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
You never know what you're going to get in this powerfully unpredictable deck. Rush out a plethora of plants with Shroom for Two and Mushroom Grotto, then transform them all at once with Pineclone and Molekale.
Banana BombH x2 High-Voltage CurrantH x4 ReincarnationH x4 Shroom for TwoH x4 Berry BlastH x2
Cosmic BeanH x4 Mushroom GrottoH x3 SeedlingH x4 MayflowerH x4 MolekaleH x4
Petal-MorphosisH x2 PinecloneH x2 Dandy Lion KingH x1

NightcapH Faceblaster 9000

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Do you need to blast faces? Then you'll LOVE Faceblaster 9000! Navy Bean and Astro-Shroom ping Heroes when you play Beans or Plants. Put them in Planet of the Grapes and draw tons of cheap cards. 38 cards cost 2 or less!
Puff-ShroomH x2 Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Astro-ShroomH x4 Banana BombH x1 High-Voltage CurrantH x4
Lima-PleurodonH x3 Shroom for TwoH x4 Cosmic BeanH x4 Planet of the GrapesH x4 Sow Magic BeansH x4
Sonic BloomH x2

NightcapH Evolved Fisticuffs

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Your Tricorn evolutions do 12 damage per turn when you evolve them. Evolved Cro-Magnolias make your team smash just as hard. Now you have the perfect cheap Plants to play your Evolutions on!
High-Voltage CurrantH x4 Shroom for TwoH x4 Berry BlastH x4 Cosmic BeanH x4 FireweedH x4
Cro-MagnoliaH x4 Poison IvyH x4 Pair of PearsH x2 Sour GrapesH x2 Jumping BeanH x2
Poison OakH x2 TricornH x4


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  • He is the only mushroom in the series that has limbs (in this case, arms and hands).
  • According to Dr. Zomboss in Mission 34, Nightcap sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • Nightcap teaches fighting skills to other plants, as seen in the zombie mission comic "When Fungi Attack!"
  • His pileus is not connected to his body, as seen when he is defeated.
  • Nightcap, Citron, Beta-Carrotina and Rose are the only plant heroes that does not have a specific known plant fighter counterpart.
    • However, due to his body shape, it is implied that he could be based on Scaredy-shroom.
      • He hides in his scarf when low on health and tears up, again similarly to how Scaredy-shroom hides when he feels threatened.
      • His cap, like Scaredy-shroom's, is chipped, but unlike Scaredy-shroom, it is chipped in only one area, not all around.
  • In the last comic strip of "When Fungi Attack," Professor Brainstorm uses a device which has the word "sauté" on it. "Sauté" is actually a common method of cooking mushrooms, similar to how the device shocks all the mushrooms.
  • Ironically, Nightcap's battle area, the dojo, depicts daytime in the background, even though his name alludes to nighttime.
  • Nightcap is the only hero who had their Galactic Strategy Deck completely changed, from "Enter-taining Effects" to "Faceblaster 9000."
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