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Watch out! Nightcap wants a quick knock out. He likes his battles fast and aggressive. And when it comes to mushrooms, the more, the meaner, he believes.

Dr. Zomboss

PvZ Heroes logo
Classes PvZH Kabloom IconPvZH Smarty Icon
Signature Superpower Mush-Boom
Other Superpowers More Spore
Storm Front
He's a fun guy.

Nightcap is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Nightcap leads PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom and PvZH Smarty IconSmarty plant cards against the zombies. Nightcap's signature superpower is Mush-Boom, which allows him to summon a Poison Mushroom and automatically do 2 damage to a zombie in its lane.


  • Battle Area: Dojo

Hero description

He's a fun guy.

Update history

Update 1.6.27

  • Name change: Night Cap → Nightcap



Just like Dr. Zomboss says when Nightcap is first fought against, you might want to make sure your opponent is defeated quickly, as Nightcap will not fare well in late game. Using mushrooms like Shroom for Two and Punish-Shroom, then buffing them up with, but not limited to, Buff-Shroom, Storm Front, and/or Berry Angry. Pineclone can be used to turn Pair of Pears and Puff-shrooms into much more powerful plants. If certain zombies try to mess up this strategy, freeze or bounce them, since Nightcap is also a Smarty hero. Mush-Boom is also useful for taking down weak zombies and knocking off 3 damage off the zombie hero with Poison Mushroom as well. Late game can be troubling for Nightcap without legendaries or super-rare cards. Nightcap has access to Grapes of Wrath, Kernel Corn, Dandy Lion King, Winter Melon, and The Great Zucchini, which can help in the late game due to their effects.


Against Nightcap, the best strategy is to bring along cards such as Weed Spray and The Chickening, as they can potentially wipe the board of mushrooms. However, be careful when Punish-Shroom is on the field, as it can defeat every zombie on screen or damage your hero by a lot (depending on the amount of mushrooms defeated). Use Z-Mech to bring both of the aforementioned tricks. Sneaky, Beastly, and Brainy classes may struggle against Nightcap, as they do not have a lot of tools to defeat a rush deck. However, watch out for Pineclone as they will render Nightcap's defense nearly unstoppable.


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  • "Nightcap" is a pun on "Nightcap," a type of headwear used during sleep, and "cap," a common name given to the mushroom pileus.
  • He is the only mushroom in the series that has limbs (in this case, arms and hands).
    • Therefore, this would give him the faintest resemblance to Cappys, enemies who originate from the Kirby series.
  • According to Dr. Zomboss in Mission 33, Nightcap sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • Nightcap teaches fighting skills to other plants, as seen in the zombie mission comic "When Fungi Attack!"
    • He is one of two mushrooms to teach other plants skills. The other is Sea-Shroom.
  • This is the second mushroom that does not have "mushroom" or "-shroom" in its name. The first was Toadstool.
  • His pileus is not connected to his body, as seen when he is defeated.
  • Nightcap, Citron, and Rose are the only plant Heroes that does not have a specific known plant fighter counterpart.
    • However, due to his body shape, it is possible that he could be based on Scaredy-shroom.
      • Also, Nightcap hides in his scarf when low on health, again similarly to how Scaredy-shroom hides when he feels threatened.
        • Nightcap appears to tear up, similar to Scaredy-shroom.
      • While this may be the case, Scaredy-shroom does not make an appearance in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
  • In the last comic strip of "When Fungi Attack," Professor Brainstorm uses a device which has the word "sauté" on it. "Sauté" is actually a method of cooking mushrooms, similar to how the device shocks all the mushrooms.
  • His battle music is shared with Solar Flare.
  • His description makes a pun on the word "fungi."
  • He is the only hero not to make a sound when being attacked.
    • This may be caused by his ninja-like qualities.
  • Nightcap can be seen smiling in the plant mission menu. The only other time he is seen smiling is when 4 or more damage is dealt on the zombie hero or when a plant legendary is played and on his ally and hero packs.
  • Ironically, Nightcap's battle area, the dojo, depicts daytime in the background, even though his name alludes to night time.
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