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For the Chinese version of this level, see Neon Mixtape Tour - Ultimate Challenge.
Hmmmm... you're in danger above. You're a fool; and so knew I! Hear me now: Ever shall you give up; ever shall you be down; always you'll run aground; I'll revert you. I intend to make you cry; I mean for you to say goodbye; I'm not really that nice a guy - I alert you!

Dr. Edgar Zomboss

Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 32 is the thirty-second and last level of Neon Mixtape Tour in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player must defeat the Zombot Multi-stage Masher, the boss of the aforementioned world, in order to finish the level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player earns the Neon Mixtape Tour trophy.


(introduction dialogue)

(Dr. Zomboss appears)

Dr. Zomboss: Hmmmm... you're in danger above. You're a fool; and so knew I.

Dr. Zomboss: Hear me now: Ever shall you give up; ever shall you be down; always you'll run aground, I'll revert you.

Dr. Zomboss: I intend to make you cry: I mean for you to say goodbye: I'm not really that nice a guy - I'll alert you!

(Dr Zomboss leaves, Crazy Dave appears)

Crazy Dave: Ouch!

(Crazy Dave leaves)

(after defeating Dr Zomboss and collected the Neon Mixtape Tour Trophy)

(Crazy Dave and Penny appear)

Penny: Yarbs! That was close, with so many exciting timing rhythm changes.

Penny: I fear we have only hit pause on Dr Zomboss's heinous deal.

(Crazy Dave and Penny leave, Dr Zomboss appears)

Dr. Zomboss: Indeed, next verse, same but worse! I go now to where you can not imagine!

(Dr Zomboss leaves)


  • Zombot Multi-stage Masher has five phases unlike other Zombots.
  • The speakers at the end release shockwaves that toss plants and zombies away very often.
  • At each phase of the fight, a different jam will play. Many zombies that react to the current jam that is playing will be summoned.
  • Beware that the Zombot Multi-stage Masher, unlike Zombots from other worlds, can destroy plants, even when they're initiating their Plant Food abilities.


  • Use Phat Beet's Plant Food ability to quickly destroy speakers, zombies and arcade machines.
  • Remember to stockpile Plant Food for the final phase; the second phase is the best place to do so.
  • Hair Metal Gargantuars will overwhelm the stage very quickly on the final phase, and in tandem with the speakers can destroy plants with little trouble. It is advised to spam Plant Food on Phat Beet and target the Zombot in order to take it out quickly before all lawn mowers are depleted.
  • On the final phase, Dr. Zomboss releases a lot of shockwave attacks to take out a massive amount of plants. It will be helpful to take out these speakers to prevent the loss of plants using Phat Beet's Plant Food. However, it is also a good idea to keep several left over for when the Hair Metal Gargantuars overwhelm the plants on a lane. Despite the shockwave attack defeating your plants, the Gargantuars would also be defeated which would save either a lawnmower or the entire level. Or the player could try to plant in only one row. If he/she was lucky enough, speakers will not spawn on that lane, while Gargantuars will be tortured in the other lanes. If speakers or Gargantuars do spawn, quickly destroy it, or you will have to do it all over again!
  • Phat Beet is important in this level for defeating large numbers of zombies so it would be a good idea to keep one to three Phat Beets at the front for destroying the speakers and damaging Dr. Zomboss while the rest fight the zombies off in the middle.
  • Cactus, while not very useful in fourth or last phase, is super important in first and third phases to stop Punk Zombies and MC Zom-Bs as they can be very threatening if not dealt with quickly. Use multiple to prevent these zombies from using their special abilities.
  • Celery Stalker, while not very useful in second to fourth phase, is extremely important in the final phase to stop the shockwave created by Hair Metal Gargantuar. Remember to place it on to the third column so it can be effective. Stunion is also needed if there are two Hair Metal Gargantuars appear on the same column to stop them.
  • Garlic, though not useful to most of the zombies, should be fully utilized in the third and fourth phase. In the third phase, use the Garlic on the Breakdancer Zombies thus preventing it from kicking other zombies. In the fourth phase, use them directly on the Arcade Zombies causing them to abandon their machines. Do not plant them in front of the machines or the Arcade Zombie will crush it.
  • Keep in mind that the fifth phase does not have any Plant Food. Be sure to use the Plant Food wisely against the Hair Metal Gargantuars.

Phat Beet

First phase

  • Phat Beets are very important in the beginning of this level, as lots of Punk Zombies will come. They are also essential to defeat the hordes of Coneheads and Basic Zombies.

Second phase

  • Although Phat Beets are easily killed by Glitter Zombies, its Plant Food ability is important as it can destroy all Glitter Zombies that are close around it.

Third phase

  • The MC Zom-B can easily kill the Phat Beets because of the lack of attack range. Breakdancer Zombies can also easily push zombies forward to eat the Phat Beets. Phat Beet should not be used as the main attacking plant in the third phase, but it should be used as a supporting plant.

Fourth phase

  • Phat Beet's Plant Food ability is very important and crucial to beat the level in this phase. Because they can easily destroy the arcade machines via Plant Food, few or no 8-Bit Zombies will be spawned. This is very useful to stop the arcade machines from spawning 8-Bit Zombies. Also, it can kill the Arcade Zombies, too, so it will stop him from pushing his arcade machine too far in the lawn.

Fifth phase

  • The Phat Beet is not useful against the Hair Metal Gargantuars, as they will easily get destroyed by guitar shockwaves or be tossed off the lawn by the speaker shockwaves. It should be used as a stalling/sacrificing plant in the fifth phase, which means the player should let the Gargantuars slam them so they would be stalled.

Celery Stalker

First phase

  • Celery Stalker is important in the first phase to kill the Punk Zombies, if they are overwhelming the player. They are also vital in killing the tougher zombies spawned, like Conehead Zombies.

Second phase

  • Like the first phase, Celery Stalker is useful to combat the Glitter Zombies, since the Glitter Zombies cannot destroy them while they are underground. However, it should be noted that Glitter Zombies can destroy the Celery Stalkers when they are up and attacking, so the player has to be a little careful.

Third phase

  • Celery Stalkers are not useful during the third phase as MC Zom-B can easily kill them, like the Phat Beets. Other plants should be used in the third phase to support Celery Stalker.

Fourth phase

  • Celery Stalkers are partially useful, since they can destroy they Arcade Zombies before they go too far, but they can be crushed by the arcade machines that the Arcade Zombies pushes. Furthermore, lots of 8-Bit Zombies will be spawned, and they might attack the Celery Stalker while the Celery Stalker will be attacking. This is why Phat Beet's Plant Food ability is more important here.

Fifth phase

  • Celery Stalkers are only useful to kill the Hair Metal Gargantuars when paired with Stunion, as when Stunion stuns a Gargantuar, Celery Stalkers can be put behind to deal up to 120 damage to them. However, lots of Gargantuars spawned means that they can be easily overwhelmed by the Gargantuars' guitar smashes, as shockwaves can even affect the hiding Celery Stalkers. The player should have at least one or two Stunions handy.


First phase

  • Spore-shrooms can be quite handy in the first phase as they can allow the player to build up defenses quicker as they spawn new ones when zombies are defeated by them. However, this ability can be rendered useless by the speaker obstacles on the lawn, and if a zombies dies while passing the speaker, new Spore-shrooms will not be spawned. Also, it is vulnerable to speaker smashes and speaker shockwaves in the beginning of the level.

Second phase

  • Spore-shrooms are not very useful in this phase, as there are usually at least two or three Glitter Zombies spawned in each row, and they can only hit one at a time. Celery Stalker should be used here for support.

Third phase

  • While Spore-shrooms will get destroyed by the large hordes of MC Zom-Bs and Coneheads, it is partially useful because unlike the two plants mentioned above, it is a lob-shot plant, which means its range is a lot longer.

Fourth phase

  • Spore-shrooms are not very useful in this phase, as they cannot destroy the arcade machines quickly enough, and they will be easily overcome by the 8-Bit Zombies spawned.

Fifth phase

  • Like Phat Beet, Spore-shroom should be used as a sacrificing plant to stall and delay the Hair Metal Gargantuars, which are spawned a lot. However, it can be partially useful to the launched imps if the player damages the Gargantuars enough.


First phase

  • Stunions are useful to stun additional Punk Zombies and Conehead Zombies that might have gone too far in the lawn. Also, it can be used if the player does not have some sort of defense in all lanes, giving the player more time to build up defenses.

Second phase

  • Like the first phase, Stunions are important to stun Glitter Zombies. While the Glitter Zombies are stunned, the player should work on killing them quickly. Celery Stalker and Stunions make a good pair in this phase.

Third phase

  • Stunions are useful in stunning the MC Zom-B's and the Breakdancer Zombies to prevent them from using their special abilities too much. Just be sure to kill them quickly while they are still in their stunning state. Celery Stalker should be paired, but just beware that other un-stunned MC Zom-B's can destroy them while they are attacking.

Fourth phase

  • Stunions are useful to stun the Arcade Zombies to prevent him from pushing him arcade machines too far in the lawn. Since there are no shockwave attacks in the fourth phase, the player must legitimately kill the Arcade Zombies and the spawned 8-Bit Zombies. Celery Stalker should be paired with Stunion in this phase.

Fifth phase

  • Stunions are very important in this phase, and it should almost always be paired with Celery Stalker to deal critical damage to the Gargantuars. However, the player should note that just one stun-stalker cannot get rid of a single Gargantuar, as it only deals up to 120 damage. The player should take advantage of the speaker shockwave attacks in this phase, as the blow the plants and zombies away.


First phase

  • Like Phat Beet and Celery Stalker, Cactus is important in the first phase to have defenses set up. However, it is sort of ineffective due to Punk Zombie's fast speed and Cactus' rather slow fire rate.

Second phase

  • Although Cactus cannot be destroyed by Glitter Zombie since it always hides, it is sort of useful since the needle can pierce through three zombies at a time, and Glitter Zombies are usually summoned in groups. However, its damage is only the same as a Peashooter's, so it is risky to just leave Cactus alone as an offensive plant.

Third phase

  • Cactus will give the player some advantage against MC Zom-B since it is a straight range plant, but its low damage means that the player has to support it with other offensive plants. Plus, Cactus will be hiding more often in this phase, since Breakdancer Zombie will kick other zombies further into your defenses and Cacti.

Fourth phase

  • Cactus is ineffective in the fourth phase, as the arcade machines take quite a long time to be destroyed. If you do not have Plant Food, you should not use Cactus as the main offensive plant in this phase.

Fifth phase

  • Like some of the other plants mentioned above, Cactus should be used as a sacrifice plant to stall and delay Gargantuars to give your other good offensive plants more time to try to kill them.


  • Garlics are mostly useless in this level, but can be used in the first phase to stall zombies in lanes which you do not have your defenses set up yet. You should use it as a sacrificing plant in the fifth phase to delay the Gargantuars.



  • The intro dialogue is a reference to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."
  • It is the first boss battle since Dark Ages - Night 20 to have a money premium usable.
    • It is also the first boss battle to have a Part 1 premium of that world.
  • When Dr. Zomboss flees, he moonwalks similar to Dancing Zombie before jumping off the stage and escaping by teleporting.
  • This is the first Zomboss battle without Dr. Zomboss actually operating a machine or a vehicle.
  • The player is only given three Cacti during the battle.
  • This is the only Zombot that can crush plants even if they are fed with Plant Food at the moment.
  • It is the fifth Zomboss battle with a plant that is not obtained in that world (Stunion), with the first being Ancient Egypt - Day 25 (Wall-nut), the second being Dark Ages - Night 20 (Kernel-pult), the third being Frostbite Caves - Day 30 (Threepeater), the fourth being Lost City - Day 32 (Bonk Choy) and the sixth being Jurassic Marsh - Day 32 (Bonk Choy and Chard Guard).
  • It and Frostbite Caves - Day 30 are the only Zomboss battles without a proper defensive plant, that is a plant that can absorb more than 40 bites of damage. This is because Chard Guard only absorbs 30 bites and Celery Stalker 24 bites.
  • This is the only level where the camera does not scroll to the right, most likely because the Zombot doesn't have an entrance (as seen in the Neon Mixtape Tour Side B trailer), or because the stage is already there.
    • However, in some smaller devices like iPhone 4, it does scroll to the right, but not fully.


Neon Mixtape Tour Day 32 BOSS08:27

Neon Mixtape Tour Day 32 BOSS

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