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For the Chinese version of this level, see Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 23 (Chinese version).

Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 23 is the twenty-third level of Neon Mixtape Tour in Plants vs. Zombies 2. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


  • The Arcade Zombie returns again in this level, and can be troublesome if the player has not been ready to counter it yet.
  • The player should also watch out for other zombies such as MC Zom-B and Breakdancer Zombie as well.



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  • At some point the Punk Zombie was removed from Neon Mixtape Tour Day 23. He is shown in the screenshot at the header of this page, but no longer appears on the actual level.


Neon Mixtape Tour Day 23

Neon Mixtape Tour Day 23

*: Removed