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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
Navy BeanH
For other usages of beans, see bean.
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Navy Bean
Navy BeanH
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health SunPvZH Cost
2 2 4
Set Premium
Rarity Uncommon
Class PvZH Smarty Icon
Tribe Bean Plant
Abilities Amphibious, Team-Up
When played: All Amphibious Plants get +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH
Was *this* close to becoming an Army Bean.

Navy Bean is a premium uncommon plant card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Smarty IconSmarty class. It costs 4SunPvZH to play, and has 2StrengthPvZH/2HeartPvZH. It has the Amphibious and Team-Up traits, and its ability gives all Amphibious plants +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH when played.


  • Class: Smarty
  • Tribe: Bean Plant
  • Traits: Amphibious, Team-Up
  • Abilities: When played: All Amphibious Plants get +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Uncommon

Card description

Was *this* close to becoming an Army Bean.

Update History

Update 1.2.11

  • Sun cost change: 5SunPvZH → 4SunPvZH.
  • Set - Rarity change: Basic - Common → Premium - Uncommon
  • Strength change: 5StrengthPvZH → 3StrengthPvZH.

Update 1.4.14

  • Effect added: Team-Up.
  • Health change: 5HeartPvZH → 4HeartPvZH.

Update 1.6.27

  • Strength change: 3StrengthPvZH → 2StrengthPvZH.
  • Health change: 4HeartPvZH → 2HeartPvZH.
  • Effect added: When played: All Amphibious Plants get +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH.



While Navy Bean's stats aren't the best, its Amphibious and Team-Up traits make up for it. It can be useful to hit the zombie hero or any Amphibious Zombies, or act like an offensive Wall-Nut. It can also aid Admiral Navy Beans. Citron has access to Amphibious Plants in the Guardian class (the only other class that has plants with this trait aside from Smarty), such as Sea-Shroom, Water Chestnut, Guacodile, and Smackadamia.

Have many Amphibious plants out at once, as Navy Bean will be able to buff them all and possibly wreck havoc. They don't even have to be played in aquatic lanes. The only downside is that many Amphibious Plants don't have amazing stats, but that's a minor one.


Against Navy Bean, using amphibious zombies or tricks like Bungee Plumber will easily defeat this. However, there is still the boosted amphibious plants to deal with. The Chickening can help ease the problem, but it most likely won't completely defeat the boosted plants. Taking them out systematically and orderly is the best option. Additionally, PvZH Deadly IconDeadly zombies can easily defeat any of the plants.




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