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A mustached zombie

Mustache is an item that appears on Zombies, Flag Zombies, Conehead Zombies, Buckethead Zombies, Screen Door Zombies, and Ducky Tube Zombies.

The player can earn this achievement by typing "mustache" or "moustache" while the game is being played. The player can activate this code at any time in the game. There are three types of mustaches as seen below.

Ask Me About Mustache Mode achievement

If you do this, in Steam you will unlock the achievement Ask Me About Mustache Mode. In the GOTY edition, this was simplified to Mustache Mode. These achievements are regarded as the easiest achievement in the game, since they require no talent.
Ask Me About Mustache Mode

Ask Me About Mustache Mode Achievement Icon



  • If the zombies approach a Garlic, they will not make disgusted face when the player turns on the Mustache Mode.
  • The mustache resembles the Ladder Zombie's mustache, only the Ladder Zombie's is gray.

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